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5th March 2022 Leaving financial worries behind – new ways

5th March 2022 World change ~ How we will be working and what we are going through and why.    In this meditation Geoff talks and at the same time as a guide talks through him

G: I was shown a long road. It’s like a trek up and down mountains, forests and a terrain and it just goes on and on and stopped at a house, and then it carried on again. The message was ‘don’t be afraid’. Asking if this is our journey? Do we have to go down this long, hard road? The reply “don’t be afraid”. And the road turned into a river. And the river got wider and wider and wider. It was all very comfortable in the end.

Message: What you have to do is, forget about your past, forget your normal way of thinking,

G: for me, what I am thinking of is the financial side. We have to make things work and we have to make money to survive and so on. And that is a scary thought.

Message: You must put behind you, what you have learnt to date. The way you have been working, to date, to make money, to survive, put all that to one side, because that is not going to be the way you are going. You are going to think differently. The people that you meet are going to change the way you think. And you are going to have this little community, where each day you talk to nice people, you make them happy and they make you happy, and you are happy in what you have. Each month you will make it, that is not a problem. And after a while, it won’t seem like a chore, a worry, a concern. That’s not to say that you are not going to be comfortable. This is just the beginning phase, and what’s holding you back, is the worry that you are not going to survive. So, put that thinking on one side. And I say again, don’t be afraid. It’s basically planned, what you are going to do, although you do have free will. You are going in the right direction. And that is all that matters. You will learn as you go along. And things will change as you go along. And  you’ve seen so far, what’s been happening to you, with the people that you meet. And the way they think. They think the same as you. It’s a matter of connecting with all these people who think the same way. What that does, it creates a central point. A group energy. The group energy is not one group of you together. You are connecting to all these different people. So they won’t all know each other but they will all be connected to you. And that is where your energy, strength, comfort, well-being and peace of mind, will come from. That is going to happen, and once more I say “don’t be afraid”. It is going to happen. It is difficult for you, I understand, to accept this as it is. But what we have been showing you in the last few months, is something quite extraordinary, compared to what you have experienced before. So, don’t be afraid, go ahead, we will guide you, direct you, point you in the right direction. You will meet the right sort of people. It is all happening on a scale much bigger than you can imagine. The world is changing, as you are seeing with the wars going on at the moment. And that is going to affect all the countries in the world. It’s something which people are going to react to, based on the experience they have had before. And if you think of what the world has been through, just in the past 20-30 years, all the crisis going on, the weather, floods, riots, covid and financial crisis and wars, it’s a continuous barrage of negativity. Which has to change. So, this war in Russia and Ukraine is really bringing things to the peak. So that the division, as we have discussed before, between the good and the bad, can actually happen and people can see more, their eyes will be opened. As their eyes open, they can start to think more, of the correct way. And that will be where, the work that you do, will help these people see the right way. And it will go from one to the next to the next and so on. The same as your mother did when she was channelling to all these people in her readings. She helped thousands of people eventually, because the information went through to the people in the next generation, who have friends, and so on. The same is going to happen here.

G: Now I am in a shop, it’s like an old furniture shop.  It’s dark, dingy, no lights, there is  a lot of dust filled furniture in there.    These are past memories, past possessions. It’s about possessions. What they are doing at the moment is taking away our thoughts, about possessions. And putting them one side, because we are not going to need them anymore. We’ve been down the road of having the niceties. The nice furniture, house etc. being in a comfortable position. Now that is changing. So, what they are doing is putting those memories to one side. So, it’s in the past and we don’t think that way anymore. Which simply helps us going forward. So that’s the material side.

Then I walk outside the shop and there is a street with shops on either side, and on both sides, they are full of exactly the same things. So, it’s just possessions, on both sides of the street. Because how the world is changing, is what’s happening to you, your understanding, no longer wanting the possessions, or they are not so important to you anymore. It’s happening to a lot of other people as well. Not just their furniture, their homes, their businesses, all sorts of things. And this is part of how things are changing, so lots of people are going to be going in that direction. And those are the people you will be able to help at the same time. So, as you go on your journey, you will help other people on their journey and so it will spread that way. Possessions are not going to be so important in the future. What will be important is community.

What we’ve seen now with the Russia/Ukraine war, with that going on, it’s created this community where Ukrainian people are all joining together, all looking after each other, which they did not do, only a few weeks ago. Then you have the western world, or the rest of the world, not feeling sorry for them, but wanting to help them. Understanding what they are going through. Helping in different ways. It’s brought the world together, it’s brought in a new way of thinking. And with the energy that’s been created over the last few years, as we’ve seen through different things, that energy is now being put into use. We are putting it into use, through people like yourselves, and many others around the world. A little bit, over hundreds of thousands of people will create a massive amount of energy. It just changes the way that people think, and you only have to change it a little bit and they start to go into that direction. Then they will learn more , which of course is where you come in, they will experience more, and they will start to evolve in that direction, which is what we want them to do. So, the war, although it’s a bad thing, is also a good thing. And you know from this side, you all come down, you all learn lessons. And the lessons are from the good and the bad. You have to have the good and the bad, to be able to see the middle road, as you know. So, everybody is just learning lessons. This is a major turning point. And it’s coming at the right time. Where the world is changing. Where people’s thoughts are changing. Where countries are changing. And the next few years, the next few generations, are going to be a very very good experience for you. A very good experience for the world.

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