Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


Geoff – I have gone to a place, which I see as being in the future, there are rows of uniformed homes, there are four or six in a row and each one has a big archway in the front and behind that archway is a glass window. And downstairs is the living area, just one big room and upstairs are the bedrooms, which is two rooms. At the side of the houses it is surrounded by a small lawn front, and back, and then roads, very uniform. This one is built on a hill in a very built up area, and it is very uniform because of economy.

The whole town, just looking around, is built on hills and they are all the same style of building. I was drawn to one particular house in the beginning but not at the moment, I must leave that house and I am now going over the town and it is a little island and the island is totally surrounded by water, and that is why space is at so much of a premium.

It must be one mile square, I can see no industry, no airport, no central town to buy things, just rows of uniformed houses.

So immediately it makes you wonder how this little island exists, I can see no central office of government, or control, nothing but houses. So I will go into one of these houses, I go back to the one I first looked at and when I see all these homes, I can see them as partially light, meaning there are people inside of them. The one I have been drawn to is empty, and I go inside and downstairs it is like a lounge, there are stairs at the back at the right and the left which go to the rooms above. There is a cooking area at the back of the lounge, which they show to me as a form of a fireplace. There is a lounge suite, coffee table and carpet but there is no TV or radio. It is quite barren, there is no place for display cabinets and private bits and pieces.

I go upstairs on the right hand side in the bedroom, where there is a double bed, two windows, one at the head of the bed and one at the left hand side, there is a very small wardrobe, no dressing table and again no extras, no ornaments. The people who live here, or who live on average in these homes, have become very uniform in their ways, they have gotten rid of all material possessions, for most of their work and socialising and creative interests are done with the mind.

Miriam (Ishmael) – You are quite right with that, this is Ishmael speaking.

Geoff – Oh welcome, Ishmael. They use the bedroom to sleep, to rest their physical bodies, and to astral travel without recollection, to recharge their mental and physical batteries. During the day they leave this room and they go downstairs, and a normal couple would sit opposite in a meditative position, as I am doing now, and their spiritual bodies would leave their physical and go about their daily business. During this astral traveling during the day, it would be the same as we go to work, we would astral travel each to our own area of work, which is an area created by the mind, where people help each other to learn, to gain new experiences.

The reason for the homes not having any material possessions is firstly they do not need them because they create them during the day, and create anything they want, such as fishing or playing golf, or socialising. The view around the house, the little bit of lawn, the roads and the lounge suite are there to make them feel comfortable in the periods between sleep and astral traveling. It is the bare essentials. Now food intrigues me, they have this cooking area at the back where they have this open fire, but they are at the stage of development where they can create whatever is required.

Firstly they can create enough energy to sustain their bodies without the need of physical food or liquid. But when, for instance, they want to relax or remember and cook steak or hamburgers over a fire or whatever, they can create these items, and when I said steaks, that is not quite right, at that stage it is the vegetarian way of eating.

Miriam (Ishmael) – And don’t you wish that you could do that now?

Geoff – Oh yes, so they create the nice things that they want and they cook it on the barbeque or however they want and they have a physical meal, which is a nice change from having everything in astral. The second room I assumed it was for the children, but there is more to it so I will go upstairs into the children’s room. The emotions felt through parenthood are emotions that cannot be adequately recreated through astral, when a child grazes an elbow and the mother or father tends this little illness, there is a feeling of emotion and of getting across of love and concern, and love of course is energy and healing. And these are emotions related to the physical which cannot be recreated well enough in astral, the same as hugging a child or holding a child is not quite the same in astral.

And these people have to learn this particular aspect of development, they would have experienced it in past lives but they need to be reminded on occasions, and they need to learn more and develop more. And their children also, I don’t see the children there all the time, I see the children’s physical totally disappearing, the children are at the stage where they can move the physical, as are the adults, can move the physical completely to a different area, not just travel in the astral, they can recreate the physical on a different plain or area or whatever.

And the children go off for sometimes days at a time and reappear, they are going through a learning curve the same as parents have to.

Miriam (Ishmael) – But always under supervision.

Geoff – Yes, there is a very strong link between parents and children, and this is the main link I see at the moment, this sort of physical emotional link, it stands out amongst all the astral movement that you do and the transferring of your body from one area to another. Because the whole universe is based on love, the first lessons we learn are of love and the love created between parents and children are one of the strongest types of love and bonds, and the learning process starts here and then it expands to the love of groups and other people who you don’t know well enough, when you meet strangers for instance. But it starts off with the easiest form, which is children.

The children go off to universities and healing centers and art centers and all sorts of things and they go to school for instance. Now because time doesn’t have a lot of meaning in this particular futuristic place, children may go to a university for instance for three days at a time to study before coming back. There is a night and day, and this gives the inhabitants of the area a sense of discipline and a sense of time, they can learn to discipline themselves to work for certain periods and to socialise for certain periods, to get the correct harmony in themselves, in their family groups and in the group of the whole town.

