Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


17-YEAR-OLD WITH COMPLEX –    By Geoff – The next one for you Verna is a bigger boy. Verna – Is he about eighteen or nineteen? Geoff – Yes, almost he says. Verna – He has a problem with his looks or his skin. And he is also a very complex person, but he has learnt a lot of lessons in his physical life already, which have been of devastating proportions, now he is at a cross roads because he is seeing the light, and the new path to take and a new way of thinking, but he is finding it very hard to shake off the old skin, oh is that what I got when I got the skin? Geoff – Yes but it is not skin. Verna – Oh it’s his old habits, his old ways. Well that is his old life, which is distasteful both by what goes on at home, and I don’t know if he was sexually abused, but that is what I am getting, some, doesn’t matter he says, it is beside the point what it is, it is just that he is asking for guidance to be strong enough to let go of the old habits, which he doesn’t like anyway, but it is still hard to take this first step forward, because he isn’t a grown up teenager, he hasn’t had a lot of freedom to be independent, he is sort of cowering from the experiences that he has had. And he wants to take the step and is just asking for a helping hand, that he can cross over this line that he shows me in front of his feet, and at the other side of the line is a cleaner, whiter path, at the moment he is still standing on the dark path, at the moment I see a black line, like a little road and on the other side is brightness, and he is just asking us to help him over this hurdle. Geoff – Yes he asks not so much us, but you. For his higher self has seen how you have treated your children, and this is what he wants, he comes to you for reassurance. He knows that you can give him this reassurance, he admires you for want of a better word, and you are far better than the mother he has. He says it is difficult to say, but you will understand. Verna – Well, once he has taken the step over the threshold, it won’t take him long to meet friends, and learn to love people and he will be loved in return. The best advice I can give him is not to take the bitterness of his experiences out on other people, look for love not for retaliation. And he is welcome to come back anytime he needs some reassurance, he knows that at night in astral, his higher self knows, that if he asks he can get a lot of help, he must ask. Geoff – He calls himself, or will be known as the stepson, and he moves across to stand with the others, and is very happy and pleased with himself, and proud that he now has the support from you, and knows that he can turn to you at any stage and will be pointed in the right direction, or receive good advice, and is willing to go out into the world, and stand up and be counted like a man, and do what he has to with pride. Verna – And just remember that you get what you give in this world, so that if you give out a lot of love even if people are nasty to you, you will get love back, even if it takes a while. But if you retaliate when somebody is nasty or try and take out your past experiences on other people, your path will be very difficult, and I think that is the best advice I can give you, just keep your head up high. Only do what you feel in your soul is right. I think I should sometimes practice what I preach. Geoff – Right, he is going to stand behind you. Verna – Yes he is coming right here.

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