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720 April 2022 We chat to an Alien – very interesting

Aliens and beliefs

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

Do you remember Zed, that came through last week? The alien that came, just to gather thoughts from us. He is here. The scenario I am seeing is funny… It’s a bit like a back lane of old houses, and I’ve got a house, a courtyard and a shed. I’ve got two of them, like blocks and then in between, is Zed. He is there but there is someone else talking, maybe because he is not confident in it. He says that we know and you know that there are aliens from other planets, they do exist. And all you have to do is look at the entire universe, the volume of the universe, and then you look at all the different dimensions and as you know, there are more stars than there are grains of sand on the beach; so obviously, there is life on other planets. What you have learnt so far is how your earth started to grow, and it started to grow with basic items: dust and gases and so on, from outer space. These started to form on your planet, and then the marine life started to grow, the gases became microbes and molecules and so it grew from there, so you understand all of that. That is how your Earth started. But your Earth is a specific environment, it has its own gravity, its oxygen, different chemicals, and its different topography, so it is made up of what you know, but… there are so many other planets, that are made up of so many different combinations. So, if for example, I give you one planet that is identical to Earth but we take oxygen away, the life would have to breath a different way, so they therefor would not develop with lungs, so remove all the animals and humans with lungs. And you are left with forests, greenery, photosynthesis and light from the sun gives the energy and allows things to grow. And as you know, the planets themselves can communicate with one another. And then you have the little diva’s, which look after the planets. They don’t have lungs, as they are energy. So that is how that particular world can grow. There are so many different variations and combinations. And all of these are tried and tested. They all develop different ways but are all aiming in exactly the same direction. We are all evolving. So that we can experience as much as possible. And once you have experienced everything there is, which will never happen, because there is too much of it, we are basically on a level with God, the Creator.

The question you asked was about the Arcturians and the other possible lifeforms that are spoken about on your social media pages. These exist in a way that you yourselves have communicated with different alien forms, Zed being a typical example. So, you would make an audio, and you would say ‘this is what this creature was’ and how he acted, where he lives and so on. That would then get passed on, and expanded upon. And people who believed it, would exaggerate it a little bit to others, to get them to believe. And others would go in the opposite direction. And the stories would get a bit twisted along the way. But, as with anything, there has got to be one high, one low, one leader or group of leaders, so some of these different aliens, people respond to far better, because maybe they can relate to them. Maybe there is a much stronger image that one race was started by, Jesus Christ as an example, on a different planet and that would get far more attention than a lowly Zed talking to 2 people. These become cults, if you like. There are genuine people out there. There are genuine aliens. But the majority by far, are far more advanced than you are as humans. They come along to help, to expand, to learn, and for a variety of different reasons. And as is portrayed here, there is not a lot of people that can communicate with them. And those that can communicate will understand, just how distorted the whole thing has become. And they will tend to distance themselves from it, instead of correcting the problem that is there.

You asked about the ‘blue race’. And what you have seen, are some people from the blue race. But there are many, many blue races. The same as you have white, black, Indians. It’s just a different atmosphere, and it doesn’t have the same amount of sunlight you have, and they have blue coloured skins. There are many races, as well, that are far more advanced than you are. That can portray themselves, to be what you would like to see them as. Would you like to see little green men, or would you like to see them as from the movie Avatar, for example. So, they will show themselves as what would be more acceptable to the people, they are showing themselves to. All of these races, are up in the air. They are unbelievable. There is no common group that can say “yes, we all believe 100% in this particular race”. Because they simply haven’t experienced it, they haven’t seen it. And in a group of maybe 1000 people, maybe one or two have experienced something like you have with Zed. And the rest are simply followers. And they follow, believing that this is the right thing. It’s the reincarnation of Christ, or it’s the understanding that they are looking for. That is why, the more followers you get, the more energy is created, the more people that join in, to make it even stronger. And that is how these groups adapt, become more acceptable and grow larger.

From our point of view, the Earth needs to grow in a steady evolved manner. You can imagine what would happen if, we suddenly let a lot of very advanced spirits come along, and change everything. It would affect the way we are growing, our society. So we don’t let that happen. We let them come along and watch, and help where possible. But as you know, you have total free will. So, they cannot come along and make changes to your society or your planet. They cannot come down and grow things, they can come and connect with people, but the people still have their free will as to how they react. So, we watch all of this very carefully. And we let the society in general, evolve and grow as it should. Also, in your Earth society, you have seen the animal life and the animal structure, the sea structure and so on; there are other beings under the Earth. And there are other beings in the different dimensions, surrounding the Earth. For instance, your mother can be right next to you, but in a different dimension. So, there are many other societies, living in a different dimension, close to you. And again, as we discussed the other day, the size of a society, it doesn’t need to be the size of a planet, it can be the size of a pinhead. It again, relates back to ‘all time is now’.  That will answer your questions for now. We will go into the individual races, and how they started, and how they progress, at a later stage. Once you see how they all ‘intermingle’, and instigate change in this particular life.

The races that you are talking about have all evolved different ways. To continue their evolving, they mustn’t come and change the way that you evolve on Earth, and neither adopt our methods, nor us adopt their methods. Then the evolving wouldn’t be correct. So, each group of us who look after a planet, or a society, makes sure that the whole society evolves with the odd small changes. But you cannot go to a different planet and impact their evolving. And vice versa.

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