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In this meditation a guide by the name of John is channeling through Miriam, while Geoff and Verna do healing in astral.  Geoff – Now the person next is a burn victim, he is on top of a trolley and has just been brought into the hospital and is very badly burnt all over. Verna – It is a funny trolley. Geoff – It is like two tiers, it is an emergency, there has been a big explosion and the hospital is full of people, and this guy is going to get left behind for a couple of hours unless we help him immediately, which explains the trolley which comes from the canteen. The only place he is not burnt is his right eye and a few inches surrounding it, the rest of him is black. He has remained conscious because of the horror that he saw, and what he witnessed of the other people burning, he has gone into shock but he has remained conscious. He is just looking through the one right eye. Verna – The immense pain that he is feeling which they would like us to work on straight away, are his private parts, that psychologically if we work on this first it will help him, he can’t move, he doesn’t know what damage has been done, he feels the immense pain there. Geoff – Now what we must all do at once, is go beneath the black scorched, skin, between the skin and his natural body, and we literally somehow go underneath the skin and cool down his body specially his private parts, which he will start to feel pain in and will start to move, as if we are changing ourselves into a form of air or gas, so that we can go down between the scorched skin and the body. He will be horribly mutilated, or he will look bad afterward but this is not important at this stage, we cover the entire body. Miriam (John) – It would help if you put into your minds that you are putting new skin underneath the old, I know it is too soon for that but if you can imagine that if you can, and you are quite right in the diagnosis, this is John tonight. Geoff – Welcome John, right, so we imagine skin, and I have done the main bits that he was so concerned about, we do the rest of the body and then backup to the head which is very, very important, if the three of you can continue with the body, I will start to work on the head. Because what he looks like afterwards will affect his future and what he can do, he knows this was his karma, he didn’t expect it so soon, he will lose the sight in his left eye, and his face will be very badly burned, his nose and ears are gone, but what I am asked to do is to make the face not quite so horrific. It will be very badly scarred but by just moulding it a little bit, I can make it look acceptable so that it doesn’t affect him too much psychologically. For he will have to work with people in the future and they cannot be too put off. Verna – We need to separate under the arms, the skin underneath the arms is stuck to the skin on the body and if we don’t separate that now, they are going to have to cut, it is important that we move his arm away from his body, just a fraction, or imagine that second layer of skin there, because we have to stop the underarm, and the arm from sticking to the body. We can just move this a little bit, and that’s for Luke to do and I must do the legs, separate the tops of the legs, because that is sticking together too, while Geoff is working on the face. Miriam (John) – And we shall replace the fluid that he has lost. Verna – Yes I got that, I asked about that and they said Miriam’s doing that with Doctor John. And also Luke, when you are finished there can you help me do the feet, between the toes, they are all burnt together, if you can imagine separating the toes from each other. And if we can straighten his legs out so that the skin stretches now and doesn’t dry out all shrivelled and shrunk, just around the knees and the elbows. Miriam (John) – This is the worst burn case you have had I think. Geoff – Yes. Verna – But I keep getting his private parts, I don’t know if it is worrying him, I actually think I am communicating with this man’s higher spirit. Miriam (John) – It is so, and he is worrying. Geoff – But he must be assured that the private parts are looked after, there will be no permanent damage there. The explosion was very quick and fast and of a very high temperature, and it has frizzled the outside of the body, not the inside. Verna – He wants to die. Geoff – No he cannot die, he has a lot of work to do. But he is lucky that he has been looked after by a group such as this and others and he will come to appreciate this in the future. Verna – I said to him that if I was him I would also probably want to die, but in the last few years of my life I have learnt so much, and it is important that he sees his karma through, for if he gives up now, he will do through a similar lesson, and he chose to go through this. Yes, according to his higher self who I am talking to at the moment, because it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with him, this part of him. He actually chose to go through this, I don’t know if it was for him or someone else. Miriam (John) – It was for someone else, and you have picked that up very well communicating with the higher self. Geoff – Now I am putting into his head a lot of pink to help him with the shock, because he feels only his head at the moment and he is concerned about the rest of his body which has very little feeling because he is too scared to move. So I am putting the pink into his head to help with the shock, and I am filling the inside of his body with ice blue, which will help to cool the new skin that we have started to develop there. Verna – This is the weirdest thing, I am talking to this side of him who is standing next to me and listening to what you are doing and helping you to do this, and it is part of him. Wonderful and he is helping you, this part of him, a higher vibration of himself is standing here next to me, and helping you fill this color. Miriam (John) – And this man has a lot to do with the future, a lot and that is why he must recover from this. Verna – He is not a young spirit by any means, and now I have just said to him that he has already taught us, he has already begun to teach. Geoff – I get a strong link between him and Jesus Christ Miriam (John) – You are very, very advanced now, you are progressing very well. Verna – I just feel like crying, this is, I can see him lying there and yet part of his spirit is still in his body, but his higher self is standing here between Geoff and I and he is gold. His higher self is gold and he is extremely high. Miriam (John) – Yes, this is how he was able to choose this to help someone else. Geoff – It seems to me as well, what I am seeing, the top skin which was totally burnt to a crisp, is now like an outer shell, and between the outer shell and his body is a layer of gold energy. This is from his advanced state, it is not from us. Miriam (John) – Yes. Verna – And the spirit standing next to me says that we must not feel for him, our love and our energy, should actually go to somebody who is so extremely selfish and now has to learn one of the hardest lessons in life anyone will ever have to learn, and she will have to give of everything she has got, and everything she has got will be demanded of her, and she is the one to feel sorry for, not me. Miriam (John) – But one cannot help but feel sorry for him. Verna – He says “I suffer not”. Geoff – With the knowledge that he has… Verna (Channelling) – With the knowledge that I have, yes you feel sorry for me suffering. Verna –  I must not misunderstand the words that he has just said, he says that he is pleased to be able to explain to us that we must not worry about the suffering, he is not feeling it, he is concerned that we will feeling it, as you have just said. Miriam (John) – Now is that not progress for you? Geoff – Brilliant. Verna – He says if we looked at him we would be blinded. Geoff – The vibration is too high, that is why, he is in spirit. Verna – I have just asked about the spirit in the body, and then I see another spirit near the body and then I see him, and he said yes he has three levels of spirit here tonight. Geoff – That is because when he communicates he has to transform the extreme energy that he has, down through spirits of a lower vibration, so that he can communicate with us without doing us damage, because of the extremely high vibration. He was around in Jesus Christ’s time, this is where it extends from. Verna – He has just said – “He was a friend of mine”. Miriam (John) – So that shows how old he is. Verna – Yes he is an old spirit. Geoff – I can see what he looked like in Christ’s time. Verna – And just the energy formed from merely this conversation that we have been having, because of this conversation we have sent out so much emotional love and our vibrations have been heightened. I can’t explain the feeling I feel inside that he is trying to tell me we have sent out. He is showing me the kind of emotion and love and energy we have sent out because of what we are going through, and I can feel it but I can’t explain it. And that has naturally given more healing to the physical, and we are not to worry about the spiritual, or uplifting him, it was just the physical body that was brought here. And because we gave so much love and attention to the physical, his spiritual side which is ever powerful, is going to give the same to us. Verna (Channelling) – For don’t forget my friends, you get what you give. Miriam (John) – There is a great peace within him now. Verna (Channelling) – Love and thy shall be loved, cherish and thy shall be cherished, heal and thy shall heal, understand and thy shall be understood, believe and thy shall be believed, I bless you and in the name of Jesus I leave you. Geoff – Bless you.

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