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955 March 2022 Seedlings storing memories (for generations)

S: I do energy pulls for money and energy into all our bank accounts every morning while I am out in the garden. All my little seedlings are there. So the first thing I am getting is this little seedling breaking out of the soil. So, it’s to get excited about every little thing is so important. And to stay excited about it and if it doesn’t work out, sure, whatever. Because the seedling takes time to grow. And it takes patience and it takes time and it takes love and it takes water and it takes, so it’s just like continuous. So it’s almost like saying stay on that positive, as we put positive output we are going to be on the upper vibrational level. We just keep feeding that energy. Which is the same as not going back into the stress of things, not going back into the memories and the past or…

G: So it doesn’t have reoccurring lines.

Yes. So it’s just staying on that vibrational level, so that the seed can keep growing and keep growing and keep growing. To keep putting water and love and everything, to everything, it will just keep growing and growing and growing. And that’s yam, I can just see this representation of the seed.

Ok, and what will happen when the seed eventually turns into a flower and once the flower dies? Where does the next growth come from?

S: The seeds from the flower.

It produces seeds, okay. Do the seeds have a memory?

S: No?

Think again.

S: Well, they will because they will have the memory of what the plant has endured.

Yes, that is quite right. So the next generation, supposing that you get an area where it suddenly becoming much colder, for example, then the plants will actually adapt to that cold. So, as each new seed grows, it takes on the old memories of what has happened to it. And it gets passed on through generations.

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