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707   April 2022 How do we start teaching.

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are discussing the Spiritual Dictionary. (Long)

G: Okay, something very different to start with, I’m getting a continuous line of old-fashioned wagon trains. You know the old Western wagon trains drawn by four horses. A continuous line going through the streets of Paris and the continuous line is purple. It’s got purple tinges. So, to interpret that. Hmm.

So the buildings on either side are permanent structures, the wagon trains are pioneers. And they’re spiritual pioneers. They must be because they are purple.

S: Yeah, the purple.

G: So spiritual pioneers go into Paris. Now I remember years ago I did a meditation about Paris and there was a similar sort of thing, but it was a whole lot of bikers. They were leaving Paris. And it was because of something to do with nuclear in Paris, they were objecting to something nuclear. Let me go and have a look and see if there is anything else there.

Okay. I think this has to do with the French election, I don’t know why it would affect us, but the continual wagon trains, they’re pioneers. So for Countries to evolve, you’ve got to have pioneers all the time. They’ll choose a new Prime Minister or government or whatever, and they’ll switch from one to the other to see who produces the most, etc. And it’s a whole group that does that. But the whole, it’s not a whole group as such. When it goes to the vote, the average person will say, oh, so and so is the most popular, yeah, we will go with that.

And only a small amount of people, actually look into it, make the uniform decision, get all the information, promote it, and so on. And then you’ve got the politicians themselves who spend a fortune, trying to brainwash the public into, voting for them.

So the people are making the real difference. Or, who should be making the correct difference, are a small amount of people who look into everything, find out all about it, and then make a uniform decision. So there’s people who, what?

So the average person doesn’t really count.

S: Mm-hmm.

G: So what has that got to do with us? It’s probably the question we just asked.

S: Yeah.

G: What we do with Spiritual Dictionary, or?

Okay, so we are pioneers on both. We know what we want to do, which we know most about is Spiritual dictionary. And the reason we’re not, jumping into that full bore is because we can’t see how it’s gonna make a lot of money fast enough to pay our bills at the end of the month. Whereas something like Natural Healing Research, we’ve been doing it for years, and I know it used to work. It’s simply not working now. So, it’s not working there because of the climate and so on. So if it is not working, is it worth continuing?

I’m trying to make it work. Hmm.

I see pioneers bring new ideas.

S: Mm-hmm.

G: So you have a new idea. National Healing research. You have a new idea for Spiritual Dictionary?

S: Yeah.

G: We know the timing is right for Spiritual Dictionary. And National healing research, the timing should be right because people want to get back to natural healing. What’s stopping it is simply the financial state of the world. People don’t have money; they don’t want to take a chance and so on.

We cannot see the two going together. That doesn’t really fit. Mind you, you’ve got body and mind.

Okay, let’s see what else there.

Okay, now I am seeing the opposite. I’ve got the same two streets, but going in the opposite direction and it’s nighttime and in the middle of the streets there’s nothing, just darkness going off into darkness. So on one hand you’ve got pioneers creating something new. On the other hand, you’ve got nothing happening.

That’s makes sense. It’s growing something new is spiritual dictionary, nothing happening is natural healing research.

S: Yeah.

G: Okay, now if you take the dark one, there’s nothing happening in the middle. But the buildings are still there. The buildings will always be there. So it can always be used, utilized at a later stage.

S: Mm-hmm.


G: What we need to do now is look at Spiritual Dictionary. We need to promote that. That’s the pioneering side, which might wake people up.

S: Mm-hmm.

G: They’ve got something new to look at, to think about and what they want is change. What people do want at the moment is change because what they’re getting at the moment is nothing.

Nothing’s happening.

S: Yes.

G: Finance is bad. You’ve got covid, you’ve got everybody worried, depressed, and it’s just the same old, same old. Something new comes along, and that might just give them something new to chase. A new possibility. Wake a few people up.


S: mmmmm. I think anything we’ve got to give out now, even if it’s just sold for a minimal amount, must be bought. Because it’s, it’s international. People can buy anywhere. And it’s information.


G: Must be.., say that again? You talking about Spiritual Dictionary?

