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709 Memory rods in India will balance their thinking of religions and Gods

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

G: Now I’m in India. There is like a market square, there’s a statue right in the middle. A bit like a fountain, without water. There are loads of people around. So many people, shoulder to shoulder. And they are just going about their daily business, there is nothing special going on. The statue in the middle is a memory rod. There are memory rods in different areas, trees, mountains and so on. Where you have masses amounts of idols, religions, Gods, and so on. And all the teachings over the years have changed so much because of all these different God’s and variations that have happened. And all that has been stored in memory rods. And memory rods just to do with religion. So, they are all over India. So, when the change happens, what’s going to happen is, these memory rods, they are going to be tapped into, there will be wise people, who will help to make the change and as the change is starting to be made, each little correction or balancing that is made, it is put into these memory rods and shared right across India, through all the memory rods, they will all download exactly the same information. What they will do, is they will fan out to the people as they walk past them. Because they are there all the time. So every village, every town, every city, will have these memory rods. And this is how the change is going to be made in that particular area. So the people in charge, who will make the changes, the advanced spirits, souls; those on earth and in spirit, they will make those changes and with a group mind they will decide what changes need to be made. They will be small changes and they will be put into these memory rods, and passed onto the people. And over time, this will be absorbed by the cultures, and they will all start to change and they will all start to move in a similar direction. And they will all still have their Gods but they will see their God’s in different ways. And they will reduce the number of Gods. They will become more in groups. The groups will have more energy. And the more energy will create a safer, more harmonious group, instead of a fragmented group of religions that support all these different idols. So that is how India will be upgraded.

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