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725 Sandstorms and more energies

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

I’ve just been reminded that one of the energy sources that you have not yet discussed is a sandstorm. Please give that some thought. What would be the benefits of a sandstorm?

We’ve seen how we have volcanoes, and that releases energy which is within the Earth. And that comes up in molten lava, it doesn’t move very far from the actual area. Most of it goes up in the air and it’s moved slowly around the World, or wherever it is needed. It is spread out over a particular country or area, and it is dispersed that way. Sandstorms are very small and what they are used for, is a bit like when you are icing a cake and you have a little too much icing in one corner, you smooth it out with a knife. Same sort of thing here, when you get a little pocket of too much negative energy, it will just get smoothed out over a little area. It doesn’t take a lot of preparation; it is something very simple that can be done. Almost an automated process.   

S: So a sandstorm is energy from above, below or around that builds up to a burst of energy.

Yes, it’s a very useful mechanism to move the energy.

S: And hailstorms are buckets of positive energy as opposed to the droplets of positivity?

It’s a simple way to speed up the process.

Hail is created when the rain comes down and the winds force it back into the clouds, then the stones form.

Hurricanes. I think you know now what work it does.  It’s a big sandstorm.

And when you look at weather patterns, you see the patterns completely surrounding the Earth. How everything moves around, and when it’s more positive on one side, it’ll be more negative on the other. So you can see these hurricanes building up. You can see weather clouds building up. So, everything again, is almost an automated process. It is simply done naturally. Like a plant grows naturally. And when it rains, the plant grows a little bit more and this is the same thing. As these clouds build up and become too saturated and conditions are right, then hurricanes are created, because what is your cloud? It is full of negative energy. It comes down and the hurricanes there will disperse it around all over the country.

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