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15th April 2022 A Teacher channels through Sharon about storing memories

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Sharon either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through her.

We left off last time with all the energy in mountains, the huge amount of energy there.

What they are showing us now is forests.  There are so many areas around the world with forests, these huge areas of forest, and nobody ever goes there. So, it’s a very good area to create and store/keep energy. First of all, we would think of the amazon for example, but let’s look at an English forest for example, where you have waking trails through them. They go through the forest but the only cover a very small section, but the rest of the area, nobody ever goes there, so it’s a great area to store energy.  And then you get in America, these huge fields of nothing-ness. Prairies and desserts, grasslands and vast areas of open space. So, if you take the whole of the worlds, and you see what percentage you think, … a lot of it is cities and so on, but it’s not, it’s only a small percentage, when you think about it. The rest of the spaces, people don’t go there.

Now, going to our peace centre, the waterfall, where it all starts. Granny is there, and she is on the other side, so she is not too close. She wants to show us something, to start with, we must both cross over to hear side, she has got barriers up, so we don’t feel too much emotions, just enough.  We walk behind her to a huge “greenhouse”. As we go inside, there is one plant, it’s the size of a rugby stadium, but it’s all connected. So, if you can imagine, let’s start at the bottom, you have a root and a plant comes out either side, goes to the right and left and then comes in and curls to the top. It connects up again, so it’s a circle. Then imagine the same thing above that. And the same things either side. These circles are the height of a person. So we can walk in-between them. And we are following her in between them. They are all connected up throughout this huge area. She wants to show us what it is. It’s memories. All the memories that are created are stored in these particular circles. On the other side, you don’t need to do something like this, because it’s just thought is creation and you can store anything you want.

So why is it this shape? She is laughing now; we are going into a place in South America which has been deforested.  They are portals. Turning to the left of that one, you are in a lake. This is just a simple way of keeping things in order and tidy. Because when thought is creation, you can’t just think of something and then not know where it is, you need somewhere to look for it. So, it doesn’t matter how advanced you are, you need some form of library/index. So what they use is simply portals. So they think of South America and the portal opens up and they go into South America. And when they go in there, all the memories are there, of everything that has happened in that particular area. So they can have an instant understanding of what has happened, to make any changes and so on. Changes have to be through us, so what they are doing is getting all the memories, so they can make the right call/decision about what needs doing in that particular area. We would see it as “the trees have been chopped down and it’s going to take 10-15 years to grow”. They can see 1000years ahead and before. So they have an instant understanding of what’s needed to be done immediately. Granny thinks this is brilliant. She is playing with this. She knows we are excited to understand it and she is loving showing us.  She says over their things are just so much bigger, better, faster, and you can get involved in anything you want to, anything you feel like doing. You have developed so far and your desire is to work with kids, build planets, work with animals, whatever you want to do, whatever your desire is, you can go ahead and do it straight away and you’ve got all this information to go into and work with and play with. If you don’t like it, you can just change it straight away and you can do it as long as you like. And if you want to go and learn more you can go and learn more but it’s only a fraction of time. Then you come back and you enjoy this again and this is what you are doing.  And this is not overall memories, this is just one part of it. A big part of it, but just a part of it. That’s all. Granny is clapping. 

She says to me: I am so proud of me, because the way I am developing is great. You are surprised yourself at how quickly you are developing. This is nothing, you just wait and see what’s going to happen. IT’s all organised. There is some muddy ground to walk through, but knowing you, you won’t get your feet dirty. What she means there, is that when little things happen now, they won’t fuss you anymore, you won’t worry or stress anymore.

A big hug to grampa.  Steps aside but stays.

We go back to the other side of the river. Granny’s eyes are sparkling, like in the candy floss picture. She is going to show us something else.

