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947 February 2022 Negative, positive and balance of energies – amazing

G: Let’s go back to the peace centre.  I asked a question about thunder and lightning. Let’s see what develops.

What I’ve got here is a piece of wood, it’s a bit like that rough, dry wood we have here on the porch. It’s old and battered and sort of points in different directions. And that is something that is blocking us from what we want to do. We will find out what this relates to later in the meditation.

Let’s go down to the forest, down to the river. And we are going to look at thunder and lightning.

S: I’ve got energies all around me. I feel like I have gloves on, as if their hands are in my hands.

G: Excellent. Now, I want you to go back up to the forest, and go down by the river. Then look across the river, that is the part we haven’t seen yet. I want you to go across there. And sit and look with your back to the river, and see what you sense. What is it that is there, that is the missing link? What is missing, why we can’t see thunder, lightning etc. Does it feel good, bad, comfortable?

S: It’s an energy. It’s heavy, dark.

G: That is exactly right. And that is balance, because what you have to have in nature, as in everything is balance. You have to have a little bit of negativity with the good. Now, go back down the river, go and look at the valley again, and it’s a perfect valley, with all the animals drawing water, drawing energy, etc. But it cannot be too perfect, it needs a bit of negativity, so that we can see the difference. So the animals can sense the difference between good and bad, what’s good to eat, what is bad to eat, and so on. And that negativity creates the balance. Now, you look at thunder and lightning and tell me what you know from that.

S: It’s used to create a dramatic change.

G: Yes, that is right. So, it’s balance. So, at the end of a period, a day, or when some negativity builds up, the balance needs to be incorporated to correct it. And this is the simplest way to do it. It connects the earth, air, water, sound and everything together. That is balance. So, everything needs that balance in it. Very good. Now, why is balance needed more today than it was say 100 years ago?

S: Because there is more stress,

G: And?… who creates the stress?

S: Humans.

G: Yes, so it’s human intervention.

S: yes, conflict, not enough kindness. humanitarianism. There is separation. Control, individuality. Power.

G: That is right, now all of this works in conjunction with nature. We wouldn’t be able to exist as humans and develop if there wasn’t nature behind us, looking after the basic structure and the food sources of the world. So, as the food source gets out of balance, so the thunder and lightning will correct it. So, again, it’s an ongoing eco system which balances all the time. Now humans get involved, and you have for instance, the amazon rain forest being cut down, so there you would have far more of this thunder, lighting and imbalances being corrected. Now, it’s not just the thunder and lightning, you also have extreme heat, so you get bushfires, extreme cold and the weather changing. The weather does it a lot slower, the thunder and lightning does the final balancing, if you like. Now, let’s go out over the ocean, and tell me why, when there are storms over the ocean, where there is thunder and lightning, what is the purpose of that?

S: There is too much negative energy being brought into the ocean and it needs to be cleared fast.

G: Yes, everything has to have and needs balancing, all the time. Even a vast area like the ocean which can balance itself basically, but you get build ups of negative energy for example, going down a river into the ocean, and that can build up. The ocean, as you know moves around in circles, and so the negative energy is taken to specific places, where the thunder and lightning will clear it, to create the balance.

Now let’s look at an area, such as the Antarctic. Now, the Antarctic is mainly made up of snow and ice. And there is very little negative energy in that, it is very pure. Yet, surrounding those areas, are extreme winds, extreme cold, and storms. Now what would the reason be for that?

S: It’s to move and shift the energy. There is a lot of calm and peaceful energy there.

G: Yes, so it has a positive energy which counters with a positive energy. So the surrounding storms are negative energy. And how do they get there?

S: A build-up of energy.

G: yes, but how does the negative energy end up in the Antarctic, and become a storm, which gets cleared by the positive energy from the snow and the ice? How does it get there? What form of energy from around the world in nature, would take excess energy there?

S:  Air, wind?

G: No

S: Water

G: Yes, again. Water goes around in circles from the North to the South. So, they pick up the negative energy on the way, which has built up too much, and take it down to the arctic, where you get the positive energy coming from the snow and the ice, which is clean and pure, which balances the negative energy. Very good.

Now, let’s go back to the waterfall. Sit there, look at the river and let’s go back to the first problems we had, there was this unusual shaped, negative piece of wood. Which was the image, stopping us from moving forward. Maybe, take that image and put it across the other side of the river.

S: mmm, it’s the same energy. It matches the energy.

G: what sort of energy is it? Try not to think about it. Go across, tell me what you feel or sense.  Does it feel good or bad?

S: It’s just there.

G: try and feel the good in it. Then try feel the bad in it.

S: I can definitely feel the bad.

G: Can negativity be a good thing?

S: yes, we need a certain amount of negativity to help us grow.

G: What is the area that you are in? What did you see, that was across the river, earlier in the meditation?

S: It was simply energy. It’s dark and heavy, and it’s used to balance.

G: yes, so at the moment, what you are going through is change, it’s a big change from what you have been used to over the years, to a change which you see in different ways, and that is the balance. You are comfortable with it at the moment, but it’s going to take a little bit for your memories to adjust to it. So that you can cross over comfortably.

S: yes, because the comfort zone can’t teach you anything and you can’t move forward. You have no willingness or drive to move forward. It doesn’t teach you anything.

G: yes. So what you are doing is a big move, it’s going to make a big difference to your lives. But it will be better in the long run, when you have more balance.

Now for the last one. Move to the top of the waterfall, sit with your back to the river, with your feet hanging over the edge of the waterfall, and look downwards. And you look down along this long river, which you’ve been going down, with its eddy’s and waterfalls and pools, and at the bottom, you can see this huge arena, this huge area, mountains in the background, sea behind that. All the animals above ground, all the insects below ground. All the different sizes of animals. Then see all the different energies. All together. You see how it all balances.

S: That’s amazing, and it’s always moving. Always interactions, constant movement.

G: there is one more energy to see. On top of this waterfall looking down over this vast area. It’s night time. The calming energy that you saw just now. It’s calming and peaceful across the whole area. And now it can be used to move the peaceful in different directions, to the people that need it. Now, look at the sun coming up. The sun comes up and it moved directly above so it’s shining down and everything has this golden glow. And that of course is an energy as well.

I think that will do for tonight.        

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