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7 April 2022 Teach from the basics. People are stressed, lost and seeking.

Sharon and Geoff discuss ways of teaching

S: So I am just lowering my barriers and expanding and I am getting like blocks, not blocks but like little building blocks. As if to say yes, it’s easy for me to do, but you must remember when you teaching the new, it’s step by step by step by step. OR it’s what we are doing, a symbol of what we are doing. It’s just little step by step by step by step until you get up there. At first it looked like ‘why am I stuck?’.

G: Yeah, I got onto 2 audios today and already they are seeming way over the top.  I’ve been trying to explain it along the way, how they show us these things that are just symbolic. And funny enough one of the ones I did today was energy to balance the earth and solar system.

S: Oh my word. We have to really be very aware of those that know nothing and “that’s their package”. Nothing, baby steps. And ok, so how much meditation have you done, so you will be there. And then moving them up. And whatever level they are at, they can get the other levels and listen to them because reminders are always great. But it’s just step by step by step. Otherwise, it’s overwhelmed or not understanding or … I’ve just got these baby steps. Because some people, majority, the majority of people I know cannot stop their monkey mind. They have lost who they are. They just, they work to survive, instead of having fun and just surviving to work. They work to live instead of living to work. And that’s the pace of the world today. And everyone, everyone I speak to, has lost themselves.

G: That’s very true.

S: So, it’s just to gently, gently take them right back to step 1, to say ‘ok, these are the basics, this is who you are, your being, your body, etc. etc. etc.’. You are a soul. Right back to basics. Yes, some will be advanced. Everyone will be at different levels, so we will have to adjust that. But for those that are just lost. And you can be as far as you like, but you need to be reminded that ok, so I am bigger than my body, it doesn’t matter how far you are. Sometimes you just need to be reminded. I am a soul, I am bigger than my body, my body is just my channel. And I can expand and these are the tools that I can use. And also when people get reminded that, they get reminded in a different way to the way they are used to doing it, which might contribute to them. So…

G: True.

S: It’s just repetition and reminders. When we, like I’ve always said, even the meditations are repetition, until we get it. And then we will still be reminded. Balance, negative positive, balance, and you’ve got to be reminded 20 times before you actually remember it. A child it’s the same thing, you’ve got to repeat it over and over and over again until they get it. And everyone is the same. We are all the same. None of us are different.

When we get those that are searching, and coming to us, they are not going to be the most advanced, because ego gets involved. It will be the people that grow with us and grow right up with us. That learn more and more and more and more and more. Those with ego will not be attracted to us because with what we have got they will compete, compare, competition, which is not what it is about. But that is when ego is attached. And only the likeminded entities will be drawn to us. And word of mouth will spread. So one person’s finds a little bit of peace with us, a little bit of growth, and then that person knows 26 other people that are lost. And then they say, “aw, I know these people that can help you” and the referral starts to take place.

G: I’m sure there is someone here. He’s just absorbing, listening. Making contact with us but not speaking. Just getting information. Same as the guy the other night.

S: So what I was going to say on top of that but I stopped and should have carried on was, because when we have people, a group, some people are going to be more advanced than others and they meditate or they temporarily meditate or they don’t meditate or whatever, but they know in their knowingness that they are aware of a lot more. They will be the ones nodding when you say things and they are into it but they are not putting it into a daily practice to the extent or using the tools to the extent of what they could be using them.

So even when we repeat something for the beginners, they will still get information, just the same as they would get new information. They will get something that will help them. They will get a tip or a tool that will help them. And then they will secretly, because they won’t acknowledge that they haven’t got it perfect, they will secretly take that on. Put that in their little belt and then happily move onwards and upwards. Because people here are weird with acknowledging that they don’t know something.

G: this is not what you can see, this is what you know.

S: yes, it’s what I have perceived. Yes.

G: They are saying look in meditation, see what they are showing you. ………

They seem to be showing me like uniformity.

S: Everything is one. Everyone is one. It is standard. It is what it is. And there was something else but I’ve forgotten what it is already. People hear what they need to hear. And it is, it’s uniformity. Because it just simply is what it is. Everyone is one, so you hear what you hear, you take what you take. It’s like reading a book. If they are ready to hear certain things, they can read a book and when they read the book again, they get something different. But everything is just as it is.

I mean, do we do too much uniformity in this world? Where we should just flow more.

G: No they were just showing me uniformity. I got a lot of loaves of bread all identical. And the people were looking at one level above them and you need a simple way to get into them and share with all of them exactly the same thing and that will be the starting point. And from that they will start to progress at different levels.

S: yes.

G: In the beginning there was somebody or something here. Making me sit very upright. He was just there watching, didn’t want to talk or anything.

S: Maybe they are giving energy to us to create what we are creating. Or learning from us.

G: mmm, we mustn’t guess though, it’s an idea. But we must find out what it is.

S: Yes, the energy I got is we don’t have to worry about how advanced someone is or isn’t because on a spiritual level, if you are this advanced, you don’t mind learning, when you learn someone else’s’ basics, you still learn something from it. You always need to be reminded of everything. You learn a different tool or technique or whatever.

G: You see it from a different angle.


S: Yes, you see if from a different angle from someone else’s view and all sorts. There will definitely be complete beginners. And those that are keen to learn more, yes, I dabble, yes, I whatever. Or i don’t know is there that…

G: I think with this change coming up there is going to be a lot more people who are positively wanting to learn. Just thinking about it. And those are the people that we need to teach. And they can teach the beginners behind them.

S: So they ready. Yes, exactly. And it’s those seeking now that need to learn because those are the ones … like Kerry, she is so empathic, she got so many colours in her bars session. And I messaged her the next day and it was her birthday, and I’ve connected with her since then. And her work partner wants to escape to an off the grid thing but then I’ll be bored and whatever, so he knows that is not the answer. They looking for the answer.

G: Yes, everybody is looking for answers.

S: People are stuck, hectically busy, they stressed and they are looking for an answer. And the answer is them. Them themselves but they don’ t know how to tap into it.

G: yeah. Ok, let’s leave it there for tonight.

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