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1477 How Heads of each Country work

I have all these mechanical figures; they are all doing different things and I know they are all automated and programmed to do things. They are obviously not physical, they are “Thought is creation”, so they are thought forms. So they can be changed very rapidly and simply through thought. And let’s go right into a future generation where you have got things that can be changed by thought. It’s not too far in the future, because you have got the mental stage where you can create all sorts of things but you haven’t yet got the knowledge or the technology  that you need to create what is needed for colonizing  other planets, as an example. We don’t really understand this one well enough. But once you get the hang of creating this one,  and you get this one perfect, then you can look at others. And try and make them more perfect based on a different starting point. So you have all these Creations which have been made by people over the years and a lot of them have been tried, tested and left and so on. And these Creations have to go somewhere and they can basically drift around. When you are finished with a creation, you can simply tell it to just dissolve and disappear, we don’t need it anymore.


S: Disintegration


Yes but if you forget to do that it is just going to drift around and will attach itself to other similar, like-minded, whatever they are. That does happen but on rare occasions. You assume that up here with our advanced knowledge etc, that mistakes cannot happen. But you are wrong, mistakes happen on every single level, all the way to the top. But I have to


S: That is how we learn evolve and grow


Yes exactly. And then they have to be fixed and it is very simple to White light them and just make them disappear etc, but you just have to find them. And they can be all over the Galaxy and you know how big the Galaxy is. They can get up to nonsense, they can create different things, and if they are not found they can continue growing till they are absolutely huge and you have to sort them out and so on.


S: you need to put a tracker on them. Lol.


Trackers, yes a good idea. So lots of things that are created do just drift around. They are very simple to find but you need the reminder to find them. And by then you have lost them. So somebody has to find them for you. To remind you, to do something with them. So there is quite a lot more to it than that.

Now, every level of course, you know that people have to make mistakes, because they can learn, they can grow up to the next level and so on. Now if you take the Queen with what she has experienced, and what she has experienced it’s something that has a very isolated atmosphere. She has got the monarchy and she has learnt the monarchy to perfection but she hasn’t let her mind straight outside of that because that is not a part of what she chose to do, it is not a part of what she was told to do as a new queen. So although she is a very well-respected person, she has not had the chance to make too many mistakes, because she has had advisers or the time. But the simple things, like walking into a shop and having a discussion with the person behind the counter and saying pleasantries and so on, she has not had that sort of experience.


S: Yes she has had no normality


No  normality, quite right. And so she has gone back to the other side with a lot of experience of controlling a lot of people, when you have the power to start with. Now this is something which obviously has to be learnt and she learnt that, she got the power and she was successful. But if you take any other country, how many were successful, how many have been successful. And it is roughly 50/50, they either were or they weren’t. A lot of corruption goes on of course. But it is where you get something which is created which is very solid, which is then carried forward and just adjusted slightly each time for evolving. The monarchy has been around for many many centuries and it is something which has worked. And then you take something like the United States of America, which is also a very good idea, where you have got a United State. Each they came up with their own rules and regulations, they agreed to all work together and that is why you have two levels of law. You have got your federal law and your state’s law and you have got your American law if you like. And the two can differ. And that works very well because it is continual thinking and evolving which is changing and improving. So that works very well. Now when you get back too much slower version, such as we know that is happening at the moment with China, where they have gone on a new venture and everything is put into that venture and if that venture does not succeed it is a matter of starting again. They may go back an awful long time before they can catch up to where they were, And start again. Meanwhile everybody in that country has learnt a little bit about it, but it is only one generation, so for that one generation they didn’t really evolve all that much. So the people of China, you can say, are more at a beginner level than at an intermediate or an advanced level. Such as you are. Does that make sense?


S: Yes it does


Then you get a totally different place like India. You have got the whole same variety Of different religions and understandings of life and so on, The same as America. Not quite the same as America because a lot of the States religions in India are very rigid. They worship specific Gods,  and they will maybe go through their life just worshipping those Gods and they are given that level of deity, that level of living and they don’t change,  and they don’t change because they don’t think they can change. They are born into that cast and they will go through their life with that cast and that is it, just as their parents did. So there are no ways that they would like to change. The odd few will, the majority won’t. So again you have got a country which should have the abilities to evolve quite rapidly and the majority don’t. The ones that do can open up to all sorts of things but then you need the majority to approve the changes for them to evolve. So what you are going to end up with with India, is again the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, the same as in other countries. And what they need to do is address this and get a more equitable balance.


S: Yes, there are such extremes there.


Absolutely. Now we are going to look at some tribal people in the Middle East. Similar to the Taliban, Afghanistan people and so on. How they have evolved. The area they live in is a very harsh environment. Up in the mountains it is extremely cold in the winter and down in the desert is it very hot in the summer.  There is not a lot of vegetation and only in certain areas. The nature itself is very harsh because the way the people are evolving. Now you know how nature looks after the people with the changing of the energies And it gets rid of negative and positive energies so on. So where you get a very difficult race of people or a difficult  Society, Nature becomes very difficult as well, and  vice versa. So you could say that in a desolate area your nomadic people that live there will have a very harsh lifestyle. Now again, they won’t develop too much, they will understand that lifestyle, they are born into that lifestyle and they will die in that lifestyle. That is as much as they know, but they don’t know any different so they are content to live in that particular lifestyle. But again you get no evolvement. So evolvement you think, is only really created when somebody wants something else ,They want to change things and quite often evolvement will change into wars.


S: Yes and it is funny because you hear of people that live their lives and you grow through your life and then you evolve and you go into the next world or whatever and not everybody is learning . It’s about learning here. It’s not about living your life and then going over there and getting your exam results when you get there.


Very true.


S: It’s not portrayed enough.


No and the reason for that is that when people get into understanding life, if you think of what you did in the beginning, We had to show you a very basic understanding and then as you have developed you have been able to see more and we have shown you more and you have learnt more. And even if you think of what you have learnt in the last 12 months, it has been a huge difference as to what you assumed.


S: Absolutely


And if you take a very simple thing like when you cross over as a Muslim or as a Christian or whatever, you are greeted by somebody of the same religion. You have never seen this, you just assumed it was heaven.


S: No, it was just a matter of – you just cross over and whoever is there to meet and greet you, well, good luck with that. lol


Now if you take your standard Christians, who don’t understand spiritual development, they will cross over and what they assume, that when they cross over they are going to sit on the right-hand side of the Lord and live happily ever after. But they have no idea how they are going to do that. Or what they are going to do. They just know they will be eternally happy, living next to God. They believe that and that is all they want to know. So they are not evolving either.


Evolving means leaders of society start movements which create evolvement and quite often it leads to Wars and so on. But things have to change. They have to change to be able to evolve. And you have to have a negative of course, so in every society you have to have a certain amount of negativity but if you could evolve the perfect way you would have sort of 80% to 90% of your society thinking the right way and 10% thinking the wrong way,  just so that you could evolve. When you evolve the nicest way, you are not really learning as much as you could. Lol


S: Yes you are not pushed out of your comfort zone.


That is right and there is lots more to it. Now you are seeing a much bigger picture to what you saw even just a few months ago.



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