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715 – Help for Geoff and Sharon

Miriam is in the background, and she is your (Geoffs) mother. She says that she does not deal with this side of things. She deals more with children, clairvoyance, people who are terminally ill, and that is just her passion for the moment. Again, when we talk about time, it means nothing over here.

S: So you can choose what you want to do and then change it when you are ready and choose to.

G: Yes, and 10-15 years can be a few months in our time, or much longer, whatever you choose. Your father, is an energy source. He is still learning. And the reason he came down, was specifically to be an energy source of communication. So he had the energy but also was available to connect. So whenever there was meditation being done and whenever your mother, Miriam, was wanting to connect, it was through him. Albeit it, he did not understand that. He chose to do that before he came down and he chose to come down to experience what he did, and not understand, not become spiritually aware, as any of the others. He was quite content to do that.

Someone else wants to come and talk to you and that is Dr Joseph.  He has been teaching you many things in meditation. I am not sure if you will remember him. Again, this is just a part of what he deals with, this group healing, and he just brings his greetings and sends love.  That is all we have. Let’s see if anybody has anything more for you.


G: Sharon, I have your father here. He is not going to speak. He has just come to look, to send his love and so that you can get use to the fact that he is over here, he understands, of course far more, than he did when he was here on Earth. He is very proud of what you have done. And he obviously has a lot of misgivings about how he handled his life. But he says, you can now understand far more, because as you were saying just now, everything is lessons within lessons. What he chose was one of the harder ones. But in time, he will come back and he will speak to you directly. And there are others, who would like to do exactly the same. He says we will make an evening of it. When we can all converse very comfortably, and understand one another, and the lives that we had on Earth. He sends you lots of love. He says there is far more to give, that you are due, from when he was here. He is wiping away tears. And he now backs off.

G: He backed away as it would be too emotional for him and for you. There is a huge fence being mended there. So he has told you he is there and he will come back another time and you can be more ready for a discussion. But there are other people that are involved. Kim, Manuella, and others from the past that you know or have met. Because they are all linked up. It will be an arranged evening where everybody can come along and chat and say their piece and they will get a lot of ‘closure’. Not so much closure, but it’s nice to finish off the discussions that they had, so you can understand completely where they were coming from and how they ended up crossing over.


G: There is one more thing from the group that was here earlier on. They say they understand how you have been trying to get through to Hilary. They are going to leave some energy, that is going to go through you to Hilary. It’s a deep Red Energy. It’s an anger energy. And what the anger does, it changes from a red anger, to a spiritual plum colour. And they are very close. You can see the red change over. What that will do to Hilary, it will suddenly sort of sink in, about how bad she has been, and then start to change it over to a better way of thinking. So we will leave that energy here, specifically for you and Hilary.


Verna is in the back, big claps and a big kiss. She always wears the big coat I gave her. She loves us working together, what we are doing and that we are getting all of this. She says that we have been going through so much frustration, because of everything that went on with her passing over, running out of money, and moving etc. She says we had to be this ‘low down’ to be able to appreciate all the small things that are going to happen, but in a totally different way. It’s not going to be the money, the big cars, etc. which you have always aimed for, at least I have. It’s just going to be happiness and people, and doing what you love to do. Just being and living. “Living like me”.

And off she goes. In a multitude of colours, like a Kaleidoscope.







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