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Geoff – I find myself in a sort of meeting hall, where it is like a dome shaped building made out of very rough wood. There are some table to the right and a floor in the middle like a dance floor, an area for speaking and in the background I can see seven spirits and they are dressed in white robes, and they want to enter this hall. Is this correct what I am seeing? Miriam (Paul) – You are quite right, oh yes. Geoff – The tables on the right, there are tables and chairs and I am sitting at one, watching spirit come towards me, these seven, and they seem to be asking for forgiveness Miriam (Paul) – And you will find the reason. Geoff – They have done something together as a group, their robes remind me of the Klu Klux Klan, they are as a group and it seems that they have, they look to me for forgiveness, as if I am a father figure. They are not related to me, they look upon me as being one who is in power at the time, in control, sitting in judgment. They are not all that advanced, and they can see that I am much further advanced which is why they look to me as being the stronger figure, the decision maker. I have actually moved to the other side of the room and I am looking at these boys looking up at me, I will go into them and feel what they are thinking to try and pick up more. When they were on earth, I used to visit them and teach them and help them, and they feel that because they have died and passed over it was because they didn’t listen to what I taught them. Miriam (Paul) – No they did not. Geoff – And they believe that this was the reason for their passing over and they want me to forgive them and help them continue learning. I have stepped down from where I was sitting on a bench and I have sat cross-legged on the floor and I have got my arms around all of them to make them understand that I am not the judge but a father figure… Miriam (Paul) – For the spirit children? Geoff – Yes and that it is with love that I teach them discipline, and they are very relieved at this and they are very attached to me. Miriam (Paul) – Yes they are. Geoff – It is a feeling that I have not experienced before, having several children of this age love me. Miriam (Paul) – It is good. Geoff – Mmm, very nice. Now coming from the other side of the room, are their mothers, or their spirit mothers, and they are relieved and love these children as a mother should, maternally, and it is now all sort of made better and the boys all go off with their spirit mothers and continue their lessons. It leaves me alone in this room, which I realise is some form of teaching hall. Miriam (Paul) – Yes! Isn’t that a lovely feeling? Geoff – Mmm, but again there is a loneliness when the children that I have taught depart and go their ways, it leaves a great emptiness in the hall. Miriam (Paul) – Is that not the case in all families when the family members leave, it leaves an emptiness with the parents. Geoff – Yes that is right. Miriam (Paul)– But only when there is a strong attachment, not all parents have these feelings for some it is a question of, you are there now look after yourself, and there is not the same bond between them, because they have a different path to lead. Geoff – Now I have taught in this place for many, many years and more children are coming in to be taught, the seven that I have just seen are those that did not learn well in the previous class, which ran for many years, and wanted to correct things. I now have a new group in front of me and I can understand their feelings, and there is not as yet a bond between us, for this can only come out of respect and discipline, and time, but it is a nice feeling inside of me to know that I have another group of children to whom I can teach and give such beautiful experiences and knowledge that will benefit them and make them so much better in the future. Miriam (Paul) – Yes it is a wonderful feeling of upliftment. Geoff – Yes a lovely feeling of giving, of having the experience to give. Miriam (Paul) – And to know that you have done it for many years, when perhaps you had thought that you were not so advanced as you had hoped. But the veil can only be lifted so much at a time. Geoff – Yes, now I have what looks like White Feather. Miriam (White Feather) – Oh yes it is I!! Geoff – And there is a much better understanding between us now, that I know you teach as I do, and I teach as you do. Miriam (White Feather) – Yes of course! Geoff – And we have also worked together many times. Miriam (White Feather) – Yes I am glad you picked that up, we have worked together many times, and many times to come. Geoff – Yes and what I see very clearly is us working together as Indians and medicine and so on in those days. Miriam (White Feather) – Yes, and Verna. Geoff – Yes, yes I can see Verna in it as well, the three of us equally. Miriam (White Feather) – Yes, and that is good. Geoff – Yes! And Verna also teaches. Miriam (White Feather) – Yes she does, I was hoping you would pick that up. Geoff – Beautifully too, I can see Verna in an Indian squaw outfit. And teaching to this group of children and giving so much love, it is fabulous. Miriam (White Feather) – That is why the children are so attracted to her and to you! Geoff – Yes an incredible amount of love, it just flows out from her over all the children and they understand and they just love her for it! Miriam (White Feather) – Not what you were expecting tonight, but I am sure you are appreciating it more. Geoff – Yes, it is getting quite unbelievable, and now I am seeing this hall of teaching and there are many other rooms, but this is where we mainly work, and what we are doing now on earth is going off to get another lesson, so that we can teach more, and Verna and I went off together to go through this particular life which was planned. Miriam (White Feather) – That is right, did I not say that we had some lovely times in astral? Geoff – Yes Miriam (White Feather) – But you did not expect this? Geoff – No, I certainly didn’t (laughs). Yes and to get back there as Verna and I together to teach more and to have the knowledge that we have learnt enough to be able to teach well. That we are successful in a way at what we have done, we have learnt an awful lot over the years, so much so that we are good teachers and very strong teachers, and we decided to learn, I can’t believe we chose this lesson now (laughs). Miriam (White Feather) – (Laughs) Oh but you did, you did. Geoff – Yes we certainly did. Miriam (White Feather) – See you are learning more for the future too, this time. Geoff – Yes Miriam (White Feather) – But your great love is for the children, and that is what you do regularly. Geoff – Ah yes, the halls that we are in, there I see Verna and myself standing side by side in these halls full of children, and other teachers there, we are just as experienced as they are and so on, and equal which is a beautiful feeling, and I can see that when we decided to go down to learn another