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14th February 2022   Different levels of newly-created, and night-time energy

14th February 2022   Different levels of newly-created, and night-time energy in the Peace Centre.

In this meditation Sharon is sensing in Astral, and one of the regular Guides is channelling through Geoff

G: Take your time and let’s go back to the peace centre we went to yesterday, with the waterfall on your left, sit down facing the river. And I’ll come and get you in a minute and tell you where we are going.

Right, what we are going to do tonight is, get you to stretch your mind. I’m going to tell you what you need to do, and then I am going to leave you to do it. For quite some time. Stay in the area where you are, sitting with the river in front of you, the waterfall on the left, And I want you to take your mind, and go down the river. Now, we are going to go to a lot of places. The only place you are not going to go, is directly across from you. So take your mind, down the river, for as far as you want to go, whether there are waterfalls, lakes or whatever down there, as far as you want to go. Whatever is there, just experience it, feel it, sense it. And when you get so far, come back, but I need you to stay where you are. And only send your mind down the river, and back again.

Then when you get back, I want you to take your mind, and send it behind you, back into the trees, the forest, and you will go over the hills, there’s mountains, valleys, rivers down there, all sorts of things. Just keep moving around, whichever direction you like, experience, feel, sense. Take your time.

Then come all the way back, and lastly, I want you to go up the waterfall, and go along the river, upwards, looking at both sides, go as far as you can, until you get some mountains with snow on them. Then turn around and come back. And when you eventually get back, you can take as long as you like, let me know when you are sitting back comfortably, and we will tell you a little bit more.


S: ok, I am back

G: ok, sit quietly, it’s still night time, the stars are above you. With your back to the forest you are feeling quite comfortable, because behind you this forest is very strong, very protective, and you are totally safe. The night time changes energies, the energies given off and used. And what sort of energies do you think are created at night? What are the different energies that you can see? Both good and bad.

S: Some things come to life far easier. Because it’s dark and quiet, certain things come to life. There’s a lot more calmness about everything. There is an active energy and an inactive energy.

G: The calmness you can feel at night is a positive energy that can be used for people that are, for example, afraid of the dark. A lot of nasty things happen at night and nasty thought forms into the air, so this can be done away with. And, if behind you there wasn’t a forest, there would simply be darkness, and you would feel more afraid, so you need to understand how people feel when they are in a dark area. So, the different energies are used to help them.

S: So the trees, bring an energy of safety and protection. That makes sense.

G: Ok, next thing, just sit there and watch the sun rise and sense how the energies change as the sun comes up, until it’s blue sky, it’s a nice fresh morning. And then we will come back from there.

S: Many bugs and insects go to rest now and all the other life forms wake up and a new energy starts. A life force.

G: yes, it’s been night and it becomes morning, it’s fresh, it’s a new morning and you feel, it’s like a sense of excitement, a new beginning.

S: everything reacts to the sun and it’s like this buzz of energy, life force that flows through everything. It’s an incredible life force energy that flows through everything.

G: So, now you can understand it when people have night terrors and bad nights, and when the morning comes, it’s refreshing they are awake again and a new day starts. The whole idea of that is to show you that there are far more energies than you know. You know the basic energies and what we have been showing you, what is around. But then you have this mixture of light and dark. Different energies, and how they change in different environments, in cities, towns, in the country, in rivers, and so on. And going up and down the rivers, you must have come across areas, or sensed, where it is beautifully calm and areas where it’s not quite so calm, and seeing different levels of calmness, different levels of nature.

S: yes, it would dip down in some areas, branch off in other areas, trickle down in some areas. Some were busy, some were calm and tranquil. All different forms of energy.

G: yes, so a flowing, heavy river has big energy and a trickle in a little stream has a different type of energy, a much lighter, more gentle energy.  Now, did you get to the top, to the snow mountains?

S: yes, I felt the space, the openness and clarity.

G: you are quite right, there is no energy, empty energy. As it comes down from the mountains, snow turns to water, and the water starts to go through the earth, and the earth on either side of the river starts to grow the greenery, and as you get further down, you get the trees growing. And then it goes into all the other areas of energy. So, that is where it starts, right from the top. And the energy is a pure energy from there. So, it starts off pure. You have the energy that comes from the sun, the stars the air, the wind, the whole works. It’s all there, but it is not used energy, if you like. It’s brand new energy, it’s fresh. And as it goes down, it picks up different things, along the way, different forms of energy and it changes, and so on.   

S: So, it will pick up the vibrations and then grown and change, to what is required.

G: yes, quite right, so both the nature spirits can use the energy for what they need in nature, but also the energy is created for us to use. To use to help different people in different ways. And we have told you many times, when you are sick, the idea is to go away for a weekend in the country. Relaxing by a nice stream, a field, where it’s nice and calm. But there are many other energies going down as well, that can be used.

Tomorrow we will work with birds, animals, group energies, larger animals etc.

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