Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

728 2nd May 2022 Energy to create a new Church.

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

Now I’ve got something which is also symbolic. There is a building behind what I am going to describe right now. In Front of me is a waterfall about my height and width and there is just water cascading down the front. There are flowers in the waterfall and there is a huge horseshoe of flowers all the way around. They are white flowers, surrounding the waterfall.  This is some form of energy waterfall; it’s creating some form of energy. It’s a cleansing energy. Behind it is this building, like a church shape, but more intricate than a church. It could be a tomb or a vault, or museum, there’s lots of ornate pictures there. To get in there, we must go through or around this particular waterfall. The waterfall is a creation of energy, that you need to get inside. It’s a very cleansing energy. So let’s walk inside, into the huge double doors, there is a lot of strength in here, that’s the first energy I see. It’s for ‘building’. Building and creating.

S: We have had the orange colour for ‘building’, this is a very strong building energy.

It is, and it’s to build things that contain spiritual knowledge. Instead of a church, which is a place where you go to worship people, and all these different churches, mosques etc. are all to worship people, not to worship God. So, this solid structure we are looking at, contains information, memories, building material, whatever is needed, to create, evolve and progress. The building itself is going to be very square. What we have gone into, is just something, where they are showing us a whole mass of different things that can be done.  But surrounding that, on top of it, is just a very big, strong, square, it looks like a wooden house which is maybe 10 feet thick. It is massive, solid and cannot be moved. That is symbolically. So inside, is all the material needed to create and build and change, as we go through this change which is happening on Earth. Now, we’ve got all the different guides who look after all the different areas, of where the change is going to happen. And they have to get the energy from different places. We have talked about where energy is stored before. But what you also need the information, the memories, to be able to create this new world, to make the change, and make it the right way, based on what has happened in the past, what other experiences have been had, where it has been done in the past, and maybe even on different planets as well. And then they use that to the best of their ability to re-create what they want to do on this Earth.

When you look inside now, you will see it is quite dark. The darkness is simply, a bit like a black hole. All the information is so compressed, there is so much there, and again, it’s just symbolic. What you are basically seeing is the strength, the power, the enormity of what is there. And that is what the spirits will be using to download any information that they will need. That is going to close up now. And the square building will become completely square, with no entrance. That was just to show you what is being used, by us on this side, to help recreate your planet.         


Looking at another church now. It’s very delicate and ornate. There is no real entrance to this, it’s pretty open, there are lots of hanging pieces of silver. This is to introduce new items that are yet to be seen on earth. As you know, there are more colours than you realise. There are more senses than you realise, and this is a little bit of this, taking you into the next generation where these will be used. We will be adding in a little bit more. Because you need to evolve and evolving needs learning all these new things as well. Besides what you will create on earth, you need your senses and all the bits and pieces that go with it. So that’s what this beautiful building is. So, again, we can draw information from there. And what we think can be added in. And of course it will be uniform, across the planet. So, as a new generation is formed, so the babies will all start using this new energy, and it will just be a natural thing to them. One of the important things that they will be learning, is additional sensing. So, you now are experiencing this vast sensing that you have, they will start to sense just a small amount more than they are doing at the moment. If you take the children at the moment, they have become very isolated. When they are born, they stick with us for a while and they learn different things and they progress on the planet. Then they don’t continue to develop from there onwards, they go through the experiences that they chose to go through on Earth etc. But as you go through more and more experiences, you need to go through experiences where you ‘do’ evolve, you ‘do’ learn higher things. So, we have to add these things into the Earth’s energy, so the new generations can experience them, and therefore use them and therefore evolve. And this is a continual process.

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