Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation Verna and I are Astral Healing, and a spirit guide called Gladys is channelling through Miriam. Geoff:  There is someone who is besieged, as it were, by vicious nightmares. He sees or experiences these terrible nightmares because his vibrations have sunk so low, that he is contacting scary thought forms which have gone out into the universe and collected on a lower vibration. Because of his dismal state he sees these – experiences these things all the time, and it’s twisting his mind and he’s declining and getting worse and worse. It’s a boy, a young man who’s very fat, has never looked after himself but also has been involved in a lot of “undesirable hobbies” if you like, and his opinion of himself has been lowered and lowered until he’s reached this sorry, sad, state. His mind is so twisted at the moment, and it is his higher self which has come to us to ask for help, because it was never meant for him to sink so low. It was his experiences of karma that he had to go through, but he’s lost the will to fight back. What I must do is go down to his level, which is most unusual. Though it is perfectly safe for I have the protection of the circle – there is no way that negative energies as we know them will get into me. But I will go down to his level and feel his emotions and his revulsion. And I will show him what – I will show to him Gods love, the love from this circle and many others. And will raise his vibrations back to ours. I need the power of this circle, to ensure that I do not sink too low. I will know – and you will know – how far I will go at any stage …. And call me back if needs be. Miriam (Gladys) You will be protected. Verna: My friend (Alien guide from a previous meditation) says, “Will you walk through the little river first?” Geoff:  Because I have no fear I know I will be protected. Verna: He has moved over to you. Geoff:  He will sit on my right shoulder. Miriam (Gladys) You will have us too, that are helping you. Geoff:  In the beginning of this I saw part of the dream which this young man recently had, which is where I must start. And it’s like a very thick mud that he sinks into – there are huge claws coming out of the mud like crabs. I can see the darkness – the fear. But knowing I am in meditation I’ve no fear, so to go down is quite easy and is quite an enjoyable experience in a way. But when I get down there, I know I will communicate with him. All I can feel down here is his fear, Miriam (Gladys) He is not, as yet, believing that you can help but he will. Geoff:  But his mind is totally negative and he watches with concern as I near. It will take time, but there is no problem. What I’m doing is – he’s surrounded by dark thought forms, things that scare him, like suffocation, caves, spiders, scorpions and darkness. I’m pushing those backwards forming a circular cave behind a wall and the two of us are standing in the center. I’m filling the center with a light, which is going from the circle through me, and it fills with a yellow light, which gets whiter and whiter. We see this light and he is starting to think that this is not a diabolical fear. I’m not another nightmare, and he can see the nightmares and the fear being pushed back, and we start to rise out of this thick, murky cavern of mud. It’s like coming up through a swamp. Miriam (Gladys) Yes it is. Geoff:  He’s coming up with me because he’s got this tiny, tiny speck of there’s a possibility that there could be an end to all the nightmares. We get higher and higher and the first thing he can see over my right shoulders is our little friend (Alien). Miriam (Gladys) Yes, it is. Verna he is looking to you and your friend. Geoff:  And the fears are receding faster and faster and faster, and the more he looks the more he understands and the more fears recede. And he understands that it is his mind that has created this, and his lifestyle which now because of the release – the going from one extreme to the other, he can now understand that he can escape, that he is free, that there is far more to life than where he has been living. And he stands in this circle right now and watches with amazement, and feels the love and the power and understanding coming from the circle. Miriam (Gladys) The power is tremendous. Geoff:   Yes. Now spirit and his higher self, I believe, are removing his clothes, which are the last remnants of his past and his nightmares. They have re-clothed him with a simple cloth, like a shift or whatever. Miriam (Gladys) And can you also pick out what started all this. Geoff:  What made him go down to the depths was his abuse of children? Or him being abused as a child? He was abused and left, and he was ugly, and he withdrew into himself and shut himself off from the rest of the world. And in his misery and torment and self-pity his vibrations were lowered and he was contacted by these thought forms. Verna: I’ve just been told, isn’t it a pity he didn’t know about hypnotherapy. Somebody’s got a sense of humour here. Geoff:  He will be taken by various spirits in astral, and will be protected for the next few days or weeks or whatever and his whole character will now change. Verna: Isn’t that wonderful – I can see such a light around him. Geoff:  He says fat people are happy people. Verna: No, he will lose weight because he will grow. Geoff:  And now he goes.

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