Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

726 A continuation of a talk on energies – this part is for Sharon and geoff

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

With the energies we have been showing you, I think we have shown you enough of the different types of energies, and I think there is more than enough for you to deal with at the moment. In a few months’ time, we will show you a bit more about different types of energies. And only then will you be able to have room in your mind to absorb a little bit more about all the different variations. The reason is, as we have said before, is so that you can getting all this information, so that you can understand the bigger picture. What it does, is it opens up your thinking, so your thinking and especially you, Sharon, what has been happening is you start to think, but you think on a much bigger level than you did just a few months ago. Because you can see everything, how it is all connected, how it all fits together. And what you will find fascinating is that you don’t ‘think’ how it is fitted together, you simply know it’s all fitted together. And that is a beautiful feeling.    

 Now, as this develops more and more, you’ve got more input coming into you, what you will be getting when you are doing your healing, what you are feeling at the moment, is things with your fingers, you are sensing information coming etc. What you will be seeing more of is a big cloud of, let’s just say ‘red’ for example, coming towards you from a distance, and coming into the person that you are working on. And for a different area, you may have yellow coming along. Because you are working now with all universal energy. So it’s just a matter of your mind will tell you to do it instantly, but what you need is to have an understanding of what is happening. It’s more or less, giving you a proof, by showing you what is happening. It gives you more faith in what you are doing. So you will be seeing a lot of this coming towards you. And the results you will see, will be quite amazing.

Now in the distance, if you can imagine looking at the horizon, you will see there is a thin white line. There is a lot of white behind the horizon. It coming this way, towards the two of you. That light is basically more pure energy. You will have all the different colours, but you are more a less working in God’s light. If I could explain it simply, what you are learning right now is you are being shown all the different types of energies, how they work and how everything fits together. And in your mind, you have got a good picture of how everything fits together. And you will be seeing these colours coming towards you, which will simply build up your faith, it’s more realistic, you can see it happening rather than just happening in your mind. And as this white light comes towards you, that is basically just working in one straight forward white light. And that is you will have an understanding, far greater than you have now. And you won’t be looking at bringing in colours, or sensing, feeling or whatever. You will sense the overall picture of complete healing. Now, I know you can understand that, you can visualise that at the moment. But you will find it very hard to believe that you can do that. But trust me, in a few months’ time, you will be able to do that. And that is a beautiful feeling. Not just to be able to work on the odd person here and there, you will be working on groups, and you will be tying up with other groups, who think in similar ways, but basically what they will need is some advice. So, if I can give an example, you will be working with a group, that believes that they do healing ‘this way’, you will know exactly what they are doing and you will know a better way to do it. But you won’t be able to teach them the better way to do it, because they are simply not qualified. So, you will be able to give them advice, to improve what they are doing, in their particular way. And just make that change for them and leave them in peace, and move on. So they will simply progress and teach others. That is the way you will be doing the healing that you will be doing.

There is one section of mothers and children. It’s on the edge of what you are doing but they are not showing you yet. It is something you are going to do, but they have a cover on it for now. They are not ready to show you yet.

Up here on the right, you have different races, different planets, different modalities. In general there is a huge white area in front of you. Although you will be doing bits and pieces, and other things at a later stage, the real work that you be doing is changing groups of people, areas, structures, guiding people that will guide others, that will create this massive change. You will be a very powerful teacher. Few people, very few, will know that you have this ability.


Now I have one more, in the middle of this vast white plain, with all the work that you will be doing, is a tortoise. And it’s a very ugly tortoise. It rears its head and it’s like a snapping turtle. The reason you are being shown this is because you will come across, not to often, negativity, where people will try and shoot you down, and all you need to do there, is bypass them.

S: 100%

And the tortoise moves out the way.


We now have someone that would like to talk.

They have a cage. But they are here with me. This entity is very powerful. Not uncontrollable. This is one of your guardians.

As we have been discussing, you have positive, negative, balance. You are going down a very positive plain but there must be an opposite which is a negative. So you need protection from negative. Now, the way you think is pure, that’s not a problem. I know you can white light things, that is not a problem. So, overall, there is not a problem. But what you have on the opposite side to create the balance, is negative practices. Now, you won’t be involved in these negative practices. Should you get any form of fear or anxiety, you know that you can simply white light them, but also know, what you have is a group of ‘defenders’, if you like. Guardians, that will ensure, that none of that will penetrate your way of thinking. But you will need the knowledge that negativity is there, so that you can use it, when needed. And you can destroy it, when needed. And as we have discussed, negativity can be turned into an immense power, when needed. So, this is not to frighten you at all, it is to give you peace of mind, that you will always have guardians. They will always look after you when you venture into areas which you are unsure of.

That Guardian showed himself as a heavy duty, bouncer type energy, to get the impression across, that he is a guardian. He is saying “you wanted a big back up” as that is the way you think.  But he says that what you do have is a lot of very smart spooks, that know exactly what is going on. And they will defend you against anything that is needed. So, it’s all sorted, it’s not a problem. They just wanted to give you that impression, that you will never have to worry about anything, at all. They have the whole thing sorted.

It’s interesting to note that you do need an opposite. That there will always be a negative.

S: Example of Hilary’s circle saying talking to dead people is evil. I left it. So I will be Guided as to when to plant the seed or walk away.

To clarify the negativity. It’s not evil things, black magic etc. It’s simply people saying certain things, like “this is evil”. It is just people that don’t think the same way as we do. So all the good guys are looking after you over there. And the bad guys are over there, and they are simply people that don’t believe in what you believe in. It’s very simple. That is your opposite, negative. So there is nothing fearful in that.

S: Dealt with that my whole life, so that’s fine.


 There’s a very proud Mom in the background.

S: I just got her, felt her.

Big kiss.

S: I can feel all her love showering down on me.





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