Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

703 5th April 2022 Advanced alien energies.  

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

G: Now I’ve got something else, but this seems too far-fetched. It won’t actually go away. It’s a planet made up of a zillion different colours. There’s nothing else on this planet, except colour. And it’s, if all this colour was made of a smokey substance. So you can imagine multi coloured smoke, just moving everywhere. And what it does is it moves into Earth. And they have a colour for every single energy, peace of emotion, piece of information, every possible thing that we could have on this planet. And they simply send in that colour to cover the planet from top to bottom, suck out all the information and it goes back to their planet. Now that is… too much to believe.

S: I can relate to that. Funny enough.

G: Yes, I can see it, but….

S: Why is that not possible? I can relate to that completely. I can ..

G: Yes, I can. But at the moment I can’t tell if it’s my imagination or not.

S: No.

G: You know it’s so important to get these things right.

S: Yes.

G: We can’t just guess.

S: It’s not that, because everything is energy. Colours are energy. Colours create energy. You will use red to energise someone. You will use certain colours to emit an energy on someone. You use green to balance someone, you use… so colours are complete energy. It’s a vibration on its own. So vibrations will move and oscillate. So why is that not possible, where you are going to have energies flowing in one sort of…. Think of all the planets, look at all the planets, it’s a unit that’s working together, that can just go anywhere and pick up vibrations that are of that colour or energy and then take that back with them. Not only here. But everywhere.

G: yes, that’s quite right. What you are saying is possible. It’s quite right. Now at the moment, I’ve got 3 fingers on each hand. Lol, it’s the weirdest thing. And they’re grey. This is somebody else coming along.

S: Hi?

G: Right, they are just sort of getting in. Okay, what they are saying, all these colours, it is physically possible but when you get all these colours, it’s all just memory. All thoughts are just memory, all past history, everything from A to Z in the future, past, is all just memory. So there are no actual people as such and what they were trying to do just now, was to conjure up a lifeform so they could talk through me to explain exactly what they do and how they operate and so on. It was just basically a trigger to get me activated.

S: Connect.

G: Yes. So this energy is in front of me at the moment. He is not coloured energy. And they are saying that they, … it is too strong to use. In Front of me, he’s got very dark colours behind him.

Okay, to simplify this. Their intelligence is thousands of times more than ours. And they don’t converse in this old-fashioned way. And they showed me, they counted up the 3 fingers on each hand, so that I would recognise them as being an alien. And what they’ve done is they’ve just sent me a little snippet of information saying ‘yes, what you saw was all correct’. But we are so different.. It’s like us trying to communicate with a newborn child, it’s too far apart. The information we got is correct and it is just again, to show us something which is an extreme that can be done. But they will not be dealing with us, certainly in this lifetime, but just to let you know that we were there, they were here.

G: So that was true.

S: Yes, and it was key, focusing on energy there, connecting with you. He used all that energy to connect with you.

G: yes, you know your first thought is that it’s a race that’s so advanced they would be able to tap in very quickly. Very easily.

S: yes.

G: But they are so far advanced that they’ve forgotten how.

S: Yes. We are babies.

G: Yes.

S: We are literally babies to him. He called us babies. Lol.

G: Yes, that’s quite right. Quite something.

S: There’s so much out there.








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