Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding life, and how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

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721 New energy for the change

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

I’ve got a massive colour coming towards me. It’s not just a lot of colour, it’s the size of many planets. I’m looking up in the sky and it’s like half the milky way is coming towards us and it’s just a multitude of swirling colours. It’s huge, it’s going to engulf Earth. This can only relate to the change. It’s time to have a major spring clean. All these colours are coming in and as it gets closer, traveling towards me, it’s all browns and greens and dark colours; that is because it is covered, so we can’t see these bright colours. As it gets closer, I’ve just had a peek inside, and the colours are SO bright. And again, these are some of the colours which have never been seen before. I can actually go inside and see all these different colours and the brightness. You get shades of brightness, shades of luminosity, shades of energy coming from the colours, shades of light, all sorts of things we have not seen before. This is all being brought in, to be used for the change. So again, we know what the change is going to be, we know that energy has been stored in different places, and apart from that energy, what you need is solar energy. Energy from the solar system. This is the energy you were talking about, how it connects up with everything. They are bringing in this new type of energy, and it will be a bit like and update. So you will take a colour here, bright red for example, and the new colour is a brighter red. And then in a short space of time, that colour will be taken over and it will all appear brighter. So the energy will be stronger and have different values/potencies. That is what all this new colour is for. What I am seeing is beautiful. The brighter colours are coming in, and because the old colours are dark. And because we have had a lot of trauma and drama and negativity, the colours are dark and the world is slowing down the process of cleansing the Earth of all the negativity. So, this new bright ball of colours comes in, and starts to go around the Earth and change all the energy. I can see it happening and I can actually feel all the colours.

What are they going to do with it, where are they going to put it, when are they going to use it?

What I am seeing is this island with a big volcano in the middle. All the energy is simply being stored there. Now this is symbolic. They say there are so many places to store energy, and it will be stored in all these different places. As it is not only for one specific place, like the mountains, or sea for example. It is used to replace, change and adapt all the different energies that you have. So, the bits and pieces can be stored all over the world in thousands and millions of different places. Ready to be changed. It gets changed as the Earth evolves. As things get better, so we will be able to change the energy, improve it. So, what you will get a drama, as for example the Ukraine/Russia war, that grinds to a halt and there is lots of negativity and deaths and drama and all sorts of energies there. Once it is finalised and over, there is relief and all that negativity can now be removed. And it is replaced with a much stronger version of positive energy, than could be used before. That means the regrowth of the area, is much quicker. It is also on a much lighter level. A much more spiritual level, where people can understand each other. And far more positive than there is negative. The separation will have occurred between the good guys and the bad guys. So what you are left with is the good guys that want to rebuild, the bad guys who have done the damage, and most of those will have very sore hearts, because of what they have done. And they will convert to being good guys. The bad guys will separate and they will be sorted out a different way. So what you are left with, is rebuilding an area, using these new colours. That will happen over several years and in different areas. And what happens is one will start to affect the other. So the country next to it, will see the better energy, what they are doing, what they are producing, how they are operating and so on; and their outlook to life, growing, living and evolving, will now be more positive. And they will adapt it and as they become ready, the new energy colours can be drawn into them, and they will start to change themselves.

Now, how will this affect the people? From our point of view, you have got the good spiritual souls, like yourselves, who understand this change. We can give you this new colour, as soon as you need it. Or as soon as you can use it. So, even if the change only happens in this particular area, in another year or two, you can still have those colours now. What we do is we link you up with access to the colours. So you qualify to have these colours. They are available when you need them and when the time is right and you do need them, you will automatically draw them in and be able to use them.

Now you have all the forms of nature, that you have been looking at. The different forms of energy. The Earth, the Nature, the Air and so on. And again, colours get replaced in all of these. That’s why you have such a massive amount of colour. And as one nature energy changes, it will automatically create a change in the next level up and the next level and so on. So that is how that change happens.                      

The change as far are you are concerned, is not going to be something you will be able to see next month, and then suddenly things change. It’s going to be changed over many years. Some areas have already started changing. And others will only change in 9,10- or 11-years’ time. So, it is going to be a sequence, of changes and growth. So, what you will be dealing with is assisting with the changes, which are happening on an ongoing basis. Some may start in this area today, a different area tomorrow and a different area the next day or a month after that. So, you will be dealing with this new energy very quickly. And it’s literally a matter of a couple of months. You will have access to all of this energy. And you will be able to use more and more. I am saying this will be over a couple of months, because what you have experienced, young lady, is an absolute explosion of energy, compared to what you have been used to. So, imagine what it’s going to be like, when you find something which is 5,10,20 times bigger than what you have experienced so far.   So again, it’s all a learning curve, you get to handle it and get to use it more and more and more.



You will be teaching other people, you will be connecting up with other mediums and healers, who can do similar sorts of things. You will want to work with people who can use this new energy. So what we will do, is introduce you to people who are at your level or below, so that when you start using this new energy, they can do the same. So, as you link up with people, you will also be conduit for this energy. And you will automatically say, think, understand, sense, that these people are on a level with me, they can handle the new energy, so therefor please give it to them. And you just have to think that, it will happen automatically, as you meet and get int ouch with other people. You have seen a little bit of this already, in just the last few months. How the right people have been introduced to you. You’ve seen how they can think the same way you do.   

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