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706 Jesus talks about how Earth evolves.

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. 

G: Okay, I’ve got a very clear picture of Jesus. Same as the photograph which we’ve got. That’s how I know it’s him. So I think we are going to look at religions and so on. Oh, what he is saying is… okay,

There’s lots of people that come down, like Jesus, walk-ins etc. Now, where you get a gardener overseeing the Earth and when things go slightly astray, they send in the walk-in or the prophet or whatever, to try and just correct the balance, without having to start again. So, that’s how you get all this ebb and flow and up and down, peaks and valleys all the time, so what they are saying is – now look ahead with what you’ve just looked at. How many prophets are there, that have to come down and in different dimensions, in different planets and different…

S: Is that a trick question. Lol.

G: lol. He says “I’ve got lots of friends”. Lol. I mean that’s quite right, that’s how the Earth is evolving. I mean the Earth is 8 billion years old. And we’ve had I don’t know, dozens of prophets recently, the last 8000 years. So lots of things will be happening on different planets. It’s mind boggling.

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