Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Geoff – And have you seen this (meditation) circle before? Verna (Channeling) – Many times, and I have visited due to the light that shows from this circle, it is seen for quite a distance. There is a different vibration in this circle, as you have beginners who all need proof, you have advanced beginners, and you have advanced, but you are all spiritual, and the energy coming from this circle and the light that flows from it is totally amazing, but you have been told that many times. So I would like to discuss with you, the conversation, which we heard just now. What we do, as guides and helpers, is we lead you on your way, we show you the path, we know the path you are due to take and we guide you towards it, but you have freewill on earth, and you are to walk towards this destiny of yours with our guidance, however many corners it takes due to your freewill on earth, we will get you there, and you WILL get there. But there are lessons to be learnt on the way. Now the faster you open your mind and find your inner self the more you are able to change your karma, learn your lessons faster, believe that the material is not the be end of all and reach your destination. But for us to guide you and help you and by the way your guides are with you continually, if your guides are off to do any other duties, your helpers are there. Now you want proof, we know this lady (Isobel) has a horse in spirit, both her parents know the horses name, she has been given the horse’s name many times, but she has not opened up enough to take that name into herself, it is not her fault, as she is learning. But that will be her first bit of proof, and so it must be with all of you. To reach the stage the channel has reached now, took daily meditation, every day for months. The only way to learn and to get proof is to open yourselves up, you will be given things continually, but you have to be open enough to receive those things given to you. Most of all you have to believe. Being a doubting Thomas is not going to get you very far, open yourself up, believe your guide is there, know your guide is there, if not your helper, know they are there, believe they are there. Use your thought forms, did you know if you wanted good to happen, you think good thoughts, you send those thoughts into the air they are spread, and somebody receives those good thoughts. That is how absent healing is done, you send out the thoughts of healing, and the energies, sometimes they are taken by us, and delivered for you, but it is the thought, the simple thought which is a prayer, which is a conversation with God. If you think bad things, your environment around you will be bad, if you think good things the environment around you can be nothing else but good. Even if there is bad two foot away from you, because your powerful positive thoughts will block off the negative vibrations coming towards you. Does this make sense? Male voice – I still don’t understand, because I know that I am being guided, I know that spirit is around me because I have felt it, in this circle very positively, it is like going to a psychic artist, they draw my guide for me possibly, so why can’t my guide now through Verna, our communicator, tell me his name? At least, then at least we have something permanent between us, I will have a name. Verna (Channeling) – Your guide tells me you sound quite desperate, and he is amused by this, we have a terrible sense of humor up here. He says he has given you his name in the form of a picture, he says he has given you a name, his name to you on many occasions, in a picture, in a thought, and you have got this and you have wondered what it is. The lady who drew your guide, did she give you his name? Male voice – No, I am sorry I haven’t been to a psychic yet, I said that if I did go, she would probably draw a picture of my guide, possibly, now if she can do that then obviously there is nothing against your guide identifying himself or herself, so why can’t he just give his name through you, who at this moment is our communicator, I can’t receive it because I am not advanced enough. Verna (Channeling) – He goes, uh-uh you have been given the name on many occasions in the form of a picture, you believe you cannot receive his name, this is totally incorrect, you are to meditate and you are to ask within yourself, and you are to be at peace and not so desperate, and I wish he would talk because I cannot get everything in to tell you, he is highly amused, he says he will give you his name, it will be confirmed, such as the horse’s name, but you are even more advanced than this child and you are to meditate more often on a regular basis, your guide is telling me he can never find you, he bumps into you and you are halfway through meditation, they do have other places to go, they are not with you, we are not with you a hundred percent of the time. But meditation times, we make sure that we are there with the helpers and we gather around you, and so if you could make meditation a definite time, he is here, all your guides, all your helpers are here if your guides are very busy and need to be taken away because they know you are taken care of in the circle, but if you meditate on your own, your guide will be there to guide you. You have a monk, he is with you tonight, and he is the one who is wagging his finger. He says have you seen his house? Male voice – No. Verna (Channeling) – He says if you go with him on a journey in quiet meditation, and you tell