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718 April 2022 Verna shows us a variety of energies, and what they are used for. (Part 2)

I’ve got a similar thing now, but it’s all yellow. Everything is yellow. Here, they went the opposite way. We had the dark green, and when you go to the yellow, it is just the opposite. It’s total communication but to the nth degree. Between everything, all the plants, trees, rocks, river, the whole works, it’s all just 100% top of the range energy. And again, what happened is that nothing else could happen. They couldn’t improve it. So what happens is it becomes the norm. It doesn’t become 100% anymore because there is nothing to compare it by. It’s just a huge yellow area. And although everything all worked to perfection, again, there is no growth.

So the point of all of this is that you have to have evolvement all the time.

S: You have to have negativity to grow. You need variety to grow. You need the challenge to grow.

G: That’s right, that is how everybody learns to evolve. Is by seeing the positive, negative and the balance.

S: That is why they say, it’s not what happens to you, it’s how you react to it.

With the work that we have got to do. What we are assuming is that we are going to go ahead and have all these magic powers and go ahead and save the planet etc. But Mom says, no, along the way, you will make mistakes, because you have to make mistakes to learn. But also, you will make mistakes through maybe being lazy or forgetting something, or a bit of ego, or all sorts of different reasons. But she says don’t worry about it. Look back on your life and you will see you have made lots of mistakes, some major blunders and some minor ones. But that is normal, everybody makes them. So as you progress and you go through this super lifestyle that you are going into, where you are helping so many people, you are helping the environment and so on, there will be mistakes. The only thing I am going to say, is don’t worry about them. Just go through it, enjoy every day and let it happen. You will get a lot of enjoyment out of watching other people, because when you can see what is going on, it’s a bit like you (Sharon) with Aiden. You know when Aiden is going to make mistakes, especially when he was much younger; and so you can see the mistakes he is going to make and you are going to see the same thing here. Because you will have all these additional powers and understanding of what is going on, you will be able to see people making mistakes, but you will also know that it is ok for them to make that mistake, because that is how they are learning. So let them make the mistake.  Guide them. You will be guided to give them the right information. A lot of it will come from you, from your experience, but a lot will come from their guides, as that information will simply be passed onto you in a fraction of a second, so you will understand what they are going through. And that’s where your awareness will become very very open. So just carry on going and just enjoy every day. It’s a lot different than how you imagined it just 5 minutes ago.

Now for you Shan, she is giving you a field full of orchids, there is a whole variety of them. And they are yellow and orange. Yellow for communication, orange for rebuilding and so on. You have an entire field full. And what is nice for you, is for you to see all of these colours and know that what you give, you get back. So, you’ve got the Diva’s creating these gorgeous flowers, and as you love the colour, so they let it send love back to you. That is why when you go into your garden, and you enjoy the garden, they automatically send the love back to you. That is why you get so much peace and energy in the garden. So you can visualise this field full of orchids, it’s huge. She says that will be another of your healing centres. That is where you will take people for specific types of healing in the future. So, you’ve got this field full of multi-coloured orchids. At the back, you have a whole lot of trees, all covered in frost. Then you have mountains either side, rivers either side. And basically that is all the energy you want. Everything is there for you to draw from. Whenever you are down or you take Sparkle (Best friend) who is having a bad day, you can take her there right now and put her in that field and let her experience all the love that comes back from nature. And she will feel this beautiful boost in her body. Her energies will change.

There’s another one, where you can take Hilary for example, which is pure white. It is white of snow, ice, crystalising snow, etc. You take people in there to wipe away memories. So you can take them into the middle of the snow, cover them with snow and you can imagine these crystals, all interlocking and all having this energy of dissipating negative energy. It just wipes everything out. There is nothing but white as far as you can see.    

Now, when you do healing, you know it takes 3 days to get through to the physical body. And exactly the same thing happens here. You can do it without Hilary knowing, for example; or with her knowing, it will still get through in 3 days’ time. But, as you know, if she puts up a barrier, not to receive this energy, then she will not receive it. But that is her choice and her lesson. But for others, take them there, and it’s very good to talk to them and a good thing to do, is if you have a group and you go into meditation, and you have someone in that group who needs that sort of help, then you can take them as a group, into that energy of snow. And they will feel it magnified by all the people in the group. You are the conductor, the teacher, you will take them all there, the link to all of this, they will simply supply energy and they will feel it.

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