S: Yeah. Anything we put out now gets put out for a small amount.

G: Yeah

S: And they can just purchase those.

G: Well, what I’ve got is the free audios and the free book, in the beginning just to entice them in so they can get an idea of what it’s about, and then they can buy more from there. We’ve already got six lots of audios on there and 120 of them, and the meditations are going to take me another two weeks to finish.

Then you’ve got children’s meditations to do.

S: Yeah.

G: And maybe along the way we’ll find other people. Now, this morning I was looking for directories and I found in New York a girl called Laura, 100% spiritual, but she’s running a health directory.

S: Huh.

G: And she was telling her story about abused childhood, and she was raped, she was a that and the other. And, and she said, things are now changing. The world is changing. This is what we need. We need to contact other people. Basically the same as we’re saying now. There are other people thinking like us, which is bound to be. All we’ve gotta do is get in touch with them and expand that way.

S: Exactly.

G: So let’s ask about the money side because if we can get peace of mind about the money side. At least we can get stuck in.

S: Yeah.

G: We were told not so long ago; it’s got to be black or white. The Natural Healing Research doesn’t cost us anything. It just sort of runs in the background. We can leave it there and let it grow slowly. And people don’t have to join the directory. People are still joining, you know, adding on remedies and so on. Well, we’re still getting a lot of visitors, put it that way. I had a look the other day. Daily visitors are growing. Went up to 460 odd thousand now.

S: That’s right

G:  And now that we’ve combined National Healing Research with Natural Healing Index on the Facebook sites, we’ve now got 13,000 followers. So what we should do is just run some general advertising for NHR and just let it grow.

S: Mm-hmm.

G: And let’s concentrate on the Spiritual Dictionary. And if you have a look at what we’ve done with Spiritual Dictionary just in the last five weeks since we’ve been here, it’s quite something.

Now, we can start selling audios, etc once we start advertising, we can start holding courses. And also, I’ve been looking at other groups, and they hold webinars with 1500, 2000 people. Some of these groups have got 150, 200,000 followers.

S: Mm-hmm.

G: But the weird ones too, I was looking at one a few minutes ago about, Draconians and Reptilians.


There’s a story about this woman. And she said, I’ve just woken up on this planet, which I think is Saturn, and I’ve got taken over by this reptilian character dressed in… and that’s got 154,000 followers.

S: Jeepers.

G: It’s just the right amount of people? Right now, we’ve just got to get through to them.

S: Yeah.

G: If we start it right, it will grow the right way.  So now we have a look at what will make you grow? What you were saying in the beginning. It’s face to face. People talk to each other. So if you, something you enjoy, you’ll pass on to fellow practitioners. In the spiritual world, if you take us, how many spiritual people do we know that we pass things onto?

S: mmmm.

G: Hardly any. We know there’s a lot out there. But how do we get them?

S: So we have to focus on the ones we do know, which is Tsikki and contact ones by referral, again.

G: What if we found another website like ours, and we sort of, we promoted them and they promoted us.

S: Yeah.

G: And if they’ve got a thousand followers and we’ve got a thousand. Then we’re thinking along the same path.

Also, let’s have a good look at all these other websites. I’ve been seeing things where they say a lot of money’s coming your way. Say, praise the Lord amen, you are rich by Friday and you get 500 or 700 comments, people saying exactly the same thing. They believe that sort of stuff. They wouldn’t be our target market.

S: No. And we still got to be there, we’ve got to offer them something, create and generate money, price.

G: Yeah. What we can offer them basically is knowledge and understanding the ability to… So once we get it going, this is really what we’re doing. We just gotta get started.

What we want is exposure to the right sort of people.

So why don’t we use Spiritual Books. I mean you’ve met some amazing people recently.

S: Yeah.

G: There must be an energy and attraction to meet those people. Their guys can talk to our guys. So, why don’t we get them involved? And just say, this is what we want to do.


S: Mm-hmm.


G: And we don’t have to pay them. Where are you, Shan?


S: Yeah, I’m just processing everything, my brains going poof. There was that poster that was on the webinar at 6: 45 to create more unionship to bring that many people together. That webinar, I, showed you the picture I took at the shop.