It seems to be a similar sort of thing, I’ve looked to the left where energies begin, and I’ve seen a similar sort of thing, but a lot smaller, it’s a bit like the shell of tortoise, similar circles. Imagine a tortoise shell where the inside is glowing. I can see all this bright colour in this giant tortoise shell. This is a form of new energy, new, unused, concentrated energy. It hasn’t been programmed. Going inside, it’s a new form of energy used to correct imbalance. Everything that’s been created so far, has a lot of memories, all the emotions and energies that have been created have memories. Memories, as we know, are good, bad and balanced. They are used and they are seen more and more. Where we’ve just been in the portals, in one portal, in one particular area, you can see everything from the past and future. You can see all the past, what has happened, every single thing, from all the energies, emotions and people that were there. Everything from A-Z. If you look at the future, you can see what needs to be done to correct that particular imbalance. And that is where, if it is needed, if it is too far out of balance, instead of having a disaster and letting it start again, you would use some brand new unused, energy, so it can be malleable, it can be changed to whatever is needed for the specific change that is happening and the balance that is required. We will see it from a much bigger picture. We are looking at it from one particular area, in this case, South America, the Amazon and so on. But we are looking at 1000/10 000 years back. And 1000 years into the future.  We are seeing it as one particular picture. So the spirit who oversees this, can then say “we need x amount of energy in the forest” and we can bring it in, and it can then be dispersed to the area and all the people. To all the smaller spirit, who will look after smaller areas and they in turn will in turn pass it onto any people in the physical world, and they will be able to pass it on to use where it is needed. That’s how we correct the imbalance of a specific country or area or anything. In the past, if we go right back, if things got too far out of balance, all we would do is simply stop that scenario and restart in a different area or different dimension. But as we have learnt more and more, this is a more advanced way of doing it. Everybody has to learn from levels going upwards, so there are still people looking after it at a much lower level, experiencing what we experienced many 1000’s or millions of years ago.  Time is totally different over here. All time is now. Everything is now.

So that’s how that is done, with an overall picture.  Now that you have the overall picture, what you will be doing in the future is just so much more, and you will get to see it. Although you will only be able to use so much of the energy, because only so much is available for you to use here, because they’ve only evolved/advanced so far, but you will be able to see in your mind, this giant overall picture to call on whatever energy you need. Simply with thought is creation. Your thoughts will help you get the whole thing into action.

Mom says, when you get a talk like that, what you have is a highly evolved spirit. A highly evolved spirit will give us instant understanding, but instant understanding is far too much for someone like me to handle and speak. So, what they do, is they have someone like a translator or somebody at a lower level, who can absorb what needs to be said and then it gets relayed and passed onto me to talk what they want to talk about direct. Because they need to use my communication, my understanding of whatever physical words I don’t know, and they will be able to express it and put it across in that way.

So, where there is someone like that, it is a very, highly advanced spirit that she got to talk to us right now. And then we got this information. But at the same time, what we are being sent is an instant understanding in our minds. So we can see in our minds, exactly what is what. While it is being spoken to us.

Granny is happy and clapping.

Now she is coming a lot closer, she wants to do one thing. What we must both think of now, is the storms that we have had in the last few days, in this particular area. “Now you see the overall picture”. Look at it right now, and you will see everything at once. (It doesn’t seem so trivial when you look at the bigger picture.) S: (gratitude, people step back and stop) (humanitarianism) (plants thrive) (on the ground people see turmoil and destruction, then I move up a level and up and up until you see the big picture) G: (I can see millions of dots of colours) and everything has information in them, I am seeing the whole bigger picture together, up to what she has told us just now or what we have heard. Going back to what we started with, energy below the earth, the planets, everything all together. And this tiny little portion in the middle with is the floods and the storms. How everything works together). What we are seeing is so different.

Now she says it’s time to go, and Pooh (Geoff) Geoff gets a big hug.

(I could feel the love to and from Pooh as energy)

I then felt Mom’s hug, much more ‘solid/physical’ than before. Before was a smaller energy sensation.  She held me for a long while, it must have lasted 2 minutes. Very special


Granny is Verna – Geoff’s wife who crossed over in Jan 2022

Pooh is Geoff’s nickname – comes from Pooh Bear/Winnie the Pooh

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