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7 April 2022 – Cutting the ties of our negativity.

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) discuss the lesson

G: I’m getting an energy, it’s not positive and it’s not negative. I think what this is Shan, is we have been through a lot and had an awful lot of negativities. And things, when you’ve got that low…About a week ago, a few days ago, it was enormous relief. Immediately after that we got balance. And balance got us to really channel some good stuff… because we were balanced. And now the concern is we are worried about the next month, now that the balance is gone.

S: yes.

G: Now I think what was in there is some form of negativity, out of balance, let’s put it that way. And when it’s out of balance we need to do something about it to put the balance back in. Now you can’t just get balance back, because what they said in the beginning was, or just a couple of months ago, was don’t stress this month end stuff and the big worries and so on. I think it was you that said it, you just carry-on day by day and it will happen. And if you look back over the last few months.

S: Yes.

G: We’ve just scraped through every time. We’ve just made it. And if we have to look back and say well, did we have to worry, we needn’t have worried in a way. We worried waaay too much. Which is understandable, that’s natural. But I think we’ve forgotten that now we are on a path upwards, things are getting better. It’s a bit of that’s what’s holding us back. We are getting rid of all the crap that’s been holding us back. And as we are walking forward now, it’s still cling on and we’ve simply got to get rid of it because it’s done with now.

Our life has changed dramatically and what it is now, we are going on the uphill.

S: Yes.

G: And the only thing we have to remember. We carry on going up and each little bit it goes higher, allows us to move forward.

S: Those are the steps, we are thinking of our classes, it’s us. Just baby steps upwards, onwards. Upwards onwards, upwards, onwards.

G: Yes, that’s it.

S: Even seeing XXXXX and XXXXX today, I didn’t go into the drama and trauma of everything. If you don’t tell the story, you don’t feed it energy. It’s just onwards and upwards. And you just move forward and the energy was just poof, it just flowed. There was no drama trauma, nothing, it was just like it’s been a shitty 3 years, onwards and upwards, that’s it. No discussion no nothing. Because you don’t tell the drama and trauma and hang onto the story like a grief group. Or whatever you don’t tell the story and keep telling the story over and over and over and over again and feeding it energy. And everyone around here kind of knows or feeds the story or whatever. And I came to that awareness today, well, the more you tell the story, also with XXXXX and when she goes to grief counseling it’s the same thing. Tell the story over and over again, you feed the energy. It’s onwards and upwards and we have to learn to let go of… but I literally said to XXXXX today, I literally feel today for the first time that things are shifting forwards. Why? Because I’m doing something that’s in alignment with what I do. It’s doing something positive. It’s being me again. And just creating something.

S: so I think tomorrow morning, or even now if we want to, we do energy ties. So you imagine you with whatever you need to cut ties with, the connection with you and that, and you cut a tie in the middle with a big scissors and you bundle that up with pink, white and whatever fluffy colours you want to. Then you bundle your section up with pink, white, fluffy lights and whatever. So you actually cut the ties that bind you, for whatever reason, on any level whatsoever.

G: Yes, I’m quite happy to do that. That’s what I’ve been trying to do these last few weeks.

S: But energetically we have to do it. We have been hanging on to so much.

Not that we going around telling the story to everyone but it’s in your head, telling yourself the same story.

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