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2 April 2022 Automatically healing all things through pure thought.

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

 G: Okay, we are going to talk a little bit more about the energies and what can be created and this is about automation. We were talking yesterday about automation being sent for absent healing and automation being sent from one planet to another, from one to another.

S: yes, that makes sense.

But have you ever thought about the automation that’s in your body, to start with?  What makes your heart beat? What makes your liver work?

S: What makes you breath, yes.

This is all automated process, so it’s put into your body to start the ball rolling. And then when it’s abused, that’s when it starts to go wrong. Overall, it’s a very simple, automated process. Now let’s look at what else can be automated in your world.

S: You mean on the planet or…?

Yes, the planet. As with human organs being automated, it makes sense that all the animals are automated as well.

 S: yes.

What else can you see that can be automated?

S: It’s the whole connection between the air and the water and the storms and…

 Quite right.

 S: The natural flow, and the trees, everything giving off energies. The whole thing is automated but again, when it’s disrupted and it’s 9 out of 10 times by humans, then correction needs to come in.

 Yes, so how would you correct an imbalance, knowing what you know now, that is an automated process and you have the ability to draw in all these different energies.

S: use all the different energies to help the auto-correction.

So you correct it through? Automation.

S: Automation. Yes.

You automatically think what needs doing, you bring in all the different colours and they will go and they will complete the process.

S: And now I wouldn’t need to focus on which colours and what to focus on, I would just call in all the colours


S: The colours that are required. Crystals, the crystal energy that is required, everything that is required, planets, everything that is required. All the energy can automate that.

Alright, now let’s look at the healing that you are going to be doing. Now that you know the process is automated, how does that affect the healing that you will be doing?

S: It’s the same way, because it’s often before, trying to get x, y, z, trying to understand, trying to pick up this, always trying to understand what energies to use, trying to understand what colour is needed, trying to get this. It’s now an automated process of whatever is required. Sometimes I may get it is the crystal energy, it is plant nature, I get that very strongly but I won’t worry about which planet nature, why, how, whatever, I won’t go into the questioning of it. Just the automation of it, if it’s planet energy, earth energy, crystal energy, plant energy, But the person is getting outright, all the energies required to balance their energies.

Correct. So what you will be able to give will be much stronger. Because what you are doing is not trying to force a colour or an energy.

S: Yes.

You bring in all the colours and say whatever is needed.

 S: yes, absolutely

So, that’s how that is done. It makes quite a big difference to your healing. Yes.

S: A huge difference.

Yes, now how many others do you think know this? Very few.

S: Very few. And it’s because of how they are taught.


S: because you are taught to try and perceive and to try and get and see. Whereas if you can use a multiplicity of everything and just know, and I’m getting goose bumps because I can feel all the energy now. But if you can pick up all that energy, I’ve got goosebumps from head to toe, and you can just give that person absolutely everything and just ask for whatever is required for that energy, to receive whatever is needed to be received. It is just easy, simple and 10 x more powerful.

Yes, quite right. Much more.

S: not even 10 yes.

So, now we will look at maybe a forest. A forest that is needing some energy. How would you do that?

S: The same way.

Yes, it will be the same way.

S: All the crystals, the planets

And you don’t have to think. Thought is creation, you think to heal the forest.

S: And I would just call on all the energy and give whatever is needed.

Correct. So, let’s take a scenario where you are walking through a forest. And you see a few things which need fixing. You don’t even have to think that they need fixing, that they need to be fixed, as it automatically happens. Because you look at it, you understand it needs to be fixed and you automatically create the energy.

Now look at more advanced spirits. Now you can understand how more advanced people on this planet are viewed as creating miracles and so on, when it’s simply an advanced form of healing. Now if you can do that, what else can you do?

Now let’s take something much larger. Let’s take, again let’s use Ukraine as an example. Now how would you deal with that?

S: The same way, any energy that is required.

Exactly. The same way, so it’s simply a matter of thinking the right way. That’s all the new world order needs, is to be able to think the right way. If everybody did that, everybody would have a perfect life. 

S: yes.

It would never happen, but we know that’s how it should be done. So, thought is creation, that is all you really need for all your healing. 

S: It’s beautiful.

Now just give a minute’s thought as to how this is going to affect the different types of healing that you do. Hands on, reiki, etc, sound, when you are creating the sound yourself. Would you be able to create the sound in the mind of the person that needs it? Or would you need the actual sound?

S: No, I can create it.

You create it, yes, the body reacts to what it thinks it’s getting. So if you created the sound going into the body, the body would react exactly the same as it would with sound healing.

