Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Have you noticed how the weather has gotten so much worse over the past 3 years, and out of balance?

So many more floods, earthquakes and natural disasters?

Have you noticed how in the last 12 months the weather in your area has changed for the worse?

How are you this month? Are finances bad? Are your emotions off balance? Are you depressed or losing direction?

How many people have you heard about in the last few weeks that have problems?

Have there been major economic and natural disasters around the World?


This beautiful world of ours was designed to be nicely balanced. It was created as a perfect world…at the time.

When man came along he was “at one” with nature. Nature’s energies and ways (which most people do not understand yet) controlled the weather, and rid the planet of negative energies. They still do, but have had to adapt as we have evolved. As an example, in a perfect world without any wars or negativity, there would be perfect weather. (See article on Storms and Energy)

Nature controls more than you think, and creates more than you think too.

As we progressed from primitive days, we learnt, made mistakes, and evolved. We HAVE TO make mistakes to evolve, because that is how we learn. But we have gone way off track; our technology is advancing faster than we are.

We believe what we are told instead of what we know. We are not using our God given intuition, and when we do, we seldom do anything about it.

Let’s have a quick look at our planet now. Dozens of Countries are at war. Why? Mainly because somebody wants something they cannot have. Or one side upsets another, and both start wielding big sticks. The only way to halt a war is through negotiation. If a war is waged, and one side wins, then the losing side is not going to be happy about it, so the anger and negativity created, continues.  Just look at Israel and Palestine, because it has gone on for so long, the new generation of children are brought up and through the teachings of the parents automatically dislike or even hate the other side……

Let’s look at pharmaceutical Companies. We all know there are cures for most diseases, which are suppressed by the major Companies simply because they want to make a profit. I know of many such cures, but there is no way that they will find their way into the market through normal channels. More disease, more deaths and suffering, and therefore more negativity is created……..more imbalances with nature.

Let’s look at the foods we eat. How much contains chemicals, toxins and poisons to our system. THE MAJORITY DOES.

How much NATURAL food is included in YOUR diet? Check for just a day and you will find that there is hardly any.

And are you overweight? In the USA over 50% of adults are clinically obese (More than 15kg overweight)

What Americans spend on diets in a month would feed the whole of Ethiopia for a year. (Sorry…….I am not just knocking Americans, they just happened to be the easiest example)

What about Doctors and medicine. Why are you going to your Doctor more often these days? Because your immune system is getting weaker and weaker. Our immune system is supposed to fight disease naturally. Every time we use chemicals and medicines to fix our ailments instead of natural remedies, our immune system gets weaker still. Let’s face it, even a headache or a cold and it is pill-popping time.

And how are your finances? When you see all the TV commercials showing you new cars, new washing machines, new homes, Retirement plans, Exotic holiday destinations, easy payment plans, credit cards etc etc. Do you somehow feel you have not quite got there yet?

And what about a few figures from a great book called “The last hours of ancient sunlight” by Thomm Hartman. In the last 24 hours…….

200 000 acres of rainforest were destroyed.

13.8 million tons of toxic waste was pumped into the atmosphere.

45 000 people died of starvation (37 000 were children)

124 species of plant and animal life became extinct

More than 1 Billion people lived on less than one US dollar.

You all know the facts, and the majority of you do nothing about it. You are too interested in yourselves. So what if 100 000 people died last week in India, that’s somewhere else, it does not affect you!

The point is that it is payback time.

God gave us a good system, and we are screwing it up……..and badly too.  There is a good side and a bad side to this. The good side is that we will eventually realise our mistakes, we will eventually learn what to do, and we will eventually do something about it. So we will have learnt, and in doing so will have evolved.

The bad side is that these problems are getting worse by the day. And it is only now that it is really beginning to affect you. It will definitely get worse, the weather, the finance, the emotions………EVERYTHING WILL GET WORSE.

There are organizations out there screaming at you to listen. They have facts, figures and solutions. LISTEN TO THEM.

Do something about them.

Make your mark in this life.

Stand up and be counted.

Be what you were supposed to be, and do what you believe in.

There has to be a balance in everything, an extreme on both sides. That is so that we can see both sides of the coin, and therefore make our decisions wisely. The bad side is now starting to outweigh the good, that is why there is so much negativity around at the moment, and unless we do something about it, we will slide over to the bad side and believe that we are still in the middle. Our children will believe that this is the norm, and the slide will continue.

I know that there are people who do not fit into the above category, and to them I say thank you for being you – and keep up the good work. To the rest I say, come on, and let’s help where we can, because we can make a difference. If you show the way, then others will follow.



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