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719 April 2022 Verna shows us a variety of energies, and what they are used for. (Part 3)

There is one more colour. It’s very, in the distance, we are not to go there yet. It is the red of a volcano’s lava, and if you can imagine a volcano’s bubbling lava, but it doesn’t spill over, it just bubbles. It is dark red, and an orange bright red. It’s just bubbling, and you can see it’s a mixture of negative and rebuilding. When I first look at it, it looks to me like the negative energy is being rebuilt. You know how nature filters out negative energy. Where you get extreme negative energy, not like the floods that have just happened, more like the war in Ukraine, where it is affecting so many people. And you have this huge build-up of negative energy. The negativity turns to hatred, and it creates pockets of different types of negativity and energy. The people who are supporting it, those that have just lost loved ones, people around the world, all sorts of different energies. But overall, if you take all that energy, the whole thing is negative. It’s not positive for anybody. So, instead of taking time to dissipate a group like that, you would use this sort of energy, where it is basically picked up and put into this volcano, as such, and the negativity is destroyed. And what is created, is this orange. Now, if we get rid of negativity, it must create positivity. I think. We have used this orange before, it is rebuilding. So, the negativity goes in, is destroyed and the orange, rebuilding energy comes out, to the same area. Once it is over, then everything can start to be rebuilt. If that didn’t happen, what you would have is cities or a whole country, where there are pockets of negativity. Nobody would want to build or live, or whatever. It would be too bad, so you have to give them pockets of positivity, where they can go back and start rebuilding and replanning their lives.

So, you take the negativity to the volcano, with simply a matter of thought, the black will automatically go there and the orange will come out. It is not something which you could do on your own. You could do small areas, but when this happens, you are going to get lots of people together. You will have all the other groups connecting up with you. And you will all see the same thing. You will all send this energy to be changed, back to a positive energy in that area.

What you will be doing as well in the future, is connecting up to all sorts of groups, and working together on a whole variety of things.

Looking down onto a mountain range, it’s like looking through a grey mist. All the mountains are grey and barren. There is no grass, there is no colour. There is no movement, there is no energy. There is nothing. The greyness is void of any energy. A massive area.

You have to have dormant.  You need positive, negative and balance.

So, when you get too much or too little of something, you will need to take some energy out of somewhere, and turn it into either positive or negative, whatever is needed. Here, you have a dormant area, which you can mould into whatever colour you want to and whatever energy you want to. You can take it out and add it into the white area, to become white, or whatever colour you want.  So, it’s additional building blocks, if you like.

I’ve got Mom again, she is taking us to a village, it’s night time and there are rows and rows of houses. They are all nice, comfortable houses and it’s all very peaceful there. There is snow there. A big building. And we are just drifting through this town.

I’ve just seen something that looks like a nuclear explosion on the horizon.  It’s two extremes, a peaceful quiet town and on the horizon, a nuclear explosion. What she is saying, is that we can create anything from one extreme to the other. What she has shown us tonight, is just some of the things. And again, we are seeing a tiny portion of what is out there. She is showing us this tiny portion, so that we can have this understanding. But there is just so much more to it than that, which is pointless telling us at this stage. But we can create anything, from one extreme to the other. Tonight you have just been shown a few different variables of what can be done.

Goodbye hug.

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