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1479 How food will change in the future

We were going to look at a few other religions, to finish off from last night. But I think I have something a bit more interesting for you. Which we haven’t looked at yet. And that is the food source that you have on this planet. Now, as you know you have got the nature spirits looking after nature and all your food etc. But food itself will evolve, things will change, and they can change over a long time. For example, let’s say the temperature changed, more water raised to sea level, more area was covered, the whole ecosystem would have to change. And that will change, and nature will change it. And it can make certain vegetation, fruits, vegetable stronger or weaker, depending on what is needed. So if you take the basic, and I will give you a very rough idea here, if you take the basic food that was grown 100 years ago and the food that is grown today, it is totally different. Because everything here has been genetically modified, and we have fertilizer, and so it’s one generation goes into the next. With vegetables, it is very fast. It’s just simply a matter of a couple of months and they regrow and regrow and regrow. So, the structure and the value of the product changes quite rapidly.


Now you have seen how simple things like carrots that grow in the field, can grow into all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes. And what they are doing in your World at the moment is they are growing carrots which are perfectly shaped, so it is easier for packaging and it looks better and so on. But they lose an awful lot of their value. Now that of course is consumed by animals, and also consumed by humans. And then the animals are consumed by humans. How is affecting our DNA? Now, as you were taught with cannabis and the cannabinoidal system, how taking medication can change the thoughts of your body. The same thing happens in nature. When too much of one thing happens it creates a change in the structure of the vegetable and the fruits and whatever. And then the animals eat it and then now of course it’s humans. So the vegetables or food source or whatever it may be, has to be correct, to be able to give us the best benefit that it can. Now at the moment it is getting weaker and weaker. Because of the amount of chemicals that are in there. The fertilizer in the ground. And your scientists don’t realise just how bad it’s become because the modification only started 30-40 years ago. And they only started looking into it and measuring it in that same period. When the sort of new age started and people started to become vegetarians and so on. But before that, it was simply food that was grown in the fields. It wasn’t really looked at by your scientists. Now, what can they do, they can’t go back 100 years and pick up vegetables from there, to compare them, etc. .So all they can do is try and reverse engineer things or make their best estimates. Or, go back to what it should be and grow vegetables in proper land without fertilizer, with the proper amount of rainfall etc. etc. And then they will recreate a different type of vegetable. And then everybody will benefit far more from that. Now, that of course is going to happen with this new generation. Because people are going to get very fed up with, first of all, the price of food, and secondly, the taste is gone and the goodness is gone.


S: Absolutely.


Now, when you get a shortage of food, it becomes far more vegetables. And meats and so on, become far too expensive. And then you get less cattle, etc. And don’t forget what you are looking at here is not so much a recession as a depression. Where there is too much money in the system, and then of course it’s not worth manufacturing anything new at that particular price because people don’t have money to pay for it, and all sorts of things. So, there is going to be a lot of changes going back to a natural, healthy lifestyle. And that is something you will be able to teach later, but that is a separate group of people and you will make contact with this group of people. You have to give them a little bit of information. So they can make serious changes as they work it out more on a full-time basis than you will.     


S: Yes. ok


Now apart from your vegetable, let’s have a look at cows for example. Where you get milk from. Goats, and so on. And in other countries, a lot of very similar animals. They have been, in a lot of areas, commercially farmed. They have changed an awful lot. Your pigs as well, have changed an awful lot. And in a lot of cases they have been put on steroids etc, to fatten them up and so on. And that has really made a bad mess of their DNA. And this will have to go back to normal as well. Now how would you do that? And cattle have been used to, from one generation to the next, they have been bred to produce milk or meat, or whatever it might be, at this genetically modified level. So how do you get them back to normal? So, that is going to be very tricky. Scientists are going to have to come up with ways to see that, look into that and see what they can do. So they can change it. Now with your fish stocks, they are not so bad, because if you just left them alone, they would generate more and you would get more fish. And fish is a tremendous source of protein. But if you take the fish farms that have been created, again they have been created for the main reason, is for finance , not so much to feed the people, but to make money. Which is understandable. But the same thing has happened, these fish are getting more modified, and not as they should be. So that again, will have to be addressed. And when it becomes more food and people understand, and with big industries closing, there will be less access to chemicals and fertilizers and they will turn to natural products. What they will find, when they go back to looking for natural products, is that there are more than enough natural products on the planet, to get everything back into working order again. And a very comfortable order too.


S: Absolutely.


So, I think we will leave it here for tonight. Things are very busy with the queen.


S: I bet.


So from me, once again, thank you for listening and good night.





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