Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


CAVE RESCUE OF MAN WITH INJURED LUNG – 1990    By Geoff – And now I am inside a cave, which is three quarters full of water, and there are two people and one injured person, in this cave and they are lost. I am not sure if the cave is filling with water or they are just going through a patch of water, but it is up to their shoulders. It is filling with water unexpectedly. To get them out of this cave, they are very close to the way out, but they must move to their right and duck under an arch, the arch is just below the water, once on the other side they will find an escape route. Now this we must make them do before we treat the injured man, we must simply put into their minds to move to the right and they will feel the ledge and one will duck underneath. Right, one has done this and come back to the inside of the cave they are now between them going to take the injured person to the other side. It is filling rapidly, and when they get the injured person to the other side, he will have got water into his lungs but as he is unconscious there is no way the two people there can assess the damage, so as he comes up on the other side we must immediately push air into his lungs. They are going through now, coming up on the other side and as they find their way to the edge of the cave we must now start working on the injured man, by firstly making him cough and getting rid of the water in his lungs we just imagine the air inside his lungs and the natural reaction of his body will do the rest, which is happening now, and they will have to stay in this water for twenty or thirty minutes while they find their way out and the level of the water rises. The injured man is being kept afloat by one of the others and is simply being held with his head above water. I am not sure exactly how he is injured and I think we must all look to see what can be seen, for it is important that we work very fast. Right he has had a fall. One thing that I can see the right-hand side, he has fallen onto his right-hand side and the bottom three ribs are damaged and one has punctured the lung, but only slightly, not too serious, there is blood at the bottom of the right lung, but because of the coldness of the water that they are in, this has slowed down his pulse rate and it is filling very slowly. The two people that are holding him are unaware of this injury. And can do nothing to help, if left to continue by the time they reach the surface serious damage will have been done, almost beyond repair, we must hold these three ribs with the left hand as they are linked together somehow and just pull slightly out of the lung, and if we do this it stops the blood flowing into the lung. The amount of blood in there is minor at the moment and will not affect him. That is the only major problem that I can see, the rest are minor and when his friends get him to the surface they will fix him, repair him as normal. We must, however, leave him with a pink blanket for the shock just to help him. And he is now being lifted up and they are on their way to the exit of these caves, and we can leave.

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