lesson, I can see these two dark patches on earth, which is our lifetime on earth, which is very short, compared to where we are, and I can see the lessons that we have to learn, and I also see us coming back after we have learnt and it is like returning home to this place of such a beautiful feeling, it is like a paradise, it is full of love and full of what we have always dreamed of being. Miriam (White Feather) – Yes because the dream was from what you knew. Geoff – Yes, that is right, and what we are here, in this teaching hall is just too beautiful. Miriam (White Feather) – It is good that the veil has been lifted that little bit more, you needed a bit of upliftment this week. Geoff – Yes, that is just what I needed, and it is just too beautiful to see and know and understand, it really is, and to know that Verna and I are part of each other, and there is such a strong love between us which is like two people in one, we are part of each other and have been for such a long time. Miriam (White Feather) – And don’t your parents know that feeling. Geoff – Yes indeed. Miriam (White Feather) – Perhaps now you understand a little of why you had no children in this life, for your path would not have been the same. Geoff – Yes that is very true. Now I am trying to see my parents in this hall. But they do not work here, their work is totally different and they volunteered to help with our lessons. Miriam (White Feather) – That is so. Geoff – And we have so many beautiful children up there! Miriam (White Feather) – So Many. Geoff – Children that we are so close to, which means we must be teaching these children in astral now. Miriam (White Feather) – Yes of course, did you think it was a past life? No it is what you are doing now. Geoff – Oh I was thinking it was what we were doing before we came down for this life. Miriam (White Feather) – No, no, no it is what you are doing now. Geoff – Ah Miriam (White Feather) – Which is why I said that if you had had your children now, your path would have been entirely different. Geoff – Okay, yes, that explains why the children in the particular class are present, the feeling is that we are here right now, and that we must teach them on a regular basis in astral Miriam (White Feather) – Yes, that is why you get so many children when you are meditating. Geoff – Oh right, yeah, this is totally amazing. Miriam (White Feather) – But wonderful amazing. Geoff – Oh yes, beautiful. Miriam (White Feather) – Your arms are not long enough to put around them all. Geoff – (Laughs) What a beautiful life. Miriam (White Feather) – I feel a question. Geoff – Yes, are the children watching what we are doing on earth, as part of their lessons? Miriam (White Feather) – Yes, they are often with you. And sometimes like the other night, we have difficulty keeping them away. Like the little one that you had on your knee, the love is so strong you see. Geoff – That’s right yes, it is such a beautiful feeling, it really is. It is as if they watch us acting out a different life on earth as part of their lessons, it doesn’t make sense in a way in that the children are between the ages of three and twelve, and that is the group that we teach. Miriam (White Feather) – But there are many things that they still learn by watching, they learn of the bonds between people, they learn how you behave with people, and animals, and everything, they learn how you bounce back when you have a difficulty, I am not saying that they watch everything that you do, but there are other things that they can learn. Geoff – And it’s very strange because they can see it from their point of view, they see these two beautiful, loving people who teach them things and then they see these same two people acting out these different characters and acting out a scenario on earth, where they are bumping into circumstances that they should be able to handle with ease, but because it is a lesson they are learning, they solve things in such a complicated way, and the children think this is hysterically funny! So the children are looking at it like – Geoff and Verna teacher, and then seeing Geoff and Verna in a different environment going through a lesson as amateurs. Miriam (White Feather) – Yes, but you must remember that these children are old souls, they are not young souls, they are old souls that have to come back to learn lessons too. Geoff – Then why are they as children? Miriam (White Feather) – They have lessons to learn, they have just come over and are growing up in a different environment for many reasons. It is not a question of teaching them the same as children are taught on earth, it is spiritual living they are taught, and the ways of dealing with people, many, many things we can teach them. Geoff – Yes, I am just looking back through lives of Verna and myself, I can see back so many lives. Miriam (White Feather) – One in Egypt? Geoff – Yes, but there are so many overlapping, and we have all been together, I can see back about seven lives when we were together and then there was a gap, where I was on my own and more lives beyond that, but I can see a group of maybe a hundred or so lives, which is just to show me how experienced we are on the other side. Miriam (White Feather) – Yes, and how many times you have been together. How many times you have volunteered to come down to teach someone a lesson, which is probably the times that you have come on your own. Or rather to help someone to overcome a lesson or difficulty. Geoff – It is quite staggering what I can see, but brilliant, beautiful. Miriam (White Feather) – You won’t need an airplane to fly home! You will be able to use your own wings I think! Geoff – (Laughs), Oh too true, it is just too beautiful, and that helps me an awful lot, just knowing. Now there are a few teachers there, and again there is Verna and I sitting there in the hall, and there are teachers opposite, the whole thing has this beautiful glow around everything. Miriam (White Feather) – Gold is good. Geoff – And the teachers are of a much higher level and only acknowledge our presence, they appeared only to show that they are there, but they are four levels above the level of this hall, in development, and have difficulty coming down to this level, but what they have just shown me tells the whole story which I can understand. Miriam (White Feather) – I think my feather is writing on its own! Geoff – (Laughs) – Yes quite something. Miriam (White Feather) – And now I think it is back down to earth for something else. Geoff – All right reluctantly I shall leave that one. Miriam (White Feather) – You will be back again many times. Geoff – I could stay there forever. All right let’s leave that all together and come back down. And it is funny coming back down, immediately I went into this feeling of loneliness and straight after that I knew that it didn’t exist anymore because of the connection that I have there. Miriam (White Feather) – That is correct.

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