Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

707  Was Verna’s death preplanned?

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense.

G: people that we know have crossed over, like Reg and Rob and those, they use to come and chat before we left Lake Laguna, and they were always around, amongst other spirits as well. Now, what’s happened, and I can sort of see this clearly, it’s like we’ve taken one huge step upwards and that’s where Verna fits in. The question I asked was ‘was all this then pre-planned?’. I know Vern’s and I had to meet, because I was married at the time. That was done.

S: 100%

G: And then we get to this stage and suddenly she dies. And then suddenly we’ve got all this work to do. So, if it was pre-planned, well, yes, it must have been.

S: It must have been. She always said “we would work together, we would work together” and we never ever figured out in reality how, and what, why, how. And you always knew that she would pass away first.

G: Yes, although I told her it wouldn’t be till 86 because I didn’t want her to think, she might die earlier. She figured that out in the end.

S: She chose in the end, which was perfectly done. But I do, I think this was the way, we planned all this. It was how much fun can we all have together. And then, ok, let’s work. So what we will do, is she will come down, have all the fun, create huge amounts of fun, just her character and human, flip – create all of that and then, ok, there’s going to be a stage where I can still work with you, but let me work on a different level. Because it will make it easier. They already said in the beginning, we will be able to connect with her easier, because of our earthly connection. So she will be able to tap in way faster, to us. Whereas before if everything was just normal and whatever, then you have got to try and tap into people and you are just knocking, knocking and you can’t get through. Or whatever. It will just be so much easier. So I actually think it was plotted and planned and strategized.

G: Yeah, because also when I went through that period, where I was meditating with the folk, and Verna dropped out, remember?

S: Yeah

G: And I carried on doing this 6-8 different adventures every night. And I learnt all of this stuff. The stuff that we are going over now. And then it was like put on one side. And I haven’t really meditated since those days. 1992. I did the majority of stuff and that’s 30 years ago. And now suddenly we are doing it all again. So, Mom crosses over and says right, it’s time to start and she is going to help us do all of this, what we’ve got to do.

S: yes. Absolutely.

G: we’ll go and visit her one day. Go to our safety place and invite her to come along there. And we will check in.

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