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17th April 2022 Religions, their followers and change

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

A few weeks ago, we saw a round dining room table and everybody placing their hands on the table, and that’s how we are going to start spreading the word and connecting ~ this is where we are starting today. If we look at the overall picture of what’s out there, as we know there are hundreds of different religions, and there have been hundreds of different offshoots from religions, where people have followed a religion and then thought of an idea, or something could be changed or improved or corrected, and they have then opened up their own religion as an offshoot of the main one. And this has happened many times over. So, what we end up with is a huge selection of different religions, thinking different ways, but the belief from every one of the people that follow those religions is that they are doing what they believe is right, so they have a strong belief in their particular religion. Now as far as the aliens go, as you know, you have talked to many aliens yourself, and you know that they do exist. And most of them are far more advanced than you are, here on planet earth. They have been around for a long time. And there is a huge variety of them.

In most cases they don’t make themselves known. But they have over the centuries made themselves known especially just in the last century, and people have picked it up. When they have picked it up, they picked up they were aliens and they have had to, not “fabricate a story around it” but if you can imagine being the first person to contact an alien, it’s like way too much to believe, so you can’t maybe put in 100% of what you are getting, because it sounds too far-fetched, so they will change it a little bit or dim it down or maybe even interpret it incorrectly. And that becomes more of a cult than a religion and a following. They can pass on correct information, but it’s information that suits what the people believe. So, in so much as you believe in reincarnation and going back to the other side and what we would call dual-spiritualism, if they are brought up to believe that it was the Arcturians that came first instead of Jesus, then they would adapt to suit the Arcturians. So instead of going to heaven you would go back to the planet Arcturus. So you have all these different followings.

As you know in every section of society and learning, you need the higher, the lower and the in-between; so what you have here is exactly that. You have the positive, negative and in-between. What you will be doing is teaching these people, and you will be getting the information out there and as the information goes out, so different religions will change and adapt, but only some of them. You cannot get through to all of them. And it would not work if you got through to all of them. So, people who can see what your understanding is, and decide to follow it, that’s fine, they will simply change over from whatever religion, to your religion/understanding. That is what it is going to be. So, don’t let all the different religions and extremes out there, worry you. Just put your experiences forward, your understanding, and let it simply take its course. As you looked just now and saw a group with 249000 followers in just a few years, exactly the same thing can happen to your group. What you have is something different, and those people will follow. Everybody believes they have the perfect/correct religion, so it’s just a matter of getting across what you want to get across and it will slowly expand. And using our energies, what has been put in store and all the manipulations we can do from here. We can gently persuade, massage and turn people into the right direction. To evolve as we would like them to evolve.

S: With us there is no ego and our intentions are correct and in alignment.

G: Yes, that is very true.  What is happening with a lot of the other spiritual religions, is that they are seeing that the world needs changing, and that change is coming, and they have maybe been told about it by their guides, spirits or they may have been told in a different way. So they will be looking to go through this change, but maybe in a slightly different manner.  So you will come across those as well. There is of course a lot of ego out there. A lot of that will be sorted out through this change that we are going through, but in the beginning, there is going to be an extreme amount of ego, as people decide, who knows more than who. Which side to join, and so on. Time will sort things out. The correct information will get out there, for what is needed for society to progress and evolve.

Now you will see that this change is really only affecting the human race here. The animals, insects, nature and so on, will be affected, but they don’t see it as being a change; they see it as being totally natural. So they won’t be involved, as such, at all. It is simply the decisions that you humans will make which will decide how the planet proceeds, evolves and grows. Now each of these other “religions”, will have their own guides and teachers, as you do. They will have their own forms of energy and their own ways of using that energy. Most are correct but interpreted in different ways. The odd ones, where they have been misguided, will fall by the wayside, and others will be corrected. In general, people will get the right information and they will be able to interpret it through their religion, their way. So, it will be acceptable to the followers of those religions. Overall, it will correct the balance of the earth. So that you may continue to evolve and grow.  We will talk again on another night, let this sink in. I will come back and you can ask more questions and we can take things from there.

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