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702   5th April 2022  Grouping all Aliens?

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

G: Okay, I’m seeing something now which is going to help explain a few things. I was talking the other day about this place like NATO or court, where a representative from each of the world or religions or whatever are all together and they are all looking at Earth. And what I am seeing now, is these people who are… they are all sort of arguing amongst one another. And what they are doing is, there’s such a myriad of different thoughts, reasoning and levels of evolvement and ways of living and so on, that there cannot be any form of uniformity, to be able to help what we are doing on Earth. If on Earth, if we got a representative from each Country, we know that we all live pretty much the same way. We’ve got a few different religions, but we are all living with houses, cars, boats, planes and so on. Whereas where you get a trillion different galaxies, all the people are evolving in different ways, all having different religions, understanding, thought forms, levels of intellect. They cannot possibly come together and say ‘our common denominator is this’, not ‘the way forward on planet earth is this’. It simply cannot be done. So what does that mean to us on Earth? It means that they come along, to get information from us. And we can get some information from them.

S: Yes.

But we, our council if you like, our gardeners of the Earth, who are looking after the Earth; they are the ones that will make the basic decisions as to what needs doing, changing, adapting and so on, on this particular planet.

S: Yes.

Okay, so, all the others are purely visitors. Where you get the light warriors, the gardeners of the galaxy and God knows what; they will have their itinerary, which they won’t push on Earth. Which may not suit what we are doing because it will suit what they are doing. A common purpose would be to drive out evil, bad, etc. but then again, their recognition or definition of evil could be totally different from ours. And I think what our people do here is try and justify what they are doing and making it fit into our way of life.

S: Yes, which makes you feel, some people feel “oh, am I not doing enough? Am I not doing it right? Judging your own perception of whatever you are doing and being. First of all, it can do that to some people. And secondly, whatever they are doing, it can only be a positive contribution, because their intentions are ok, be it driven with ego, or not. The intentions are positive.

G: I would say that their intentions are good because they are much more evolved than we are, to be able to come and do what they are doing. So their intentions must be good. It may not be the same as what we perceive to be good on this planet. Things will be different. But overall, if they’ve done what they believe is right, then there’s no problem with that.

S: Yes.

But the other way round is what people down here think about those people. And it’s the people down here that create the ego and the …

S: Yes, that’s what I’m talking about, the people down here. Although they’ve got ego and they’ve got all that, they must be creating some positivity. Or not. Although its ego driven, or can it be? Because, ok, they are trying to do… gees, that’s like a confusing energy. I’m talking about the people.

G:: The people coming in? Or the people that are here?

S: No, the people on planet Earth.

G: The people that are here, I think a lot of it is going to be ego. An awful lot of it is going to be ego.

S: Right, so ego driven.

G: But they are going to get the genuine people who are suckered into this, who believe that the gardeners of the galaxies are the saviors etc. They will be doing what they believe is right.

S: Yes.

G: And what they will be doing is experiencing one form of a type of religion and even if they go through their whole life believing that particular religion, like scientology as an example; when they cross over, then they can see how it is different and what the correct way should be. If ours is correct.

S: Yes, okay.

G: Now I seem to have somebody over here on the right and he’s very, we would consider him to be really ugly, and that’s because of his ‘race’ if you like. A bit like spiders, they appear ugly but they are all the same. The same thing with this guy. He’s at quite a distance. And, I’m just trying to get what he is saying. He’s saying that they come along and when they get here, they put up barriers, so nothing that they say or do can penetrate or affect the vibrations or whatever on the Earth plane. So it’s like they come along in a bubble and they watch the whole thing and they take in what they want but there’s no connection, no communication at all. Simply because they know, they are so far advanced, that it wouldn’t be beneficial to us and what it could do is affect us an awful lot. By us suddenly seeing aliens from a different planet, working a different way. So that is what they do. And he says that is quite right and he withdraws.

S: Gees, what else is possible out there?

G: Yes.

S: Wow.

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