Miriam (Ishmael) – Very essential, very essential.

Geoff – So as a form of balance and harmony, the properties have no value because they are merely a container, that is why they are all uniform, this eradicates jealousy and greed and the longing for material possessions and many other things. If there were a spare space on this island, a new home would be created by the inhabitants of the island who would merely join their minds together to create a uniformed home on that particular space, also to create the home is quite simple because everything they see around them is uniform therefore they all see the same image to create, whereas if the houses were all different they would have to see an image of the house to be built before they could recreate it.

Miriam (Ishmael) – So much better this way. Can you perhaps tell me how far in the future, I know that is a lot to ask, but …..?

Geoff – Hmm, it’s four to four and a half thousand years.

Miriam (Ishmael) – Yes, nearer to the four and a half.

Geoff – I can also see on top of the hill overlooking this small island is a very strong white light, which is the overseeing teacher for that island. He has no physical form, he is pure energy and pure mind, but he is there to teach, encourage and train and at any stage any member of the island can approach him for teaching, and of course it is possible for him to teach several or several hundred at one time all on different matters.

The people on the island, the inhabitants will only ask the teacher for more training when they are ready, and therefore people develop at different stages, different speeds.

Because at the same time what they are being taught, it is as we are being taught now, it is not a matter of teaching everybody uniformly, and different people advance at different speeds.

Miriam (Ishmael) – And different people want different things, just as they do now, different forms of learning.

Geoff – That’s right yes, and some are merely content to stay for a long time.

Miriam (Ishmael) – As always and that is quite right if that is for them then it matters not.

Geoff – Now as far as, we see life on earth at the moment as being living as a physical body and dying and moving across to spirit and then living a different life somewhere else, maybe on this planet maybe on another and another stage of development. For these inhabitants of this island, they are in a continuous process where the physical body is merely something useful to walk around in, to communicate with and so on.

When one of the inhabitants reaches a certain stage immaterial of the age, he will transfer his body and maybe his family or whatever is necessary to a different island or dimension or whatever to continue his studies, his progress in that particular direction. And he does not necessarily die and move over to spirit, he merely transfers his spiritual body within the physical to the next stage.

Miriam (Ishmael) – Yes and he has to take into consideration how advanced the children are, which is why they keep the bodies for so long.

Geoff – Yes, now as an example in this era if we were living there as a family as we are now, we would be able to communicate directly with White Feather (a regular guide) who would seem to be one of us, because we both would have advanced to that particular stage. We would go off is astral and greet White Feather and learn and talk and socialise or whatever, and everything starts to link up at that stage. Where at the moment there is a big gap between life in the physical on earth and life in spirit.

Miriam (Ishmael) – But it is getting narrower. That is excellent what you have picked up, and completely different again!

Geoff – Hmm, certainly is. Now I have got closer to this person who is the teacher, let’s see if there is anything more to be felt, it is not possible for me to get inside because of the heat created. What he is doing is in the front of his aura, he is reducing the light so that I can pick up some of his thoughts without damage, he is basically cooling down the front of his aura so that I can get closer.

What I can see very strongly is emotions, the physical body is nothing serious, it is merely a vehicle, very few accidents happen, but should an accident happen such as somebody gets his arm chopped off they would just replace it. He would just replace it, there wouldn’t be any anguish or pain or problem, it would just be a simple replacement, although he would still have normal feelings in his physical body, he would be able to just shut off the emotional pain to that particular part of his body and recreate a new one.

So the physical pain and that sort of thing is also left behind, what is important in this learning session is learning the emotions and feelings, and reactions to what you say and do along with all the other things, such as healing and colors and vibrations and memories and so on. And he pushes me out of the aura and says that is all you need for now. (Laughs)

Miriam (Ishmael) – I think that is quite enough from a teacher of such high standing, quite enough.

Geoff – Yes too true, now what I am seeing although it is four and a half thousand years in the future earth time, it is something which, now I know time is difficult to understand for us on earth, but it is something which is………

Miriam (Ishmael) – There is no beginning, there is no end.

Geoff – No, and I am seeing it as the pattern that is happening now, that has been created now and as we in four and a half thousand years time go into that pattern, the basic structure is there, but we will change the pattern, a bit like different people going to university every year they learn the same thing, but it is with different emotions and levels.

Miriam (Ishmael) – Yes that is it.

Geoff – Now the whole of time from prehistoric days to the future I can see it as a level, from prehistoric on the ground floor to the ultimate on the top floor, now that I see together with going to the left is prehistoric and going to my right is the future, so everything has been created and is, and it is all in one.

Miriam (Ishmael) – Does it not say that there is nothing new in the world?

Geoff – Hmm, but I will leave that subject because although I can see to a degree what it is, it is an impossible thing for me to explain.

Miriam (Ishmael) – Yes.

Geoff – That was a brilliant experience, so I shall leave that one completely now and go onto something else.

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