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722 New colours for nature to help with the change

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

They are showing me that nature is a bit different from people. Nature is not in such a bad place as you humans are.

S: yes, because they do not have brains, judgements and points of views about each other. They just simply are.

So they will take on where the new colours are needed but there is very little that is needed for nature. The change is really because of the human race. It’s gotten off track, gotten to an extreme and needs to be rebalanced again. And this is what will happen.

S: And nature will help.

Everything works together. These colours will change the majority. It’s a heavy-duty change. A lovely strong energy. What you will see as well, is a lot more influence in the future, from the Far East. They have had their understandings, of spiritual life, different from your views. India for example has its Gods, you have Buddha, the Chinese have their different ways of religion and so many others. For them it’s always been a very simple one, for the Chinese and Japanese have been more of, family come first, and the rest of the world, income and houses come second. Family is far more important, especially in the Indian community. So, they won’t need such a step up for development, because they are thinking along more calmer lines. If you take your Western World, the problem has been created by greed, power, ego, and the huge industries that you have which are just getting away from the normal people. It is basically breaking up homes. You are having to earn more money, to keep up with the Jones’s. And it’s getting more and more difficult all the time and when you get a disaster, as you have had here, it is so much more difficult to recover. Whereas in the East, they look after each other, and they have always been poorer nations, the majority of them. They are poorer as they tend to look after each other, and that is more important than power struggles to them.


You need now to experience a little more before I can tell you more about what is happening. But it is just around the corner, so we will look at some different subjects, as we progress on a daily basis.

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