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487 Calming a frustrates S and G

I keep wanting to say, it cannot be this Amish person again. Ok we are going to explain a little bit about why although the channel now is clear enough why it is not clearer if you like. My mind is very active, we have been going through an awful lot of Change, a lot of emotion of course and everything in the last 12 months, a lot of stress and all sorts of things. So it is very unfit, so when information comes through it’s not a matter of we will just come through and talk etc, although it is fine at the moment. To be much better, if my body was very healthy and we had no financial problems at all, no stress or strain at all, everything as it should be so that I have clarity. So if I was to go to a peaceful area and go into a meditation like this I would have much more clarity and would be able to talk to various people very quickly and with no hesitations and so on. So that is why we are like that at this stage so as you have probably gathered the changes have already happened so you are now on the way up etc. So things are going to start happening very fast so what we need to do is just take a little bit of a break to sort of calm things down to get yourself comfortably in the next level so that you have got more than enough to go on. So for the next week or two we are just going to take things a little bit easier and maybe shorter meditations just maybe for small information or entertainment because you both just have too much on your minds at the moment, both of you. I can see how you enjoy it and how you look forward to it. Lol


S: It’s our saving grace. Lol.


Over the next few weeks things are going to get a lot more comfortable for you.  and then you will calm down and you’ll be able to go forward much better and much clearer and so on.


S: That is super exciting. 


.So I will leave that day and wish you both goodnight. And we will see you again tomorrow.


S: Thank you and goodnight.

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