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18th CENTURY GYPSIES By SpiritualDictionary.com

In this meditation Verna is describing what she is seeing through her third eye, and the Guide channeling through Miriam is John. Verna – They call her the gypsy lady because she lives that way. She’s like a street lady. Geoff – Yes. She also does fortune telling. Verna – Yes. I see a whole lot of sores. I don’t know if that’s from not eating properly or… Miriam (John) Yes, it’s from not eating properly as you say. This is John speaking. Verna – Hello John. Geoff – Welcome John. Verna – Her whole body has come out in all these sores and they really are painful and they’re all sort of open sores, and because she doesn’t have the facility of lying in a nice hot bath to cleanse herself. They want us to take her to a river. Miriam (John) I’m glad you picked that up. Verna – A spiritual river – like the river that runs – the little stream that runs from your lake in your meditation. That’s what I’m getting, and gently lie her down in the water. The cold water won’t shock her body but the spiritual water will cleanse her skin. Geoff – I think the water is not actually water but light – it’s a river of light. And has two main colours which are ice blue and white. Verna – Yes. That’s what made me say it’s a spiritual river because of all the colours on the water. Geoff – You carry on. Verna – And – well we’ve got her in the water. It’s not only healing her skin it’s also healing her inside – her spiritual and her soul. Miriam (John) And this gives her back the confidence in herself she used to have because she was never always like this. She used to be very good – very clean. Verna – But she is very lonely, she actually has nothing to live for. Miriam (John) Then you must give her that encouragement. Verna – She can sense us around her now. Miriam (John) She can. Verna – And she’s very joyous, and I get that her skin irritation is more a – it’s worse because of her – she has no will to get better. Miriam (John) It’s worse because of her mental state. Verna – So now that her skin is cleaned and we’ve cheered her up and she actually feels the love, and the fact that, you know, she used to tell fortunes and she was – she is spiritual – she doesn’t even know why she could tell fortunes really. Miriam (John) But she will go back to that now, if you put that thought in her head. Verna – She used to use a crystal ball and Geoff – Yeah – I saw that too. Verna – and she used to be very beautiful. I see her now as a young lady – long black hair. Miriam (John) She is one of the original Romany’s but she has not had any family for some time now. Verna – They are letting us spend a lot of time on her – not for the healing but for the company, because she can sense us. They’re going to take her away now but the spirits will keep their – the feeling that she’s getting from having us around – they will continue to give her that feeling and she’s feeling a lot……She’s now lighter, I feel, not so heavy and they’re taking her away now.

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