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723 Meeting a robot spirit translator

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense

 I have someone here that seems to be lost. He looks a lot a thinker.  It’s just his head and shoulders and he is right in front of us. It’s eerie in a way as I am not connecting to him. He’s just watching. I think this was who was talking just now. I don’t know if he is automated. It’s a translator. There is somebody on the other end, and there are spirit out there that don’t communicate any of the ways that we know. And this one, is like a robot. And he accepts the vocabulary of whoever they are talking to. And somebody at the other end, operates it, talks, but they don’t talk in a way that we would understand. I’m just going along to them, and it’s weird, it’s like tons of energy bursts. Tons of puffs and explosions, that is the way they talk. So, to say for example “Bruno is asleep on the bed” is all sent in a puff of energy. And it’s not like a whole sentence. Like we would think of what we did last night “all in one”. We would think about it in a thousand, tiny little pieces. Because of their inability to translate from the way they talk, to our language. That is all for another time. He is glowing now and says goodbye.


 They are saying that we have caught up a lot lately. We are not going to get a whole lot more because we have so much to deal with and we need to start using it and understanding it more before they will give us more. They don’t want to give us too much too quickly. So it just has to settle in, because we have changed massively from 2 months ago. Just our thinking, our understanding of what’s going on. What they have shown us, what they have said etc. So we are getting back to, some ordinary everyday people. There are a lot of our old people who have passed over, they are all around and they say “we will definitely do this gathering at a later stage, we are just organising amongst all the other things they have to do and we have to do”. We have to be ready as well. There is lots of people watching us. They are watching a lot of other things too, but us in particular. And how they watch us is simple, we know everyone who has died, that is going to be there, as they have crossed over. At the moment everybody we know who’s died is watching us. But if you take someone that died 20 years ago, everyone that died before them, is watching them, which is some of our people as well. So our people are watching them as well as us and several other groups as well, in different “age groups”, if you like, that died at different times. You understand the bigger picture. This is the way we do it.


Love and kisses. Everything is on track and they are very happy with everything. Be at peace. It’s all organised.   

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