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713  How a clean up after a disaster is automated

G: Now, I am out of water. I can see a lot of ‘black souls’. It looks like people with black coats on. It’s not bad/evil. We have seen them before. They have black pointed hats on. It’s something to do with a clean-up, tidy up, sort out. Going over to them, I can touch them. They are not people, they are automated. So when something like this happens, what they do is they go down there, and they start the process of finding the people, kids and so on. So spirit can then be directed to where they are needed. And spirit can work through humans to redirect and change the energy, into an energy that they can use. That’s why they showed us this baby. They worked out the energy between the baby and the mother, and ‘monitored’ it. And then told spirit what to do. So, they are an automated energy source that comes down in tragic circumstances.

That makes sense, imagine you are a spirit and there is an upheaval, like now, a few hundred people trapped in the mud and dying. You have a massive area and scenario to look after. And what you would do, when you do it time and time again, is you would obviously work out ways to simplify it, to make it better and faster. Using automated memories to spot people in trouble, the energy from dying souls, or whatever.  An automated rescue team.

G: Now we have a rescue team, what follows up is the energy, the diva’s, the access to all the different energies to help rebuild this particular place. It’s not just a matter of rebuilding the area/ground, trees, plants, animals etc.; we also have to rebuild the energy in that particular area. And also the people themselves. And their groups of people. They have been affected tremendously. And you have to adapt and change and console and pacify these groups of people, so that harmony can return to the area and they can rebuild. And they can start to forget the tragedy that has happened and get on with their lives. So, again, you have this process of balancing nature, when it gets out of balance.    They are covering over the entire thing and it’s just regrowing, it’s all symbolic. They are saying “we deal with these things all the time, and this is how it’s done”.


G: I have a giant fish, half buried in the mud. It’s underwater. It wriggles out of the mud and then swims away. This is a message from the automated rescue team. If a fish got trapped in the mud, it would wriggle, make space and would eventually would get out. We use that sort of energy and it’s programmed, into freeing these people. What you experienced just now, was exactly that. We gave you the black energy to use, to replicate what a fish does. To create that little bit of energy, because you create a little bit of space, and then you can create more space.


 G: we saw the energy the other day, which was like a tortoise shell and the portals that we were doing. And now what I am seeing under the water, is the same sort of thing, these little tortoise shells and what looks like portals. It’s not energy it’s memories. These memories are kept down there and they are available for use throughout the oceans. The ocean is one huge communication network. These things are kept down there in places which humans will never see, and all the memories are stored there. So, when you have things like the rescue you have just looked at, and the fish, the energy that was needed, that is all stored in there. So, when there is anything to do with water, they simply tap into those memories, find out what is needed and solve the problem. Now, beneath the sea is a whole mass of things. We are not going to go there now. But there is all sorts of energies and memories and many things stored there. And there are things like, almost like a different “solar system” down there. More like a community of different energies. We will take you down there one day. For now we are giving you small bits of information that you can listen to, keep, file away, store and use at a future date.


G: Awesome that you got the energy to use, this morning. It’s to show you that you are getting information. And it’s not by accident, or a ‘could be’ energy. It’s definite. You know you got it; you know it’s right. And that is what belief is. When you do stuff in the beginning, it’s always a matter of “was that real” and so on, you question it all the time. Once you know it is 100%, it gives you more belief. And that gives you the ability to do more and it just builds up and builds up.

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