Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

727. 2nd May 2022 Closing old religions – making space for a new way

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

G: We are at the entrance to a cathedral or a church. There are lots of carvings, very ornate. The entrance is like a big double door. It’s got a very cheap and nasty iron fence across the front. It’s easy enough to walk through, get over etc. but this is symbolic. We open the gate and walk in. I think what it is, is something you’ve got to have, to go in. It’s important that you have it. One of the rules is that we have to take this gate with us or whatever it symbolises. So we walk inside with a bit of this gate. Inside is very dark and dull, it’s a church, but everything is dark, dull, blackish. There is no energy there, there is no good feeling, and there is nothing ornate inside, no pictures, crucifixes, glass painted windows, nothing, it is just bare and barren.

What is the point of this empty church and why does it have a gate across it?

S: Could it be, people believe something and follow a certain path. Yet what is in there for them. Almost like empty promises. So you draw people into something and then they don’t find what they are looking for. So the energy stays empty. Also the gate can represent something you may have to have to join, and unless you have that, you can’t join.

G: yes, it’s false, false religion. 

Now we move from there to a church on the right-hand side, which is just the opposite, all brightly coloured, the outside is a very whitish stone, there’s a lovely entrance and no gate. So we go inside this church, and straight away you get all the candles, flowers, altar boys, crosses, all the bits and pieces. A beautiful energy. Welcoming, love.

So what they are trying to tell us, between the two, one has very positive energy, one has negative energy.  But why are they there?

S: You can’t have one without the other and there is going to be a lot of the opposite that we come across. There will be a lot of the intermediate, the pros and the opposites. The opposites will just leave. But we wouldn’t know what we were, without them. So, do we just leave the energy there and move onwards and upwards.

G: I think we leave the energy there, so that people can see the two different energies.

 S: It’s also just the energy. Some people might follow and change and choose it. But the energy is enough to create the balance.

G: you will always have people following, and you will always have people peddling these different religions. We know there will always have to be some there because we need negativity. We can see the light church is much bigger and the darker one is much smaller. But there must be a bigger picture than this.

They are showing us this for a reason. It is something to do with the change and what is going to happen. The gate symbolises that these churches are now shut. As the change happens, more and more people go back to the mainstream religion. And the smaller religions will start to fade away. Those are the ones that will be shut. So what we end up with is the much bigger religion, there will be a variety of religions, as such, but all within the parameters of the new way of living. Because it doesn’t matter which God they worship, as long as they believe in overall, that it’s a natural entity, or whatever that created the Earth, and there is nature, and there is evolving. The evolving process continues, because without evolvement, things stagnate and therefore things would not exist. So they have to evolve all the time. 

So the theme is evolving. If I look to the right again, there is a huge church, massive. Lots of graveyards outside. And it’s dark, there is no high energy like the church we have just looked at. It’s probably 6-7 times bigger. But it is hollow, empty, dead and void of any energy.  So we go inside the front big, heavy, dark doors. We go in and look down this massive church on the inside. And we find it is simply empty. So, why now would you have a huge empty church? Where there are not particularly bad vibes, there is just nothing there at all. These are not failures. They are past ones, things that have gone out of date. So, a religion or cult starts, it fades away, and there is nothing left of it. So it gets stored here. And if I look at all the different memories that are stored here, and I’ve seen this before somewhere, they are empty thought forms. Empty negative thought forms. It’s all to do with churches etc. and they’ve got to go somewhere. So, when someone ends up going to a church and eventually, they change their mind, and they realise that this is not a good thing, and they must move over to a different religion, that creates a bit of negativity about the religion that they are in and leaving. And that energy needs to go somewhere. Nobody can actually use these energies, so they get stored in certain places. Now, here, it’s being stored in this massive church. And that’s all they are, and like attracts like and they all end up coming here. So, all we have to do is very simply white light the whole thing, which we’ve just done, and the whole thing gets cleaned up straight away. And now it is an awful lot brighter. Again, this is very symbolic. It’s very much brighter because what we have done, is not only cleaned up just one church, but literally thousands of them, simply through the thought of doing that. Now, that leaves a lot more space, for new things to develop. That is quite something.

So, all the energies in the world in that particular environment, will all be cleared.  That is the same as the healing energy we will be doing, using it in groups, as a whole.

So now, inside is nice and bright, it’s empty, its space, which is available, for whatever you want to use it for. What are we going to use it for? And that again, is very simple. What we have taken, is a space which is 7-8 times bigger than our religion that we know. And that is suddenly empty. And available to be used, so as a new energy and a new way of thinking is created, they can actually use this space. Which is ideal for what they want. Why build a new church, when there is an empty church to use?

That’s the whole idea. They are simply making space for all the new stuff coming along.

Inside the church, you can feel the vastness, the emptiness, and at the other end of the church, where normally an altar would be, I can see grey cabinets, a grey pulpit, everything is grey. This is just symbolic to say that no actual religion has been started here as yet. It’s neutral. So, whoever wants to use the space, can use it. So, it’s not a specific religion now. It’s empty, devoid of energy, the energy is very low key, and I think there is something else here. Something like a welcoming committee, a link to other energy, a connection to other places. They start laughing, “it’s not in use yet, you have just cleaned it”. So, we can leave our energy there, so it’s a connection to whatever people need to come to.

S: So, it will draw the like-minded energies to it. They will be attracted to it.

Yes, we can leave our energy, our understanding and connections there. That is ideal and so clever. And again, it’s not just symbolic, it’s not just this one church, we have left energy in all of them.  Looking out now, out the main doors, and I can see people coming towards us. They haven’t come to see us; they have come to see the energy. So, all we have done, is set the whole thing up.  

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