S: yes.

Ok. another modality?

S: Also vibrational healing. Not having the bowl, I can also just send that energy through.

Yes. Correct. How about chiropractic work?

S: Which is what I was asked today, lol. Yes, because I do that energetically with people on the spine, not with their whole bodies and things. But yes, you can send the same energy in.

Correct, you can. Now it wouldn’t be acceptable to most for you to advertise yourself as being a chiropractor.

S: No.

Because they may put in a negative energy, blocking what you may want to put in there. Because they ‘think’ you are not qualified.

S: yes.

But now that you can use all these, you have this simpler version of healing people in different ways, there are so many more options for you. But you need all of those options. You really need just a method of getting through to people. You don’t need to use a specific modality. As long as you can get through to the people. And simply look at them. Send them the energy that they need. Then the healing can be done. Now, what people will want to do is ‘feel’ what they assume is the right thing, so if it’s chiropractic, they are going to want to feel their bones clicking and so on, so this you must be aware of. But again, what we can do, is put into the minds of the people that that does actually happen.

S: yes. How I relay it to people is that because I have worked on the spine chiropractic ally, for quite a while, where there are energy blockages which I believe corrects the spine. So all I would say to them is that I have worked on you energetically, you feel the effects like 2-3 days later. There’s nothing felt as such, physically. But energetically, because that is where that’s their problem. Like tonight explaining about my massage and he related to that because that is where his whole problem is. And I said, as an added benefit, an added explanation, I said I break down all those nodules, the tension, all the congestion in the muscles, I break that down as well. He was like “that is exactly where I store everything”. So he could relate to it. So I can work with him on a different dimension, kind of thing.


S: With the ease, of how I explained it. I think I will be aware of what they need to hear.

Yes, correct, quite right.

S: Each person is different.

They will visualise it; they will accept it; their bodies will accept it. And you can just put in whatever is needed.

S: yes.

Now can you think of any dangers of using this form of healing?

S: No.

Give it some thought.

S: Well it can’t harm anybody. Can it? Nobody would come to me unless they were willing to receive. You mean working on people outside of coming to me?

No, it’s if you were to take people’s reaction. You know how you are going to heal them, simply with bringing in energy and putting it into them. Making them feel what they want to feel. Where is the danger involved in that?

S: Is it if they don’t feel what they came to feel?

No. It’s a bit of a tricky question because you have been led down the wrong path. It’s if you try to draw in energy which you think is automated, and you use too much. Because if you think the manipulation of a foot for example is going to solve the problem and you draw in that sort of energy, you could be drawing in too much energy. Because what you are doing is you are saying “I can use all the colours coming in and use whatever you need”. You could overdo it. Do you understand that?

S: yes

You must let spirit, let them decide how much is needed. You mustn’t tell them if you need more colours or more this or whatever.

S: No. Okay.

Simply be open and you will get the correct amount.

S: Normally what I will start any healing with is asking “what contribution can me and my body be to this body? And then I ask, what is this body willing to receive and what is this body willing to process?  I don’t normally, so I’m thinking about how I would work, so I would just pull energy and then I would just be.


S: I would not try and pull more energy, I would ask the energies to flow and then I would just be, and see what I could actually sense. That’s normally how I work.

Correct, yes, I can understand that. Now it’s going to make that a lot simpler for you. I was just making you aware that you mustn’t try and put into the body, more than what it needs.

S: more than what it requires, yes, thank you. Especially if someone is very sick, you might try and do that. You are correct.

A lot of this is going to be very difficult to get across and you can’t really explain to those who are enjoying the healing, what you will be doing. You can’t say…… so you will have to just be wise and you can draw in all these different energies. And get across to your client or patient…

S: What they need to hear

What they need to hear, yes, quite right.

S: Yes, and that previous statement is true, because you get someone like Hilary that is in such a deep, dark place, so you can try too hard and try and give too much.


S: So, I’m just trying to get the jist of that. So, yes.

Yes, what you need is the correct balance.

S: Balance, yes.

A word we’ve used a lot this week.

S: yes, lol. Balance.

So, now if you take somebody who has these abilities and has been using them for some time. And if you take that person walking in amongst a crowd of people, knowing that they are simply giving off energy, giving the correct energy to the people who need it all around them. How do they feel? They feel very balanced. Very serene. That is where you get the people with the beautiful auras. They are just so comfortable, they are people you can look at and say they are totally balanced, totally at peace. Because they understand what they are doing.

We shall leave it there for this evening. And I will come and chat again a bit more on another day.

S: Thank you

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