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1482  Grey energy to capture updates during the Change

You have somebody small watching you, Sharon. They have been before.


I seem to have like a huge cloud Infront of me and above my head. It’s a cloud filled with all sorts of turmoil. The clouds are constantly moving. Not settled.


S: A grey cloud?




S: I can see it. Moving around constantly


I think this is like a world energy. It’s as if this is the cloud above the world for the change. It’s like a cloud over the earth and it is going to  stay there throughout the change, and what it going to happen is that information is going to go up and down and it’s going to be traded and swapped and all sorts. And the memories collected in this particular cloud. So the cloud will be used for future generations or whenever this happens.

I’m thinking of it from our level, from the healing level, etc.  But again, you take the gardeners of the Earth, looking after the various planets etc, they want to know exactly what happens, so with the changes happening on the Earth and with them being much more advanced than we are, they are able to look after several planets at once. So what they are really doing, is just putting….


S: An, updated version of software.. (lol)


… Some data there, blank. They just want to capture all the information. And they can make small changes and  adjustments, etc. So yes you’re quite right. It’s like an update. It’s an update of the latest version that has to go into this change. So what will happen is it will all just be there and as changes happens, not necessarily changes create by the gardeners but any changes that do happen,  the information will go up into the cloud and will be stored there and if there is anything which is horribly wrong, it  can be adjusted, or whatever is necessary. And they will maybe find a way to do the adjustments,  using People Like Us, etc.


S: Yes, well they need to know what is going on and they are busy, so yes. It’s like having a USB. Here’s a USB with the latest data.


Yes, that is so… to just think of the level up there.


S: And that is why it’s always moving. The cloud doesn’t say still. It’s not even a cloud it’s just like grey energy.


Yes, now the guide who is overlooking the Earth says that he is not one guide, there is a whole group of them, they all work as one because they have to, at this level. And that was something we  covered a few weeks ago. So there is a whole management team if you like. And this is just how they do it.

So what we saw, was quite right and it is happening now, it’s happening right now. It is there and they are starting to have the information going in and out and so on and it will just carry on from here.


S:  I love it


 Yes. Now they have been saying that there are a lot of other people doing the same sort of thing that we are doing, on all sorts of different levels. And they have all had to be taught, And get into place ready for this change to do their thing. Because you know we are talking about 6 billion people that need looking after. So they need a lot of Geoff and Sharons to actually do all this change. And basically a lot of it is automated, the information that we have been getting, a lot of it is automated, but automated in a very nice way. And it can just be sent through to somebody like “no name” who will then come around and deliver that information to us.


S: So we have our own personal delivery service.


 yes, when you think of a robot for example, AI etc,  it’s a similar sort of thing but on a much more personalised level. Because it is not a matter of recreating a robot, it’s a matter of recreating a soul, if you like, or reproducing a soul. Or finding a soul that has the ability to access the access that information and do what needs to be done. And of course on higher levels, we have only gone so high and looked at those levels, but there are many levels above that. So you can just imagine what sort of brain power, if you like, that they have.


S: Absolutely


That would be quite staggering.


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