him the time, he will take you to this house, and that is the first thing that he will tell you, and in this house you will learn his name. He says nothing comes easy. Male voice – Thank you. Verna (Channeling) – He is a little disappointed that you might think we are holding back proof, but what we are trying to get you to do, each and every one of you, is to know that only you can teach yourselves, you do not even have to go to a circle such as this to advance, but it helps to speed things up because you get the energy from each other. But to learn as I said, the channel and her man, sat in meditation nightly, daily, and they opened their inner selves, but they had a teacher, who they went to once a week, when I say a teacher it was a circle such as this. And you have to have patience in these circles and you have to try, so maybe from now on we should try and get you to channel. Learn to open up, learn to realise that this channel can do no more than you are able to do, it could quite well be you who we use as a channel. If you allow it, and that even goes for the new lady sitting over here (Sharon), you will do your healing, my dear, in fact you already do, and we welcome you, we have plans for you, we have great plans for you. But you will start with your healing. The gentleman over there who has a way to travel, you are lucky you are not going by train, you should meditate, you do not meditate too much, and you should meditate. If you will sit quietly each one of you, we will give you a colour, a colour that is needed by you. What we have decided is that more participation should take place in this circle, to help you learn to open up and believe that you yourself can find the proof, you do not need another medium to give you that proof. But she will confirm it, or he, whoever the channel is, they will help you once you have learnt to find the proof yourself. We have one little child who is coming to speak, to cheer you all up, a very solemn circle tonight, but before I go do you understand what I am telling you? Geoff – Yes. Miriam (Ishmael) – This is Ishmael speaking. I have listened to you saying that you have all been very hot, well you know when you have a lot of spirits around you, it does generate a lot of heat and that is where most of it comes from. You must realise then that there are people around you, not high above, we are not flapping our wings, we are just there, and it doesn’t matter if there is no room beside you, we don’t take up a lot of space. I notice that one or two of you are not meditating regularly, please, please just five minutes a day and then we can schedule our program and say ‘ah, we must go to that lady or that man’, I am not saying who they are but just watch my eyes….. no to be serious it really does help us if you give us five minutes on a regular basis, I know it isn’t always easy for people who go out to work, because sometimes you can’t do it at night, but at least you could always get up five minutes earlier in the morning, and it doesn’t matter if you are half asleep, in fact it might be better. Now that is the first thing I am going to say, five minutes just to start with, don’t even try to go anywhere, just relax for that five minutes, and then gradually bring in the meditation as you would a circle, don’t hurry it, just let it take time, the main thing is to relax, to empty the mind and start off fresh in the new day, in fact it would probably be better for all of you to do it first thing in the morning. The vibrations here are lifting tremendously, I don’t want you to get dispirited and think that you are not getting anywhere. You know sometimes it takes years and I mean years. It took this vessel fourteen years to find inner peace, but now that she has got it. But I am not asking you all to attain first inner peace, head for it by all means but don’t fight for it, just let it come. Just enjoy every day, make the best of everyday, and don’t worry what you can’t do anything about. If you can do something about it then do it, but if you can’t then please forget it and that applies to the gentleman in the other corner, worry doesn’t get you anywhere. The worries that you had, yesterday and last week, how many of them have really affected you, you would probably find, not one percent. Enjoy each day, do what you can, make the most of what you have and you can’t go far wrong. And you will find that you will relax more, it is no good struggling and striving for this that, and the other, if you don’t really want it, it has got to be something that is going to benefit you in later life, by all means enjoy your money and have the pleasures that you want. I mean don’t go for extremes of this, that and the other, am I making myself clear? Just relax and enjoy each day as it comes, take notice of what is around you, the people around you, nature around you, and if you don’t like a thing and you want to alter it do something, if you can’t do something, then don’t fret about it, let somebody else do the worrying about it. I think that is all that I have to say for tonight, I hope I have given you some food for thought, but the one thing that I have to say is, we do so love to come down. It helps us, and it helps you, and that is the main thing, after all that is why you have come to the circle, because you are interested. And if you are interested and you want to progress, then it must be on a regular basis. Now I shall say goodnight. Geoff – Thank you, and goodnight.  

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