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710 Alien visitor discusses Earths evolving

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

G: now I’ve got someone who wants to get right in me and talk. This is someone from a different dimension. From a different planet. It’s an advanced soul, who will be assisting us, and many others, with this change that is happening. The information we have experienced, is different from yours, as well as being the same. We have experienced evolving and growth of many civilisations, which have additional emotions and energies, that you do not yet have on this Earth. We will help you to introduce them and they will be simple adjustments that can be made to calm people down, an energy to open their minds a little bit more, there are specific areas of their minds that have not been used as yet. These can be opened, so they are able to see more, accept more and adjust more. To do this, we cannot come along as aliens, we will come along and work with groups such as yourselves and others around the world. There will be many others of us, because as we have all evolved, and as you have seen, your Earth planet is still evolving at a much lower level. We are able to teach you a better level, but we just need to teach you the next step up. So that you can evolve more comfortably, and maybe not make as many mistakes as we made, getting to where we are now.

I tell you this, because you will be contacted by many others in our group. And they will pass on information and as you were discussing earlier, it doesn’t have to be in your meditation. Information will be passed onto you and you will simply receive it, absorb it and understand it. And this is where your awareness will develop at a much faster level than those around you. There will be times where you will look at people and think “how can they not understand what I am trying to say?”. You must remember that your awareness is going to be far greater than theirs. Because you need that ability to be able to teach them and bring them up to the next level.

S: Using the words that they require to hear

G: Very much so.

He left with no goodbye. Saying it is only in our Earth culture that we have greetings and goodbyes. That is why they just pop in and out.  It’s the sharing of information.

S: I had an energy near my head, if I moved my head it would go into it and then I could move it back out again. My face would enter the energy. Sticky, but not.

G: It’s your awareness and you are making all these connections. Whenever they come along and talk, you get all these connections as well. How quickly it is happening is something else.

S: such beautiful energy.

G: While they were talking, I could see a lot more and I could see you connecting up to all this energy and giving it out and understanding completely what needs to be doing.  Earlier on with Khalid and how he wanted all your information and from a woman that knows everything from top to bottom. Just an overall picture.

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