G: The shop, yeah. Oh yes. And you read it out to me then? That’s right, yeah.

Okay, let’s look at this more logically. We chose to do this, and let’s assume that what we’ve been told so far is correct, so that over the next few years we’re going to teach an amazing amount of people, etc.


S: Yeah.


G: And teach some very advanced stuff and use very advanced energies, etc. So the whole thing has already been pre-planned.


Why would they make us now, search to find money? To be able to do this.


S: Mm-hmm.


G: When, they know we’re going to do it. It would be a bit pointless.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, what they say, there’s a bit more to happen yet, it’s very difficult to make… your time is so different. On this side, it’s difficult to judge exactly when things will be happening, etc. We know that you’re gonna do all these different things and we know you’re going to help and use this energy and make changes and so on, and it is very significant, but there’s a bit more to go yet.


So you have to get yourself into place, get more, ready if you like to be able to do all the things we want to do. You must prepare more. And there’s a little bit more to do with the change of earth, what’s happening, going down a little bit further so people become more desperate, people change quicker. And then is then an ideal time to expand.


So expansion is going to be slow, but it just gets bigger and bigger and bigger. But all the pieces must be in place so we are able to handle the expansion. So, that is the reason. You don’t need to rush into it and get it ready for tomorrow, etc. Your need right now is just look after yourselves, make sure you’ve got enough money for each month.


Enjoy the time that you have, enjoy the growth, enjoy what you’re doing, enjoy meeting other people, and we’ll make sure that you don’t run out of money. And everything will expand nicely, then you just carry it from there. That should make things more comfortable for you.




G: Did you find anything different about what was said a few minutes ago?


S: Different, as in?


G: It just, I felt a bit false. Maybe.


S: You. I understand that there’s no time up there. And I understand that it’s all going to happen at the right time. But you know, it’s like now is all there is. Actually, so what about the now?


G: Mmmm. Okay. The first part was good. Pioneers, I understood. The dark streets, I understood. That was very clear. Then, that last speech seemed to be, when I think back now, it was like an automated response. It was a burst of energy, came and went.


S: Mmmm.


G: Because there’s no sort of person here. Maybe that’s one of these automated whatever’s.

What I did get very clearly on that, is the time is not quite right. What we’ve been thinking, okay, this is a lot better.

What we’ve been thinking is we’re going to move in here, we’re going to open Spiritual Dictionary, we’re going to make a lot of money, we’re going to expand, we’re going to save the World itself and so on. It’s all going to expand onwards, from right now, but it’s not quite right.


What we have to do is adjust to where we are, and that’s okay. We can carry on going and expand slowly and we get everything in place. It starts to expand and that’s basically the world gets worse. So more and more people turn to us and it will grow on a very solid basis.


Spirit: It’s no good starting to teach…. you can’t teach a thousand people…. It’s like we were saying the other day, if you touch somebody, you’d spend the rest of your life just touching people. You have to teach others and this is what you have to do here. You have to get it going. You have to teach others and let it expand, so others can be taught along the way, and so that growth will continue.


So it’s not gonna be an overnight thing over the next couple of years. You’ll suddenly have millions of people, you’ve gotta teach these people and teach them to teach others to handle this expansion, to enable us to make all this change that’s happening in the world. So that is the scenario at the moment that is much clearer for you.


G: Okay. That’s a lot better. No, that’s, that’s fine. I can see that very very clearly, and I’m happy with that. We’ve got, it’s nice as well. We can spend the next few months building up the spiritual dictionary, getting it going, makes a little bit of money. It covers our costs and we can do a bit on NHR as well, and that we’ll sell whenever it has to, etc.


But we’ve got to teach people the right way. And we get people on our side, we teach them, and they will start teaching others and they will expand it and so on. If it expands too fast, we won’t be able to handle it. So that’s why we must teach others. Somebody’s clapping .. you’ve got that right.

Good. Sorry about that, that bit in the middle just seemed too false. Too fast, too whatever.


Okay, so tomorrow you go out and buy a lotto ticket. And we’re smiling.


S: Yay.



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