Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

23 March 2022. Lessons on Weather and Earth

23 March 22 Lesson on Weather and Earth – Negative Positive, volcanoes, poles, water spouts, tornados, frost, huge waves and sea storms. Sharon is learning through sensing.

In most meditations Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff starts and  one of the Teachers takes over and talks through him.

S: I’ve just seen a storm gets rid of negative energy. there’s like little fragments of sticky energy and that is all the negativity. it’s like little sticks built together and congested. then I see all these yellow light bulb energies around them, almost like crystallized energies. Then I got the thunder and the storm, and it’s almost like it gets wet and then dissipated, and then almost gets sucked up and then suddenly the energy was all lighter. I could see all the energy being pulled, like a magnetic attraction to the storm.


Quite right, it is like a magnetic attraction because like attracts like. So it is pulled in towards the storm, so that thunder and lightning can dissipate all that energy. You are quite right.

And what happens when the lightning comes up from the ground. we know negative energy and natures goes into rivers and storms etc. so what happened with the bolts of lightning going upwards?


S: Is it positive meeting negative?


It is in a way, but that is not what we are looking for. What is the benefit to what, when the lightning goes upwards?  Go back to your energies that are created, you’ve got energies from nature, and you have energies for the Earth, energies for the air,  and energies for space. And then you have a massive amount of energy suddenly shooting upwards. We know that negativity on the Earth goes into rivers and then goes into storms, gets dissipated, and then comes downwards. So what is the energy in a bolt of lightning going upwards?


S: It’s a buildup of negativity leaving the earth. There’s an area in the Earth where the negative energy builds up and suddenly just spurts out.


Yes that is correct, glad you got that. Very good.  Now we know from the Earth, we have volcanoes, but do they dissipate positive or negative energy?


S: They can be dormant for so long as well.


It is not really a fair question, as it is neither positive nor negative.


S: If I had to have chosen I may have said negative, because it is so hot and can be so destructive,  but it can also be dormant for so long.


Yes, there is a third energy. The negative side gets rid of the negative energy, it’s a bit like popping a boil. It gets rid of all the negative energy, but creates positive because the energy goes out and spreads around across the land and keeps the land more stable. But a third energy it creates, is what?


S: Awareness, connection or communion.


No, imagine the Earth is bubbling away inside and as the pressure builds up too much, it has to let some out.


S: Oxygen or gases?


No. Imagine the world, a big circle, the Earth, the bubbling gases inside, and on the outside these volcanoes are popping, letting out a certain amount of air, lava, etc. If it didn’t have that, it would burst. So, what it does, is it keeps the whole thing..?


S: Balance


If it had too many volcanoes, the inside of the earth would come out.  If there are  too few volcanoes, the earth would burst. So in between is balance, yes, it keeps it stable, so what it creates is a balance of the Earth.


Ok, let’s look at the Arctic and the Antarctic. What sort of energy do you think is in both of those? From each of them, you get a vast amount of ice and snow, which is all Freshwater. In some places it is 3 km thick. It is always there, it may melt a little bit, but more is formed, and so on.


S: There’s a lot of space.


What would the opposite of volcanoes be?


S: Cold and therefore, balance.


Good, now what would the balance be for the world, for the Earth itself, or for nature and our energy. They are  4 energies, ours, air, space, and earth. There is a North and South Pole, a land mass, or is it floating ice? What keeps it cold is the weather and the circulation of the air and the water. 

Now, for our energies, the positive and negative that we use, is dissipated in the ocean, and the ocean moves around, and the air moves around, and that will affect the two different poles.  And as we did a few days ago, the tides take what up to the North Pole and down to the South Pole?


S: There is clouds and wind, so airflow.


Correct. So what happened at the poles? What do they do? They create…?


S: Balance, with the air, the water, and the ice. And do the North and South Poles have an opposite polarity where the energy moves through the Earth?


