Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation Verna channels a Chinese doctor and we work on Miriam who is in the UK while we are in South Africa. Verna – Okay there is a doctor here in a white coat, and with him is a little Chinese man, a Chinese doctor, and I have asked if we can heal Miriam, well I asked it earlier, and they have come to help, so what they want to do is for us to bring Miriam here because she is sitting very quietly. And I can see her chest clearly. Geoff – I can see two pressure points that will help her chest. I see them as yellow, a broad yellow streak going from Miriam’s right shoulder down to her lungs. Verna – And there are two just below the collarbone, and I must put my fingers on those two and you must put your fingers on the ones you see. Geoff – I can see congestion throughout the entire lung area, and by us having our fingers in these pressure points is making a clear gap in the center of the lungs, just from the throat down to the gap where the lungs divide into two and nine inches or so into each lung, and then down the side of the lung closest to the spine, to the bottom of the lung. By having this gap perfectly clear as she breathes it will start to, the air, oxygen will start to work its way into the rest of the lung and clear them. On Miriam’s right-hand lung three quarters of the way down on the lung there is a large dark area, which is where the trouble normally starts, it is like an infected area, and the trouble always starts there, and from there it can very quickly spread through the right-hand lung and moves over to the left. It is an infection which if nipped in the bud every time it flairs up can be contained successfully, but it is something that we will always have to fix, each time that it flairs up. Verna (Chinese doctor) – It will also cause much tiredness. Geoff – Because of the lifestyle that Miriam has had, and this is a bit difficult because I am aware that she will listen to this tape afterwards, it is something, which will not be cured during her lifetime, but with practice we will reduce the problem to a minimum. Verna (Chinese Doctor) – We think she already knows this. We think Miriam already knows the karma. Geoff – But as she progresses through spiritual learning and her understanding the healing powers of this circle and others becomes stronger, she will realize she can call on various forms or call on various people for healing for this problem, even if we are not here, she will call on others to reduce the infection and the problem, which will be in less than 24 hours. The strengthening of her belief is part of her learning, and as the years progress this task will become simpler and simpler. Until it becomes a way of life and this infection when it clears up in future will not present a problem and will be dealt with overnight. There are three red marks in this dark infected area, which I see as sores on the lung, and it is from here that the infection spreads. I know not what caused this but that is irrelevant, also the cure is irrelevant as it is karma, we are to deal with the infection and not with the actual sores. The color that we put into the lungs is a creamy color, this is to combat the infection and as it does so it turns to a clear form of gas, which will be exhaled and lost. The next stage is to cover these three red sores which we do with, I see it as blackness, which is unusual, I see it as a scab forms on a wound. So we heal these three raw sores by drying them as the clear air enters the lungs and they will seal for a while. The more that this is practiced the longer the period between the re-occurrence of the infections. We must also put into mom’s stomach, into her solar plexus, a form of energy which she is hesitant to receive, because of her nature she gives more than she receives, and when given such gifts tends to say, “I do not deserve it, give it to someone else”. She must learn to accept these gifts for she has earned them and they are part of her progress and learning. If she accepts this gift now, she will feel a lightening of the solar plexus and a clearer understanding in time of the laws of karma and the love of God. I also see Miriam with tears running down her face as she realizes or learns a new form of understanding and it is as if she progresses from one step to the next in a single stride, she has held herself back from taking this step because of her belief in giving more than receiving, and this step will be taken very quickly and without fear, and will give her a clearer understanding. We can leave her now, as we have been talking to her higher self, which she will pass onto her.

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