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21st March 2022 New Governments, New ways of looking at plants and herbs.

21st March 2022 Mom (Verna) showing me how every single bit of energy creates more energy, everything is connected and creates more. New Governments, New ways of looking at plants and herbs.

Usual meditation with Sharon and Geoff.  Geoff starts and then continues with “Instant understanding” from the Guides

G: Mom wants to talk to you, so let’s go into meditation and while you do that I will see what we are going to do, it’s something about filling in the gaps. And I think it is to do with making sure you are all ok with everything, you can talk to her and hug her and give her a big hug from me..

S: I started off just with an influx of energy. I seem to be looking at each thing in a different way, as a different entity. And being shown different ways of molding everything, and looking at it all universally, not making everything significant. It’s not just all about money, it’s about energy flow. It’s about integrating everything, so everything is just one flow of energy. And it flows in and out. So it is just all just a constant flow. Then it went right down to the way you are with every single being, from a petrol attendant, to a teller, every single entity that you come into contact with, and the energy that flows between you and them, and what that can produce. Just by being a positive energy flow. So by giving energy you are creating more and more.

G: I can understand what you are saying, every time you react with energy bodies you create energy all the time. That is what creates the ebb and flow.

S: Yes, and then uniting the whole thing. It’s give and flow, give and flow, even if it is to the Universe, Earth, everything. Nothing is a single entity. And what started it off was me doing a single massage and having enough to buy x, y and z. And that being my mind set. That is not it, it is just an energy flow that creates so much more. So, it is just every single thing, you say, be, do, every single energy and entity, just creates more and more and more. If you do it with the right heart set.

G: Quite right, and that is just balance.

S: And that is how it started off, it was just green, and I thought she was connecting with me through nature, but it was balance.  

G: Mom is showing me she is asleep, her eyes are closed, she is sleeping. That means that she is peaceful and content, and we are on the right track, we are doing the right thing, so she is content with that. She has been doing a lot of scurrying around and doing various things to poke and push us and to make sure we get on the right track etc. And that is exactly where we are at the moment. She is very happy with that. She is showing me the healing symbol with the snake in the cross. She is showing me a big cloud of dark energy, it is on the one side, and say 2/3rds is dark energy and one-third is light energy. And this is basically the Earth. The dark energy, I can see, is much more volatile, and the white is much more calm. The negative energy is reaching a peak, it is becoming volatile and it will become more extreme, presumably they are talking about Ukraine and Russia. and the world in general, because it does not just affect Ukraine, it is affecting the whole world. on one side you have the positivity,  where the people are rising up against Putin, they are starting to think the right way, they are starting to correct their way of thinking. on the other side you have got the negativity, which is getting to an extreme, it’s like compressing a balloon full of water. It is making things happen faster and going more to the extreme to try and achieve the goals that they want. And there is a lot of frustration.  Now that is not just the war, it’s the people involved and the people that are involved in the war but are distanced from the war, who benefit from it in one way or another, who think the wrong way, who are negative etc. They are being pressurized, so there is going to be more big drama before this bubble finally burst. And it has to get to that level, so we can see the extreme that it gets to, and then when it bursts, and it is so much calmer, it’s the difference that counts.  the difference between really bad and really good. So the more extreme it gets, the more people can see the results afterwards, and that will change the majority of the Worlds in ⅔. The 2/3 will become far more positive and 1/3 will always remain, but on a much lower negative vibration.  Not so heavy, not so powerful, not so strong, it’s just going to be there because it is needed there for balance. The whole extreme from one side to the other, is going to be lowered once this bubble actually bursts. time wise it doesn’t make any difference with spirit, But I’m looking at something like 4 years because this is going to play itself out and then it’s going into something else and something else and so on. this is a knock-on on-going effect where it has to happen so more of the bad guys can be sorted, gotten rid of, out and so on.

On the good side you are going to have very nice growth because on the good side a lot of people are going to suffer, in a lot of different ways, the cost of living going up, with people that they know in Ukraine, with people that they know in Russia, and their allies and so on being affected. so there is a lot more to sort out. but on the good side, the people are going to be much calmer and they will start to get better and better because of thinking the right way and what they don’t want to do is go back to the way they were, after this war and the ongoing after effects. so that is how the change is going to be finalized. Not so much finalized, as it will be a new starting point for evolving, progressing, and so on. it takes a long time to build up, and it will build up to various levels. earlier on they were showing me about the technical side, and showing me the Laboratories were all empty. and what they are doing, is they are slowing down the progress of technology. I am not sure how this will be done. ok, the technology is going to be more for the good than it is for the bad, So less weapons and more useful things. The technology goes on to a level that is not seen by the average public, the development and so on, so they don’t actually see it until something is produced.

What will happen now, is that when word gets out that something is being produced, people will be against it and they won’t as before, just sit back and relax, watch it happen, have a few protests, and so on.  they are going to all be against it and groups of them will get together, like-minded people, and they will put a stop to any serious development of Weapons.  There is a lot of interference with people, interference being governments that control people. in the past, what you should have had when you had ordinary democracy, was a government, and if they were an honest, straight forward government, they would control the people, they would act out the will of the people and right decisions would be made and life would progress.  Now you could imagine where you get 50 or 100 million people voting in a government and that will affect the hundred million people very nicely. they will all benefit. but where you get a government which goes astray and gets corrupt, then you get just the opposite.  you get the corrupt government lining their own pockets and doing what they want to do and the people suffer, so each small government creates the suffering of 100 million people, for example.  So that is going to change and the way that will change is by getting the new generation, they will progress and they will get to the Parliaments and they will think the right way. They have seen the corruption that has happened in past lives and they have seen what has happened in this life, so they are born with memories to do with the past lives where it has gone astray. This is of course all in the background, it just helps them think a progressive, far better way.

So you are going to get good governments back in control, you will of course always have the odd ones because you need the balance. but overall, it means that people will start to look after each other, they will generate better food  supplies, they will generate a better redistribution of wealth, and they will understand far more. There are huge benefits that can be had by huge groups of people all thinking the same way, instead of  smaller groups fighting each other to take a piece of what the other one has.

Now, your medicine, With regard to the natural healing side. It will not go back to the way it was and the reason for that is because there have been far more developments since natural medication was used years ago. And if you go back many centuries, it was all basic, natural medication. these days, with the advance of science and so on, besides being able to synthetically make various drugs what they can do is they can understand the nature the content, the value of the herbs and flowers and so on, so much better that they will be able to create natural products, not synthetically, they will be able to grow them better. They will be able to understand them better and therefore they can grow them better.  they won’t understand nature as you do at the moment because that is a very special gift to be able to see what you are able to see at the moment but there will be this overall energy, where they will lean towards watching what nature does naturally and then enhancing that. So they will be able to grow more food, to regrow forests, have cleaner waters and that type of thing. So it will all benefit the future generations and thereby have a much more stable Society going forward, they will be able to develop nicer and faster and make up better rules to look after each other. 


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