Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding life, and how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1480  Our final prepping of our next stage

We seem to have recycling. They are showing me a big hopper, as big as this room. It’s like a giant funnel. It’s full of huge rocks and the rocks get crushed and they go down in a smaller tube and then they come out the bottom and then they go into a conveyer belt.

It’s big like crushing rocks to get gold out. It is symbolic. It’s next to a river. And that is right. We have to crush an awful amount of rock, to get a little bit of gold out. If it were simpler, and if everybody got far more gold, then first of all the gold would not be valuable, and secondly it would be too easy to get, everybody would have a lot. Things like that you have to work hard at and eventually get the benefit.

S: That is like everything in life.

Yes, that is the symbolic side. We seem to have a hell of a lot of rocks so far, so let’s look at why we are being shown this. We are definitely getting some gold out of the bottom right now.

S: Yes, we have targets now and direction, whereas before we didn’t know what to do, how to do it, which direction to go. (Now – you have 5 enquiries for agencies, I have direction with a course, books to write, a meeting with the school).

At the bottom of this conveyer belt, we have got the little bit of gold that comes out. And then all around that, there are crystals pointing all around in all directions, from either side and forward going down the river. So again, symbolic. We have the little bit of gold we need; we have got the direction, we understand all the things to do with crystals, which is energy, going down the river, and how things progress, etc. So, what they are really saying is “ok, you are on your way now.” We have done all the hard work, we have got to this stage now, we have got some of the nice things, and that is our starting point.

I’m just going to go down the river now….and as I do, there are an awful lot more colours. Lots and lots more colours.

Spirit: The gold is the foundation that you need before everything else. Then once you’ve got that, then we have added on the crystals, now we are adding all the colours, and suddenly the whole thing is opening up. And what we are seeing is a far more diverse way forward than either of you had originally planned. That is why we had to take you to this limit, so that we can get all these things in sequence for you, so that you can go ahead and do as you choose to do and as we planned.

S: So we could get all our strategies in action.

Yes, and now that you are doing that, you will understand things a lot better. One thing I don’t want you to be concerned about is being the first in the market or the first to tell everyone, etc. There will be lots of people, as there are in normal business, coming up with all sorts of ideas and theories and answers and so on. And there will be a lot of gurus claiming to know what is what, and so on. You understand where you are and you know what you are supposed to do. And you will simply slot into the middle of all of that. Your information will start to spread. You will get the followers who will guide the right people to you;. And your following will grow very nicely and do exactly what it is supposed to do. And what you are supposed to do is a lot different to what all the other, or a lot of the others will be trying to do. And in a lot of cases they will be genuine people trying and think they are making the right decisions but they haven’t gone any further than for example, becoming clairvoyant. So they haven’t got the grounding or the knowledge that the two of you have.

Now as we go past this next stage, we are looking down a huge valley, and there is a huge lake at the bottom. Again, like a fjord. There are mountains on either side, and then you’ve got the open sea. There are sailing ships in the fjord going out to sea. This is basically telling you that word will spread and so on. You need not worry about trying to sail the ships yourself. Simply do what you are supposed to do. And it will start to expand organically. So, if you think that the nicety of what you are doing is you are able to stay in one place, you use your mind to connect, write all the stories, make your videos, teach all the people, then you can teach people around the world quite easily. The right people will be guided towards you and you have a very comfortable future doing that and doing something you really enjoy doing. You get a lot of satisfaction from it.


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