Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



This is from one of our healing nights in 1989. Verna, Luke and I are doing the healing and a Guide is channeling through Miriam. Geoff:  The next thing I get is at the back of a house – it’s an old double storey house with bay windows. Going around the back top right hand window, which is the main bedroom, there is someone in deep distress there. There’s an old lady with white hair and she’s fallen badly. She’s fallen backwards, hit the wardrobe and slipped straight down and her right hip is broken. It is causing the nerves running up her spine – it’s causing a lot of pain and if she tries to go for help which she will do soon she will do far more damage than is necessary. We must make her fall towards the left on her face. She is sitting on her right hip. We must make her collapse to the left and lie face downwards, and then we must make her pass out, totally unconscious. Guide: That is what I was waiting for you to do. I had to interrupt. I could not keep quiet any longer but you are doing so well. Geoff:  The next step is to get her neighbour to come around. We have put it into the neighbour’s mind that something is wrong. She will get a feeling or vibration that she must go and visit this old lady. She is doing this now – she’s coming round to the house and she will – she has her own key because she has been asked to look after this old lady. She’s going in the door now and calling- finding no one she goes up the stairs and finds the old lady- she will now call for an ambulance. The old lady meanwhile is totally unconscious and while we wait for the ambulance to arrive we can repair the damage on the spine. The hip will be repaired at the hospital but the spine is badly damaged. It’s the nerves that run up the spine. Luke must put his hands under the armpits of this woman who is face down with head towards him. Verna must take her by her hips plus you must know that the right hip is damaged, so you put your hand on her left hip and the right hand more just above the hip and you pull slightly. This is so you can grab the tail of her spine and pull slightly. That is all. Guide: Not quite for this lady (Verna) is going to tuck in her tail. Geoff:   Right. I see the base of the spine is damaged and I can run my hands up and down and repair the damaged nerves, but I didn’t understand the tuck in the tail. Guide: Yes, I thought that would happen Geoff:   The base of the spine does bend inwards and doesn’t end straight. So – also damaged -so we just bend it in slightly so it can also be repaired. Also the spine is not straight but it is concave at the back bending towards the stomach, which I can see quite clearly. Verna: She is a very old lady. Geoff:   OK, this is done and the pain – her main pain is now in her right hip. She is unconscious but she will come round in a minute. The ambulance men will see that it is only her hip. What I’m getting now is that they will roll her over to the right on to the stretcher and on her right hip is the extreme area of pain. They should actually roll her over to the left. So if we put it in the crews mind who do not realise the damage, that they must roll her to the left and we will help stop this pain by slightly pulling apart the bones in the hip. There’s pressure building up so we pull them apart slightly – it’s quite easy to repair, to release the pressure so this right hip doesn’t give her too much pain or more damage is done. Guide: Good

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