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22nd February 2022 What we will be doing and how they will work with us

22nd February 2022 our move ~ the change ~ what we will be doing and how they will work with us ~ mom in disguise

In this meditation Sharon is sensing in Astral and a Guide is talking through Geoff

G: Let’s start at the new peace centre again.

I start looking at the balance in opposites. What I saw was like holding up your hands and interlacing your fingers. Right hand being black and the left hand white. So it’s perfect and even black and white rows. So the balancing is basically right in the middle of change. Now we all know the change, but the change is something that we can’t tell you what it is, or what you are going to be doing, because that will take away your free will. So, you understand so far, that there is a change, and it is happening. But what you will be doing, is interacting with so many other people, that have different beliefs. And your job will be to guide them in the right direction. Now if you take all the different religions and even on the spiritual side with all the different types of spiritual religions, the ideas that people have come up with, things that they believe in, these people all firmly believe what they are doing is right. Now, we cannot have just one perfect spiritual religion, there has to be many so that people can see all the differences, as in normal life, so they can get to see both sides of the coin and then decide which way to go. It’s not going to be a quick fix either. It is going to be over several generations. So your job will be just to guide the first generation, or in your case Sharon, the second generation as well, to lead them onto the right path.

So, because of free will as this change happens, and everybody evolves, they will all evolve in different ways. Again, based on their belief. It is only long term, once all these possibilities, that we  have gone through, that people will be able to evolve even further, understand what the correct path is, and have a better understanding of what spiritual life, development and evolving, is.

So, to start with, you will start along a path, and you will meet others, walking a similar path, but thinking in different ways than you. Your job is to learn from them and to guide them, and slowly it will develop from there. This is the reason we can’t tell you what you will be doing in the future, we can simply point you in the right direction. As guides, we are guiding you. Now, you will of course get a lot of help from us, because what you have been through. And it is no accident that you have ended up in a state like this. (selling all goods and moving to the B&B) Because you cannot help others, who are in a similar situation, if you have not been in it yourself, or without having experienced it. If you were in a position now, where you could remain in this house, and have a comfortable living, you wouldn’t be able to relate to the rest of the people that are  going through the change. Now, that doesn’t mean you will be in an unhappy environment, happiness is simply a state of mind. You will enjoy what you are doing and you will enjoy the challenge and there will be many challenges. And you enjoy all the different directions that it takes you in. So, you need  not concern yourself there. Now, you’ve been given more, let’s say ‘powers’, your awareness has been heightened. And you will be learning more and more. We will give you more awareness, more energies to use, more abilities, as you progress. As you work your way through the beginning of this change, that also you will enjoy and it will be surprising at times and you will find some things hard to believe. As is normal in your spiritual development. The main thing you go with of course is your senses, your gut feel. You will be able to sense far clearer than others. Which will enable you to make better decisions, in which way to turn, which way to help these people and which way to develop.

Now, this one (Geoff) is wondering why you get such brief channellings. It is totally different to what  you have been use to in the past and the reason is very simple. We have many many thousands to work through. And this is just a simpler way of getting it done. We can see in advance what you will be needing, what questions you will be asking, so we can pre-record if you like, the answers. So, when the information is fed through, it is just a matter of absorbing and repeating. When you get more important information, like this, information, then of course, it’s totally different. Which you will be getting a lot of, these “understandings”, these automatic voice messages. Now, there will also be a lot of your original guides, that you will work with over the years. They will be coming back to help you as well. And of course a lot of new guides. And new guides specialising in each different experience that you go through, so that you can understand it more fully. So I will leave you with that. Thank you.

There’s one more interesting thing. If your mother were to come through and channel right now, you would obviously feel the emotion. Apart from the enjoyment and happiness, there will be that emotion there. But of course, Verna can come through and channel in variety of different ways. Old, young, male, female, you wouldn’t know.

S: so that we wouldn’t recognise her.  Very sneaky.

Exactly. And yes, very sneaky.

S: But welcome.

G: When I started I saw Verna up there and 5 or 6 Verna’s behind her. And I thought she is getting ready to come and chat.



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