Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

952 March 2022 Automated processes

They’re showing me lots of leaves going out in different directions, much like the lotus flower. This represents many different levels of energy, not just the level that you will be working on. There are many other levels of energy, and as you have just learnt about all the energies in Earth and space. apart from that, there are many more energies to make this whole thing work. You only have to concentrate on the energy that we give you, and introduce other people, get them involved  and extend invitations to the right sort of people. Making sure that your messages will be going out to the right sort of people. Then you can start your work, and along the way you’ll meet many other people. Lots of different variations, lots of different people with different skills. You must not think that you understand more than they do. You understand what we have shown you so far, but we have also shown a lot of other people a lot of other things. Depending on how they were brought up, what they were taught, and how they have learnt. And how far they have developed. The other levels of energy or not important to you, because you will not be dealing with them.

We will deal with the others and the overall looking after them will be up to us.

G: Now they are showing me a whole lot of robots, automated processes. As you progress and evolve, especially on this side, you get past a mental level and you understand which direction everything has to go in, and that it makes sense to automate the process, even as basic as sending energy from one person to another, on your level. so there are lots of different levels of energy and there are lots of different automated processes in place. it just simplifies things.

Now they are showing that this massive explosion in outer space. The explosion is basically black and white, it’s as fiery as you would normally think. and what they are saying is this is  just giving you another example of how they are able to look after the whole universe; and it’s simply an explosion of energy, exactly the same as you would see a star or a Supernova exploding in your world, so we can have the same thing happening in a different dimension in our world, to send energy to different planets. And there are so many different planets you cannot comprehend. And apart from all the different planets, you have all the different levels of energies. So, far far bigger than you can comprehend but that is not important to you at this stage. What you have to learn is what is on your planet and that will be more than enough for you to deal with.

Now, what will come to the fore as this new World unfolds, Is new leaders. The leaders need the people to believe in them. they can then earn the respect of the people, so they can then draw on their energy and then make the right decisions. The leader is able to look after millions of people simply by getting their respect, by having the energy to do what they need to do and drawing on the energy from them to actually produce the results but they want to see. Now again this is a bit of a learning curve because the results they want to see or not are always the same because people different people have different opinions and some will be good and some will be bad but again that is how we learn by looking at the difference between one and the other. So this will be on a much higher level than anybody has experienced so far.

We were talking the other day about how technology was going to be the new generation. there are certain things which have been created so far, which not even the average public knows about. Mainly they are to do with weapons, they are extreme technology but a small amount of technology compared to what we have seen and what we have witnessed so far. Now because we can see ahead we don’t want this planet to go into that area of weapons, domination, technology and so on. it has to be slowed down. otherwise it’s a matter of starting all over again.. Which is not really a problem but every leader at every level wants their level to succeed. So that they can progress, so the whole world can evolve. so that all the people they are looking after can evolve, and move forward.

There are various energies coming towards this planet. you have seen the energy that is stored here in Mountains, in the Earth, and so on. and you have seen that the Earth looks after itself. it can also do with help from other planets, as we discussed briefly yesterday. and there are enormous amounts of energy being sent towards this planet, simply to help it. for example, a very calming energy, so if for example you were heading towards World War 3, for us it would be a matter of bringing in a blanket energy from other planets to cover your planet to simply calm things down so people can think rationally. now, this does not stop the free will that you have on Earth. You have the calmness, which we create, and you react to the calmness. so, there is another way that we can control,  if you like, or manipulate What is going on on your planet. Now at the moment there is an enormous amount of green energy coming towards you, what do you think that green energy is? It is not  calmness, it is not peace.

S: Balance

Yes, very good. it is balance. Balance is what is needed. it is all very well to calm things down when it is needed, but you need the balance. You need the people to think of the balance, and to be able to think of the balance they need, and they need the experience that they have had in the past to do that. So, again the children coming forward the new generation will teach balance, they know it is needed. But you need this blanket of balancing energy for everybody, simply so that people can stop and think because what people are doing at the moment is reacting to what is happening and they react based on the experience that they have had. yet if they understood a little bit more, they would be able to calm things down, balance, look at the outcome, look at what is going to happen, and respond instead of react. and when they realise what could happen, then they get to have a little bit more balance and understanding and they can make better decisions.

Now following the green energy of balance, there is silver energy. What would silver energy before? How would you associate a guide that is pure silver?

S:  A very strong energy. a light energy.

What energy would be needed after a balance? To move forward, to progress. And to be able to make the right decisions.

S: Clarity

Yes. Wisdom, clarity, understanding. So, that blanket energy comes forward, so that everybody can use a little bit more, understand a little bit more, make the right decisions. and when you get a population of millions and billions of people making that decision, it has a huge effect on the planet itself. Just take the greed factor, people are making billions, 1% are making billions, but they have to be there, so we can see the difference between the high and low, the good and the bad. At the moment, you have far too much poverty. and far too much hunger, people are starving. that has to be addressed. and when you get the wisdom after the calmness,…. So, you are thrown into an Abyss. You are thrown into a turmoil, it’s almost like a third world war and there is drama everywhere, and then you get this calmness, and then you understand what needs to be done, and then you can start to put it into practice. when that happens, what you are doing is you are going to the poorest of the Poor, the starving, and you are giving them a little bit of hope, a little bit of direction, and they can move forward, and they can evolve. and suddenly the whole world is so much of a better place. and the group energy is no longer 2/3 negative 1/3 positive, it’s 90% positive, and then it starts to grow. then you start to evolve, and with all these horrible lessons, you can look back, and progress on a far safer level.

So, returning to where we started, with the lotus flower. this is your task. the lotus flower in the Centre and you start to find the people and let it grow and expand and the more information that we can give you, that you can send out, to all the roots, the petals, that grows in different directions, the more help you will be, to completing the evolving and the progress of the people on this planet.

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