Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

950 March 2022 Planets, Galaxies, Waterfalls, time and energy

Guide: We have one question for you to begin with and then we will talk a bit about planets. The question is, in a waterfall, as the water goes down, it creates an energy.  Where does that energy that is created go?

G: Now let’s talk about planets.  The first thing I saw was an enormous amount of energy coming in from different planets. And we know there is a structure in earth. There is a structure for humans, for the world looking after itself, nature, and so on. But there is also a structure between planets and the galaxies. When you are born, you pick up energies from the different planets. That’s where your star signs come from, and the traits that you have. And somebody needs to control all of this. There are advanced spirits that specialise in that sort of thing. Because energy is needed in each planet, but also to balance all the planets. We won’t go into a lot of it now, but the planets, the universe as such, as we know it, all the different systems out there. They all need to balance with one another. It’s much like growing something in the garden. You can’t have the weeds growing with the plants etc., it’s the same with all the different stars and planets. Some of these are obviously millions of years old, and they expire and they explode. And when they explode they generate new energy, which goes out across the galaxies. So an explosion that happened 5 million years ago will only reach earth today, for example. So, it’s a matter of planning ahead, on a much bigger scale than you can imagine. Time over here is different, of course. 5 million years of your time, is an enormous amount of time; and energy travels at enormous speeds. So you can imagine the distance it has to travel.

Imagine you were looking after a garden, which was the size of Africa, you’d have to look after all the different variations, plants, flowers, trees, weeds, etc. It’s a massive job. So, there are several of us involved and we all look after certain sections and we all learn different things, and of course movement up here is totally different, we can move from one side of the galaxy to the other, simply by thought. So we all communicate together, we all learn together. And we all keep things stable, and again, we learn as we go along. Because this simply hasn’t been done before.

So, the creation in the beginning, was, what you call the Big Bang. There’s planets that are moving outwards at enormous speeds, and as they are moving outwards, they are creating energy. In space there is no air as such, so there is no friction, hence the enormous speeds. So what sort of energy can go into the earth from all these planets. You’ve already covered all the energies needed for humans and for nature. So what energies would go into the earth? It’s very simple – Balance. You have to keep it balanced. Now apart from that, there are more dimensions than you can imagine. You are seeing your one dimension, which is created for your universe. But there are so many other dimensions, where we work on the mental level and various other levels, which are far too advanced to discuss at the moment.

S: “Do we visit other dimensions?”

Yes. Many of the guides and teachers that come and talk, come from different dimensions. You see it all as one dimension at the moment, because that is as much as you have learnt. But your higher self, being or soul, is multi-dimensional. Your higher self sends you down to experience everything on this planet but they will send other ‘you’s’ down to experience on different planets. What you are learning at the moment from this life and this planet is just one part of what you need to progress upwards. It’s like one-day’s lessons in your 6 years of university. And you see that of being 70 years. The important thing is, not to concern yourself with everything else that you have to learn. You must be in the now. That is where you are learning. What you are going through at the moment, is what you are learning. And that is what you chose to learn. So, just enjoy the day, enjoy the experience, and enjoy the outcome.

Now back to the question in the beginning, “what happens to the energy that is created by a waterfall?”  Also, your question about a ‘shooting star’ type thing seen at the school braai.

S: Comet?

No, it’s space debris. When you have an explosion of something, as we discussed just now, it may take 5 million years to get here, but because there is no atmosphere in space, there is no friction, and these bit and pieces fly though space, at extreme speeds without falling apart. It’s only when they enter the atmosphere of a planet, that they start to get friction. And that is when they brighten and they start to burn. And that’s when you see this ‘shooting star’.  And as it comes through the earth’s atmosphere, it hits the ‘oxygen’, CO2 etc. and that is what creates the friction. So it burns up and most of them will burn up and very few will land. A comet is an enormous amount of debris and you can see them. Comets travel, not as you would imagine, they travel tail first. Because they are an explosion going in one direction, which forces them in the opposite direction.

Now back to the waterfall, the water flows down a waterfall, it hits rocks, the molecules rub against each other, it creates this energy, all around it. That energy goes to the air. The air needs to be balanced as well.  If you imagine all the waterfalls around the world, all creating this energy. And that goes into the air and it helps to balance the air. There is a lot more in nature that helps balance the air, but you need the energy to do that. So, would you have nature spirits controlling air? Nature spiritus look after nature, so you would have air spirits. They are in the form of information, no physical form. Information that controls what needs to be done, in which particular areas. So, the energy is created through waterfalls, it goes out into the air, and the air spirits push it in the right direction, where it is needed.

What else would air spirits look after? Clouds, which create rain in most cases.

G: They are showing us extreme winds across the ocean and desserts, Iceland and so on. What creates these extreme winds?

G(Guide): The form of energy that is used to create them, is negative energy.  It has to be dissipated, so it becomes strong winds, storms, rain, etc.


If everybody loved one another on the same day, the weather would be perfect. It would create total balance.

Other planets are different.  One is red hot and they live underground.  Another is ice cold. Another is plain infinity.  Another they grow without any form of emotion.

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