Yes it is balancing out the energy of Earth. And of course it is involved with space as well, the energy that come from space. but that is for another day. So it’s the three energies, and we will get some clarity on your question with the polarities of the Earth now.

The poles are like a storage area, like the mountains are for the Earth. You have this massive amount of ice, which is just one set energy, so it is an ideal place to store other energies and information. You are right, it is Earth energy, the opposite to volcanoes, is the Polar caps. So they are far more energies than we realise. We have lightning that gets rid of negativity, volcanoes which create balance, the Poles would create balance.


S: Every single thing has an opposite, somewhere.


Yes, so positive coming into the Earth, comes from where?


S: The rain?


The rain only covers the first few hundred meters of the Earth, what is below that? When you get down to the Earth’s mantle and crust and so on, which is only a few Km down, inside that you have got superheated molten lava etc. The sun’s rays go deep down into the Earth and also energy from the other planets. Everything needs to be kept in balance, from all the planets. And this is how they do it. The energy moves backwards and forwards. And that is why some planets can have a different  landscape, with gases, land, clouds and water etc. because they are in a different position. So, people or beings, have to evolve on different planets and you have to see the whole variety of planets to see what works and what doesn’t. Where there are extremes, I am sure there is no lifeform, as we Know it, but they are smaller life forms, and of course there are life forms in different dimensions that need somewhere to go. So all these energies come towards the Earth, sink down into the Earth, and also create balance.

So you can imagine when everything was created, who all created with a Perfect ending in mind. If it carried on without the intervention of humans, without evolving, it would have perfect balance. But now you have got to the stage, where you have humans and they are the ones that affect the balance of the whole world and they make all the changes and again they do it so that they can learn. Is the rain balanced?


S: Yes


 Yes, so what happens to the Rain, when it hits the Earth and the plants? The plants feed on it, and they start to grow. So the rain is nicely balanced, and it comes down and seeps through the Earth and became sort all sorts of energies, it  can pick up negative energies and start to cleanse and change and so on. But what comes down is balanced.


Now, do you think a monsoon is balanced?


S: Yes


Correct. It just affects a different part of nature, which needs big downfalls. And the Cycles in those particular areas that have monsoons adapt to the monsoon and it is all positive and negative circulating, as usual.


Now let’s look at Frost. It is very cold, it’s -20 and the whole area and all greenery is covered in Frost.  All of it, the greenery, trees, the ground, it’s all covered in Frost. Is it positive or negative? And what does it do?


Let’s add to that, what happens during a bushfire? Like the Australian fires in 2021, where it affects and devastates the whole area. What does that do?


S: It is mass cleansing. After the fire new shoots grow up naturally.  it’s as green as anything. So it produces and promotes new growth. 


Yes, It’s a spring clean. Now let’s look at a blizzard with everything covered in ice?


S: It’s the same thing. A shower of positive energy to start a new.


Yes that’s right, you were trying to think of the opposite weren’t you?


S:  yes I was, but it is exactly the same thing.


Yes, excellent, now the plants in that area are used to Frost and so on, and the frost burns off all the bits and pieces and then you get the regrowth afterwards. Excellent.


What about a waterspout?


S:  A Beautiful Life flow.  They are very interesting, as they happen in very strange areas of the planet.


Yes, and the opposite to that of course is twisters.


S: So on that note, with tornadoes and alike, is that massive clearance of negative energy. A buildup of complete negative energy.


Yes, it is a distribution of blocked energy.  So whether it creates these areas where there is too much negativity, or  it is out of balance in anyway,  so the tornadoes would go through that area and simply redistribute all that energy.

Now with a waterspout it’s different, because they don’t really distribute energy.


S: So it’s just an energy buildup that flows up.


Yes, no real purpose. That is very good. There is one more now. Huge waves and storms at sea. What would the purpose of that be?


S: Again a buildup of negative energy?  That relieves itself.


Yes, storm can cover huge vast areas,  so it is a redistribution of the energy to create balance. It’s all about balance.


That is all for this session. I wish you goodnight.

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