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704   April 2022 Nature is just positive

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

G: I was looking at the weather just now and I was wondering where these huge storms come from. I know we’ve got this El Nino thing which goes from one side of the Atlantic to the other. But when you think of it another way, if you think of it a storm is getting rid of a lot of negative energy.

S: Yes.

G: The opposite of that is there must be an area where there is a lot of positivity.  I thought first of all, of a desert. But the desert, where there is no water, is another negative energy. And then I thought where there is a storm, it dumps a whole lot of positive Energy, in the form of rain, into the Earth. But it could be two things.  It can create positive Energy and make the Planet grow or they can create floods and wash away an area. So, then the positive side can become negative. There must be an opposite to that.

S: We covered that in meditation. And they said ‘is rain positive’? And I said Yes. Just thinking of the floods and they said yes, it’s positive. Is fire negative or positive? And I’m thinking if the animals don’t go there, is it negative or positive. It’s positive. Because it’s always positive, no matter what. Whether it’s creating a flood or a veld fire and whatever. There’s cleanliness afterwards. It’s flushing away. So there is only positivity.

G: So the weather creates positivity..

S: There’s no negativity. Things might happen, people might drown, animals might die.. But they said don’t look at that.

G: Yes, it’s a small bi-product.

S: It’s the result that has positive energy. And they are working on a massive scale in that stage and phase. Not that ‘aw, we have got to save that buck, or we have to save that person’. And that is about being in the right place at the right time, or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. When it’s your time it’s your time, or whatever. But there is no negativity to the floods, there is no negativity to the veld fires. The fires in Cape Town, there is no negativity to all of it

G: So the weather creates positive things, whichever way it does it.

S: Yes.

G: We know that it dissipates negativity. And what is the opposite then, of all this positive weather?

S: Well the opposite is what it’s getting rid of. It’s all the negativity that we have created.

G: Okay, which is not weather related, it’s human-related.

S: No, but it’s nature helping to get rid of it, because we would be screwed otherwise.

G: Yes. So, we automatically think there should be an opposite to it in nature, but it’s not. The opposite to nature is humans.

S: Exactly.

G: So, we create the negativity.

S: Exactly. We have the thoughts feelings and emotions. You don’t wake up….  it’s like a bird doesn’t wake up and go “oh God this flower is ugly”. Or “oh God my nest is broken and now I’ve got to build another one”. They just get up and build another one. There is no negativity in nature itself. It just is. Just is. We are the opposite.

G: So the two work together.

S: The two work together.

G: So the World looks after nature and nature looks after us. We look after the eco-system.

S: Some of us look after nature. A percentage look after nature in return. But generally humans are the problem. Some are negative, some are positive.  We are the ones with thoughts, feelings and emotions. We are the ones with negative positive. We are the ones with all the energy flow. And hate, love, gratitude, ego……. positive and negative emotions. Nature just is.

G: Ok, nature is energy. Human is emotion, emotional energy.

S: We are energy. Gifted with thoughts, feelings and emotions.

G: Gifted with?

S: We are the ones, the energy with thoughts, feelings and emotions. Where nature is just nature, which is just energy, which is just pure. And that’s because we, that’s our species, that is what we are here to be and do. It’s our emotional vibration that tells us whether we are on a vibrational level to nature or ourselves, our own beingness. Because us ourselves, our own beingness, we are in communion with nature.

G: Yes, Nature is the basic, which we live in. We live in that and experience positive and negative emotions.

S: That is why when we meditate or go camping for 7 days or whatever, we connect with nature and we feel our oneness. We feel connected. When we step out of that, we’ve got our feelings, which are our barometer as to what’s heavy or light, what is negative or positive. It’s like when people say I had a feeling about that. That is our sensory being. That’s our being, being a sensory being. We sense things. And our thoughts, whereas other planets and other beings, use their thoughts as communication. Our thoughts are to our own detriment, the majority of the time. Our thoughts can be used to create incredible things, but 99% of the time we are using our brain, to knock ourselves, to limit ourselves.

G: No, I don’t think so. We create everything possible, then we look at everything possible and see what’s good or bad. So, none of it is really negative. Some things will turn out to be negative but we understand the negative, so it’s a positive result. We know that ‘that’ doesn’t work anymore or that’s negative, so therefor we can put it on one side and we can evolve.

S: Yes, but you can create your emotions with your thoughts. Look at Hilary. Constantly thinking, thinking and talking the same talk and thinking and talking the same thought. So she is stuck in those emotions. And those emotions will hold her down.

G: Yes, but eventually she will learn about those. She will learn that that is, just the fact that she has learnt it becomes positive. So the negative experience, ends up with a positive result.

S: Yes. By the end of it, yes.

G: So, all the emotions that we play around with and use, all end up to benefit us to evolve better.

S: Absolutely. At the end of the day, yes.

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